What Happens in Vegas Will NOT Stay in Vegas!

Morning Folks!!

Regardless of the slogan, one thing I can assure you is that what happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas and for very good reason. Actually for many reasons. But let's stick to the obvious. The walls talk and your movements are being recorded.

Probably the most densely populated camera city on earth and that is before we get to all the cameras that people have with the them. So the days of anonymity especially in Las Vegas are over.

But that really is only a sideshow to why the things that happens this week won't be contained to a few hundred but will be open to many millions. Open for weeks, months or even a lifetime. 

What we do at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is a proven recipe. Something happens at our shows. Some folks come doubting and dejected and leave on a tidal wave high. Destiny happens at TRAFFIC. Both good and bad but overwhelmingly good because that is our only goal. 

Soon TRAFFIC will be entering our 10th year. What started as a one time event sprouted and expanded and became important to all. 2015 will mark the culmination of a 20 year plan and I look forward to handing over the wheel to someone to run for the next 10-20 years. 

All I know is each and every show has made an impact in my life and that of many others. Looking back to highlights of years gone by and TRAFFIC keeps popping up both personally and professionally because not only do you make a lot of memories, you make a lot of money too and that makes it even more memorable. Plus businesses have been born at TRAFFIC. Many of them.

There is only one really good reason to come to TRAFFIC. That's because it is in your own self interest and that is what it comes down to each and every time. And guess what? That's okay. 

So as folks begin arriving in Las Vegas, let the news stream out because what happens in Vegas will go worldwide and is no longer contained to a few ballrooms. So sorry Las Vegas, eyes and ears are everywhere. Just ask OJ. ;-)

Many folks will be arriving today and tomorrow and when it is all said and done each of those 250-300 will go home happy, energized and ready to do battle for the next 4 months until October whrn we do it all again!!

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “What Happens in Vegas Will NOT Stay in Vegas!

  1. Joe

    Nice post, Rick. One of the things I liked about TRAFFIC in the past was the auction being streamed live. Will this happen again?

  2. Mike

    Best of luck, Rick! Hopefully I’ll attend the very next one.


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