Selling Premium Sub-Domains vs. Selling gTLD’s

Morning Folks!!

When I get to Vegas I am going to transform what I do and many others as well.

I said in the past that the gTLD's will help leasing domains and sub-domains.

We're here!

So yesterday the process started for me to start many new businesses.

Want It will be for sale next week., You name it.

Prices will be anywhere from $9.99  a YEAR to $999 a YEAR.

Neil Sackmary is building that system as we speak and my hardest job is going thru my domains to find the best candidates.,,

They could buy But WHY?? I sure could make a case that is more confusing and harder to remember than Especially since the gTLD folks have to TEACH the world about "Dots".

Shoe.Department will come out. It' called a choice and I think I can take my share.

Shoe.Department,,,,, ShoeDepartment.countrycode

It's competitive!!!!

Real content and real seo make these viable.

And by employing Neil's UGLY ASS bidding technology, I can accept a lower offer that I already load in and it will go right to the cart and checkout without negotiation.

So I take a domain that makes very little annually on PPC and I REINVENT it into a BUSINESS.

Then I repeat with as many domains that are sub domainable as possible.

The gTLD's have laid that groundwork and I can go toe to toe with them selling wise and make my case and then the consumer or end user gets to decide.

The system being built can activate your subdomains within seconds.

It beats being STUCK or chasing shiny objects. Building UP is what they do in GREAT locations.

And yeah, it won't work for all your domains, but if you picked well over the years, then it should work for enough of them.

We all get to choose how we spend and invest our time. This is my choice for the future and hopefully I will demonstrate why.

And eventually the base domain like itself or itself becomes a directory for those that have subdomains as a bonus. Free traffic for life.

Rick Schwartz

24 thoughts on “Selling Premium Sub-Domains vs. Selling gTLD’s

  1. dltG

    I don’t think .com will be the premium sub domains going forward. Sub domains in the new extensions work and look much better.

  2. Max

    I like the theory Rick, but there’s possibly a lot of google/panda issues with subdomains nowadays. Have you considered that/thoughts?? Tks

  3. Mark

    CentralNIC is selling subdomains for years using large portfolio of… names. Personally I don’t think it is so great business. Or am I wrong? Even CentralNIC is public trading company, they do not publish stats. When I asked them for such information, how many names are registered under each of their names, they refused to publish it. They behave as private company, keeping secrets out of pubic for some reason. Probably because it is not so good, Otherwise they would show those stats. Don’t you think..?

  4. gogog

    you just proved that GTLD will work going forward. May be for fewer names in that category, but it will. If you really think that your idea is cool, then rather than wasting your money, just go bid for these GTLDs and start the game. Do not think that this is 1994. There is who new world out, in last 20 years and some of them are very smart..

  5. Michael is for sale for $977 right now, if I wanted a deal I would register for $10.

    I think for something like this to work it’s going to have to be an amazing short domain name something like just or a really generic word like something fun that a lot of regular people would just want to build dumb little websites on. Or maybe a domain like and you can sell ever airport in the world a sub domain for there business name. That is my thoughts and I am still not going to build a website on any new gTLD’s, so I think sub domains can work but it just has to be the right domain.

  6. John Lyotier

    While good in theory (trust us, we tried it), the end customer will be your typical small business consumer who still needs to be sold on why the domain name is key, let alone why this variance is a better alternative to example Michael alluded to above. To reach this customer you must be in their face when they are looking to make their buying decision. Thus, you need distribution via existing registrars. While, I don’t necessarily buy into the new GTLD hype, this is at least one thing that they have going for them. And unfortunately with a direct distribution model, the cost of sales out paces revenue if you have to educate each of your customers on the other benefits that would bring them. Take it for what it worth, just the opinion of someone who lived and breathed this model before pivoting 1.5 years ago.

  7. William

    Initial thoughts..

    What if a subdomain sends out spam and gets the name blacklisted?

    What if the domain owner gets an offer for the name and decides to sell? Is there an implied open ended contract on the subdomains?

    What if someone gets banned from Adsense on the subdomain? Will the entire name be blacklisted or devalued?

    Will the subdomain be a re-sellable asset for the new owner?

  8. Doron

    Bad idea imo. If you have one or two sub domains leased at say $1k each per year and a buyer shows up for your domain you can’t sell, even if the offer is right.

    Another huge issue I see is that the owner (or tenant) of a sub domain can’t control what’s going on (content wise) on other sub domains.

    So, a competitor could lease a sub on the same domain (just think about this) or a sub domain leaser can apply spammy seo tactics and drag down any other site on the same domain in a Google penalty.

    Bad idea.

  9. Job

    Its hard to make a person see a bad idea for what it is when his wallet depends on him believing it’s a good idea.

  10. Mike

    Agreed. If everyone is hip to reading levels, they have no reason to use .com, it’s just a big waste of space. For example, nobody would use over – it’s just a waste.

    I see the idea has taken hold already though:

  11. stevec

    10 years ago, been there, done that. Too many problems a few of which are listed above. Vanity email address based on a domain name have the same problems.

  12. NEIL

    Thank You million again, for your great work helping the others.
    Warmhearted Gentleman and King. Just Rick. is born..
    It’s A Boy!
    Kind regards,

  13. Randy Scott

    Quite embarrassing. Leasing is a flawed model, and with those dog shit domains it is really flawed. No sensible business person would ever lease a crap domain like those mentioned. Very few sensible business people would ever lease any domain, as the risk is far too great that problems arise if the business takes off.

    You guys have destroyed the business. Rick, you have finally jumped the shark the last few months. You are now selling stuff that you can’t possibly believe in. You have joined the club of lowlifes like Frank Schilling, who couldn’t be content to make millions upon millions with good ideas and execution. You guys just had to turn into degenerates who are now searching for ignorant people to victimize. You know it, and so does that loser Frank Schilling. You deserve the lack of respect that you now have. How pathetic.

  14. Paul Smith

    I happen to believe short domains, cctld, gtld, any, all, many, etc… Are the best overall domains for all categories in all business models. Why? Because we’re human, and it’s simple our memories are limited and simplicity is a key element that is never lost. People will forever use number and color systems, why, because humans always refer to the simple elements for memory. Military, all industries… Sports players are numbered, colored, etc.. We, as a species will never outlive simplicity, therefore I conclude short domains are of immense benefit. Just some thoughts to throw in the mix or the sub domain/gTLD conversations.

  15. Jason Merrick

    Mr. Scott you faceless prick…. why don’t you offer something to the group…. tell us about your accomplishments. Perhaps you can share some of your visions and ideas? enlighten us ! What have you contributed to domaining and the security of our future. Lastly, tell us about yourself… place yourself out there / here and allow us to comment about who you are or at least claim to be… my guess is, you are a bitter and jealous person who has NOTHING to offer this group or humanity…

  16. acheeva

    Hasn’t this been tried with pure Geo’s?
    I stand to be corrected but those sub-domains rarely appear in search

  17. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,

    .COM extension subdomains will rule the roost. It cannot get any better than this !

    Example: What do you want to market?

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  18. aehageman

    Great thoughts.
    What if you owned a four letter domain like
    Would this work?

    Not concerned about everyone’s negative thoughts.
    I could care less about Google ranking.


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