The Life, The Death and The Rebirth of the Industry of Domains

Coming this summer.


32 thoughts on “The Life, The Death and The Rebirth of the Industry of Domains

  1. Len

    Hi Rick!!! Miss your your words and colorful insights. Made me smile to read this new email with morning coffee. Hope is well buddy… My best, Len

  2. Dave Tyrer

    I decided not to wait until this summer, and instead began kickstarting my business before last summer, which is about when things took off.

    It’s about giving customers what they want. They want domains with prices and instant purchase.

    So those wishes are what I started meeting by gradually moving 1400 domains so far to Uniregistry Market (where they qualify for instant push transfer) and giving them BIN prices.

    My account is also set up for broker assistance where needed, again, this is for maximum customer service, because the brokers are very good.

    Today I added up my sales for the last 12 months and it comes to over $100,000. My experience at Uniregistry demonstrates a huge improvement on previous results, and if anything, sales appear to be accelerating.

    If Rick has a plan to re-invigorate the domain industry, sounds good to me.

  3. Barry aka ChappieUK

    I feel activated with the prospect of some insight on the ‘Second Coming’ of the Domains ! Your posts have been much missed

  4. Jose

    Rick is the reason to know that the best keyword has to be well written grammar, for sale a premium domain. Thank you for being here again.

  5. Lucas

    same words I was thinging of! :-) Rick’s perspective on things is always very interesting!

  6. Nic Danger

    Great to see you back Rick! Finally some “wisdom” instead of those clowns on Domain Sherpa who have no clue what is going on.

  7. Dave

    Rick replied in good fun to one of my tweets to him, and quite frankly, I was honored. Look forward to his sage advice when he starts blogging again.

  8. Bill Kara

    Always a fan of your blog and insights on your 20 year + journey in domain investing , business and life in general.

    One of the last posts you write was about the gtlds I read back to it and the comments and years later you have been proven right in many cases.

    Looking forward to your return to blogging


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