Morning Folks!!

Whenever I talk about "sales" and "selling" I lose about 90% of you before I even start. That includes CEO's and other high level folks that are not only scared of sales but are largely clueless on what elements you need to make a sale.

Every business on earth revolves around sales but there are few salesman that have perfected the art of sales in any sector. No sales = no business. So if you own a business and you don't know how to sell, you won't know how to stay in business either. SALES will make you or break you.

A year or so ago I watched a guy try to make a $300,000 sale. He had been in sales for 30 years or more. Guess what? He sucked! I watched him blow this $300,000 sale because he ignored the customers concern and instead of confronting it and overcoming it he sidestepped it and when you do that, the customer RUNS! 30 years!!!?? Clueless!

So sales is the key just like traffic is the key. But you can have all the traffic and if you can't close a sale, what does it matter? The art of persuasion is used in sales, politics, court rooms, boardrooms, and in everyday life itself. So "Sales" is much more than selling an item. It is a tool universal to life. When you were a kid most were better sales people. Why? You whined and cried until you got what you wanted. You made the sale! Some are just not as effective as they were in the "Old days". ;-)

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz