Inadequate. I Feel That Pain Too!

Morning Folks!!

I wake up and always feel inadequate. Truly. I look around and I see so many great successes that I can't even count and I question why mine has been limited in an era of the unlimited. Unlimited success and unlimited wealth with an unlimited amount of ideas unfolding each and every day and many new multimillionaires and billionaires to follow.

That's why each day I look and ask what is missing? What small thing could I change or offer or do that would make a huge spark? Each day. Many times. It's what I do and I guess I will never stop.

The curse of domaining is the lack of focus on one specific domain. The fact that we pick a domain first and a business second. Kinda opposite of the way most do it. So what void can we fill? What Idea can change how we do things? What is the next thing and when will it come?

It does not happen often. Less than a dozen times in my entire life. But it does not stop me from looking for the next one each and every day, all day. Why? Just like all the other times, it just suddenly reveals itself.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz