Freddy Von Schnauzer Turns 11 Today but it May be his Last Birthday!

Morning Folks!!

Many of you know of or have met Freddy Von Schnauzer when he was the Mascot of TRAFFIC from 2007 until is retirement in 2014. Today is his 11th birthday!! YAY!  But it is very unlikely he will see his 12th. BOO! HISS!!

Last week they found 2 large tumors. He has cancer. He starts radiation on Monday for the next 5 week. Prognosis even with radiation is just months. Maybe less. He is still acting normal and in good spirits. Most would not even see anything wrong. But storm clouds loom.

Freddy has been my best pal ever! He's kinda snarky. Very stubborn at times. A Stud all the time. And is a lover with a heart of gold. He rules the nest. Nobody comes in my home without being greeted by Freddy. He loves new people and drops me like a hot potato! He is always near and he is always involved with the action. His favorite sport is eating. Followed by napping. He likes BIG dogs. Really big dogs. He thinks he is the size of a Great Dane and walks right up and sticks his chest out and goes right in for a kiss and a sniff!

He sleeps on the pillow on the floor by my bedside every night. He wakes up in the wee hours to climb into bed. That's when I get "Cheeky" time. His cheek against mine and some love grunts. Love it! He has his schedule and he has me trained very well. He'll never let you forget what time it is. "Yummy Yummy" is Breakfast at 8:30 and dinner at 3:30. "Turkey Time" at Noon, 5PM and 7PM. A cookie at 2 pm. 3 more after dinner. Lots of kissie kissie's and hugs thru the day. My best feeling is that I have no regrets. As I have said for many years. "Every day is a good day with Freddy".

We had the same color hair back then and we still have the same color hair today. People would comment all the time how much we look alike. But both of us are slightly grayer now. And Freddy gave me the perfect pick up line. It could happen 20 times a day or more if I wanted to use Freddy. A pretty woman would come over and say "Oh how cute"! I would wait a sec, look directly at her with an upset and demanding voice and ask, "What about my dog"? Everyone always laughs! Hope you did too!

So Happy Birthday my little friend. I'll be praying for a miracle and hope I will be joined by many of my friends. What else can I do? To me, EVERYDAY is your birthday buddy!


Last Year I had Freddy Immortalized when I commissioned an artist that I had bought another original work from to capture Freddy. It hangs in my living room today and forever.



Freddy even has his own Million Dollar Bills. I am told any Wells Fargo Bank will cash it! He has his own song too. (Sung to the tune of "He's a Jolly Good Fellow")  For he's a Freddy Von Schnauzer, For he's a Freddy Von Schnauzer, For he's a Freddy Von Schnauzer, that nobody can deny. Yay Freddy!!! :-)

At 9 weeks he was just slightly bigger than my hand. I had to have some "Poopie Protection"


At 10 weeks who knew what a big part of my life he would become? I love Freddy Von Schnauzer!

Rick Schwartz

.App is The Fastest Growing New GTLD Extension

Morning Folks!!

Google's .App is the Fastest Growing New GTLD. I have watched the numbers daily and going up against some 600 GTLD competitors, .App is registering more domains than any other. That is with the exception of .ICU. Really?? .ICU (a really crappy extension)  had 24,000 registrations the first day, 450 on the 2nd day but by the 3rd day had just 8!!!! Not a single registration at Godaddy. .App about to be #18 and may be headed for a top 10 spot.

There is interest in .App. It's the first end user domain extension I have seen with elements that I deem tried and true. The others are all fails but that does not guarantee a .App win. Matter of fact we only have 1 new GTLD that has over 2 million registrations. .Top at 2.4MM. But don't get too excited. It was DOUBLE that amount on January 1, 2017.

7 YEARS of writing about new GTD's. ALL ANGLES. ALL VIEWPOINTS. But folks want to cherry pick. Here's a cherry for them. I have said that when a winning extension comes to market you will know it. I have said there may be room for 3 winners out of 1000 dead horses left on the track because that's what happens during a stampede. And sorry, one horse still running WILL NOT and NEVER WILL help the other horses laying lifeless on the track. The stinkers! All they do is rot and smell.

.App is the ONLY new GTLD so far that has demonstrated and exhibited ANY characteristics of an extension that can survive and thrive. There is demand. There are end users. It's 1 syllable that is pronounable and means something. It's backed by a GIANT that gives it "street cred" and they did not bastardize or cheapen their own extension by whoring themselves out.

Need, Want, Desire. STUDY the numbers. Dig DEEP. They tell a story. They show patterns. They show single fools registering tens of thousands of domains in a single day. They also show how many bogus registrations there are by closely held companies of the registries. Actually, it does not show that, but you can see and figure it out if you study the numbers. Also look closely at the registrations by registrar. NO Godaddy, no chance! Learn how to navigate and study this site. I do it almost every single day. DIG DEEP! Click and learn.

.App is total speculation. However the other 600 new GTLD's have been a waste of time, money and effort! They did not pass the simplest of tests. They were fools gold. They have proved to be fools gold. The registries made money. The money that formerly belonged to domain speculators that speculated on worthless garbage. All they have left are BILLS!

And when I studied DNJournal sales chart last night for the yearly top sales. Take a look at the GTLD section near the bottom. Of the top 100 sales of this year, 55 of the sales were .Net and .Org. 7 more were .biz or .info. Most of the GTLD sales were directly from the registry. What's missing are sales by domainers! GET A CLUE

One need, One want, One desire and ONE PROJECT AT A TIME. That my friends is the future of buying and selling domains and that future started several years ago. The great "Domain Rush"of the 21st Century is OVER! The greatest technological expansion in history is behind us for now. Every business that IS a business has their domain. That was not true at the start of this century. Now we just have startups and upgrades. The new world order.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

The Rise and Fall of the EU Clusterf*ck Known as GDPR. My Take!

Morning Folks!!

Directnic has a toggle switch to make your whois info public or not. Many other registrars are doing the same thing or figuring other ways to avoid this mess called GDPR and make whois available.

I am sure in a few weeks there will be many workarounds on the entire GDPR rendering it totally meaningless and useless. And some are just totally ignoring or rejecting it in total.

So far the only ones it will really hurt are Europeans as they find themselves blocked from sites akin to 3rd world countries. lol As a protest more and more may start to block rather then comply with this silly and abusive GDPR garbage.

The GDPR is a visible Clusterf*ck for the entire world to see and it will collapse all by itself. Congrats EU! It also illustrates why the EU is being rejected by so many and the backlash has been so strong. The over reach is stunning and should be a wake up call to all. The sovereignty of the Internet is under attack! My take:Tthe Internet will survive but the GDPR in its current form will not!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Google’s .App Now a Top 20 GTLD in just DAYS!

Morning Folks!!

Google's .App Now a Top 20 GTLD in just DAYS!
Without giving them away for a penny or stuffing it into accounts for free, Google's new .App GTLD extension is now a Top 20 GTLD. Sitting at #19 and on the heels of #18. With the bleeding that  14 of 18 in front of them, I expect .App to continue to rise and may eventually be a top 10 GTLD extension.

That's pretty impressive after watching HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of others struggle for relevance and survival. Many now simply dying on the vine. Not .App. It has life and some meaning and it has Google behind it that gives it a pedigree and legitimacy.

Google took in millions on early access and general registrations are $15-$20 annually. Premium names come with a higher price tag.

Will it be successful? I have no idea? Will companies use and adapt? I have no idea. But they might. It may be a viable extension. Time will tell. But like anything else, it's a gamble. You place a bet. I grabbed a few. Did not even know about .App until the week it was released. But there were some elements I liked and I decided it may be a decent play.

What are the elements I like.

1. 3 letter extension

2. An extension that is a word

3. I believe people can make their fortunes just on a great app

4. It is an end user play and worldwide market

5. There is a demand

It's a long shot even with those elements. But compared to the crap that is already out there, I like it the best. It's a definite maybe. lol

And here is a tip for you. If Godaddy is not the #1 registrar on any GTLD, I give it much less chance of relevance, survival and values that MAY increase. When I see some registrars, I know there are either many bogus registrations, closely held regs or penny crap. Pretty easy to spot. Here are the top 10 new GTLD's and the numbers for each registrar. Pretty stunning if you follow what I say and apply it.

I always said when a winner came out it would be recognizable. Regardless of the outcome, making it into the top 20 in just a few days while so many others are simply dithering and going nowhere is impressive and somewhat remarkable.

I still believe that when .Web hits, it will break the 1 million reg mark within the same time frame. Demand will be there. Whether it works, we won't know for a number of years. But as a number of years have passed, we KNOW what doesn't work! Which is your favorite GTLD Flop? Did any GTLD surprise you?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

5th Anniversary of The Procter & Gamble Memorial Day Massacre

Morning Folks!!

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) may not have LEGAL consequences but it does have other consequences!

5 Memorial Days ago back in 2013 something pretty memorable happened. Let's revisit the Procter & Gamble Memorial Day Massacre in which the entire upper echelon of P&G were FIRED!

The CEO, Mr.McDonald, steps down "effective immediately" at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend on May 23rd.  "Robert McDonald's four-year struggle to adapt Procter & Gamble Co. to a new world of more frugal consumers and tougher global competition has come to an abrupt end."

My thoughts at the time:

My open letter to P&G about being found GUILTY of RDNH. And I ALWAYS spell it out for SEARCH! REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKER! P&G found GUILTY by an esteemed worldwide panel of the World Intellectual Property Organization. P&G GOT SPANKED BIG TIME! NOT BY ME, BUT BY THE PANEL. OUR JOB IS TO CIRCULATE THE EVIDENCE! Our job is to remind folks.

So Why were they all fired? We may never know. Then again it is my belief that the Reverse Domain Name Hijacking was the very last straw. For a measly $30,000 P&G and their management team were able to flush a 100 year old brand right down the toilet. As I said then, "It's a stain even Clorox can't get out." They deserved to be fired!

Since there are no penalties, it is up to us to remind the world of these attempted thefts and let them be the final judge. P&G stock back then was trading at $77/share. Now, after the greatest run up in stock exchange in history from 15,000 to 25,000, they are trading at $5/share less. Ooops!

See this decision is indicative of other bad decisions they make and how it has hurt their brand and their business. The company was founded by William Procter and James Gamble in 1837. Probably not the way they would have handled things. Management let them down and it is unforgivable. I am sure most people could understand a $186 BILLION company trying to screw someone for $30k. Right?

And props to their legal team for such a job well done. Not one of you FOOLS warned them the peril they were putting themselves in? I bet your billing was more than $30k Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL, United States of America. They got to pay people to be STUPID!?

John Berryhill a famed attorney in the doman space mopped the floor with these fools! And they deserved it. I have read many decisions on Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. FEW if ANY are quite like this judgement. P&G and their IDIOT LAWYERS got spanked! They hired a law firm to STEAL for them and the Law Firm Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL, United States of America either lacked integrity or don't have any business in this arena. Maybe BOTH!

So Happy Memorial Day to all of you. This stain follows Procter and Gamble and Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL, FOREVER!

Guess who owns the name today? It's even in Wikipedia!

This Privacy Statement describes how Go Unlimited LLC, a joint venture between Whirlpool Corporation (“Whirlpool”) and The Procter & Gamble Company (“P&G”) (Whirlpool and P&G, collectively, the “Affiliates”) will collect, use and disclose your Personal Information (as defined below) and applies to customers in the United States. Swash is a brand of Go Unlimited LLC and, in this Privacy Statement, “Go Unlimited, LLC” and “Swash” will be used interchangeably.

And instead of paying $30k, they have paid an invisible price that could be many many millions regardless of the price actually paid for the name just a few days after the decision.

Based on reporting by Marchex in which they sold 50 domain names with an average price of around $27,000 during Q1 of 2013, I would imagine that the selling price might have been only $50k-$100k. Marchex left at least $400,000 on the table. But $30,000 was way too cheap to begin with and P&G and their idiot hijacking lawyers were to busy being bullies to know or understand that!

And when you do a Google search for these Reverse Domain Name Hijackers like Frands Jepsen, who tried to Hijack my very own, look at the Google results you get! The Internet is written in INK fellas!

Frands Jepsen Convicted Domain Name Hijacker of 


Márcio Mello Chaves Convicted Domain Name Hijacker of


Bob McDonald CEO Procter & Gamble Convicted Domain Name Hijacker of

We all have a JOB and a DUTY to continuously circulate these stories, not forget about them and remind these people and companies along with their lawyers and their customers about their wrongdoings. To my knowledge, no CONVICTED REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKER has ever made a public apology! And for those that continuously put down efforts to do this because there are no laws and likely never will be, YOU may as well be part of the problem! SAVE IT!

Have a GREAT Day Fellas!!

Rick Schwartz

The Good Domain Names are Gone! So is all the Land and Every Street Address! So What?!

Morning Folks!!

When you and I were born all the land was gone. Somebody owned every parcel every acre every nook and cranny. The Government owned the rest. Used or not it was owned. 

I remember as a young boy of 5 or so standing on the corner near my house and wondering how I would be able to get something everyone already owned? To a kid, that was a scary thing.

Maybe you can relate? That feeling did not go away until I finally owned my first home when I was in my mid 30's. It was a struggle to get there. But was one of the most satisfying days of my life walking in that front door for the first time. 

So, to me, domains are just real estate. Some domains are commercial real estate. Some are recreational real estate, some are income producing real estate, some are residential or even social real estate. A domain represents that piece of land but the access to that land is not from the immediate area, but the entire world. It has much greater value as I see things. The single domain name is the key to empires. Just think these companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars and approaching Trillion Dollar Valuations, mostly work out of ONE .com address.

The beauty of a great domain name is no matter how big you get, you can still use your original domain and be able to build something bigger and grander and taller than 100 Empire State Buildings! Than 1000 Empire State Buildings. THAT is the power of a domain name. A single domain name with a brilliant and profitable idea. There is no limit! 

I'd venture to say that or or are worth more than the Empire Stat building. Matter of fact dozens of Empire State Buildings. Maybe 1000's. Who woulda thunk it? So, in my mind and the way I think, domains have tremendous value yet to be discovered by Big business and those small businesses that want to be big. The door is open to all. The ONLY limit is our ideas. 

When I was a kid I remember the hub-bub when the Empire State Building sold for a whopping and unbelievable $65 Million. But they bought the building. NOT THE LAND! 

"1961: August 23, Lawrence A. Wien, Peter L. Malkin, and Harry B. Helmsley buy the building for $65 million. The price, which does not include the land, is the highest ever paid for a single building." 

No Land. The Domain is the land. How did that happen? Well you have to rewind to 1951 before we rewind again:

1951: The John J. Raskob estate sells the building for $34 million to a syndicate including Roger I. Stevens and the Chicago Crown family who immediately sell the building to Prudential Insurance Company of America for $17 million, which then enters into a long-term ground lease with the Stevens syndicate.

Now the original parcel of land was bought for $2600 in 1799. But you can't look at how much value 200 years later. They are all dead 5x over. So I always took that into account with domain names and why they will outlive each and every one of us. The good news is the Internet has accelerated progress. However progress takes breaks every now and then. So you need to know the difference of a life cycle of something and something in hibernation and taking a break. Domains are still at the start of their life cycle. It's basically a teenager with little direction and lots of pent up energy. Maturity is coming and with maturity comes a deeper and better understanding. The Empire state building started as a farm. 

If you are a domainer and you are not looking for real world comparisons, historical comparisons, then you might be lost in the woods. There are EXACT, PERFECTLY EXACT PARALLELS. Once you connect this parallels, you make a spark. Once you make a spark you have a source of energy. Once you have a source of energy, you have a way to make money

This is EXACTLY what I said in my previous post.

"When a person learns where East really is he/she can then figure out where West is. Where North is. Where South is. Where Northeast is. Where Southwest is and so on. From that ONE single answer, you get 100% of the info. Accurate info. It's a choice! You may not be able to control everything or be successful at everything but by understanding our own building blocks, we dramatically increase our chances."

Own a great domain name and you own a piece of Times Square AND the Empire State Building. And the single most incredible part. The revolving front door that you use to enter the Empire State building form 34th street, has a powerful new mechanism in that a domains revolving door enters from the entire universe. 

Own something that means nothing to nobody and you have genuine legendary Florida Swamp Land. 80%+++ of the industry owns swampland by their own financial admissions! I have seen portfolios of 1000 parcels of pure swampland. It's the norm NOT the exception. Sad but true!. 

What gives a gas station value is TRAFFIC. What gives the Empire State Building value was traffic. If no cars pass the station goes out of business. If that were not true, they would build gas stations and skyscrapers in the woods 1000 miles from civilization. What gives anything value is TRAFFIC. There is no traffic in the swamp nor is there the possibility of getting any.

You can't buy the Empire State Building for $2600 again. Or $65 Million, or even $1 Billion. Today the Empire State Building is a public stock that is traded and has a value in excess of $2 Billion. A GREAT address, a great property, a great location will always have rising values while swampland languishes at worthless now and forever. The raw land that a great domain name represents is always of value and capable of building a skyscraper! In the swamp. you can't even pitch a tent! When you KNOW the difference, you will have successfully calibrated your compass and see things in an entirely new light and a new "Pattern" will have emerged! 

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

We all Have Patterns. Is Your Pattern Under Your Control or Does it Control You??

Morning Folks!

I wonder how many hours of my life I have devoted to lend a helping hand to anyone willing to extend theirs? Maybe measured in months. Maybe even years. I have watched throughout my life successful people feeling an obligation to give back. To pay it forward. I understand that desire to make a difference. To make a difference in someone's life. Somebody you don't know and likely will never meet. And if you do, all the better. I write my thoughts down and hope somebody will stop long enough to consider, evaluate and maybe even employ because they are timeless. To be honest, it was much more rewarding at one time. But now I am an "Old-Timer" as the "Wet behind the ears" crowd and those with little success to show are so easy to dismiss and give you the back of their hand instead of being a real man or a real woman and step up and step out. That's just called respect and character. You can't demand respect, you have to earn it.

If folks actually read, digested and considered what I have said about domains, business, life lessons, common sense, numbers, sales and GTLD's alone over the last 6 or more years, what I am about to say won't surprise you. What I have said about domains for 23+ years won't surprise you. What I have said about business and sales for the past 45 years won't surprise you.
If you actually read this entire post before you react, it may serve you well and you too may be surprised if you allow yourself. (not my choice, yours) In the Business World, there are no "Safe Spaces". There are just folks that want to EAT your lunch or have you PAY for their lunch. Do you know the difference? Old-Timers do! Every business changes constantly. It's a living organism. You need to adjust every single day. But you can't over adjust or over react or chase shiny objects for a living.

If you only read my words the way you want to and twist them to fit your narrative, then you will just be a wind-up toy doing the same thing with no purpose or result. It's an unrewarding pattern you might be a prisoner to. I have a key that you might find very valuable. I don't give a rat's ass either way, you are the one that might be held hostage by your own mind and lack of intellectual honesty. You won't allow yourself to examine and question your own stubborn thoughts. I also am stubborn, but I am stubborn the reverse way. I boil everything down to simplicity and the lowest common denominator. Call me simple. It works!! 1/2 or 50% is easier to understand than 1,325,172,624,492 /2,650,345,248,984. But I am confident some fool would like to debate that.

You have a choice with that key. You can unlock the shackles with the keys I provide free of charge and with my own time and dime or use it to gouge my eyes out. It's a human nature thing. It happens to everyone that dares to share. That's why they stop sharing.

I don't get to choose, YOU DO! And this post has nothing to do with GTLD's or Domains. It has to do with finding success in life and being able to repeat at will. That's the key.

Your life is either filled with unobtainable deadlines that cause calamity and failure or you are on cruise control and everything fits right into place. Once you find success you don't have to prove anything to anyone. But what level of success is really the question. Happy to make $25k when you could/should be making $125k. Making $125k when you should be making $250k? I believe we set our own ceilings. But don't aim for a Billion when you have yet to achieve a Million. You become a millionaire $1 at a time. Many building blocks on the way to your first million. Repeating it is easier not harder.

So please allow me to make my point. My entire point or has your pattern already taken over before I even begin? If you control your pattern you control your destiny. If the pattern controls you, you are nothing more than on the short end of the stick. That tiny little pattern is your master and maybe it is time to switch places with that little monster.

When I look at an issue I come at it from all sides and all angles asking many questions. Why? Because I am looking for an ANSWER not a predisposed CONCLUSION that fits whatever it is I want it to fit! My conclusion comes AFTER I find answers to questions. Many answers to many questions. Only idiots have a conclusion BEFOREHAND. Only idiots get angry when you ask a pertinent question or point out a flaw. The whole key of success is that your idea SURVIVE the barrage. If you don't have a valid answer then don't just make one up because you feel threatened or get defensive. That's a loser every time. You THINK about it and consider how to fix it. And if you can't fix it you have to give it some negative number as a factor. It's a leak. You don't ignore leaks on a boat. You either fix them or live with them. If you live with them you have to judge the size of that leak.

Now never confuse a conclusion with an assumption. On any subject, we either have "No idea whatsoever" or we have either a weak or strong assumption.

You can assume one direction is East and walk that way. But when the sun comes up, you will know if your assumption is correct or not. If not, you MUST adjust your PATTERN or you are forever lost. You may just want to argue with me for the sake of arguing. Argue with a fact like the sunrise and you are a fool. Sorry, but only a fool would get upset at that statement. Fools and idiots don't count. They are there to avoid and help show you what not to do in life.

In a moment, I will show you how a complete failure to find the right answer to East can be exactly the same as finding great success. If you do it right, you can still get it wrong and win. Depends if you IGNORE new information or USE it! Wrong is a much closer step close to right if you think logically and not emotionally. Failure is the seed of success if you use the info learned.

Success has a pattern. Failure has a pattern. Change your pattern and you will change your outcome. It's much simpler than any failure can imagine. But please don't let me get in the way if you need that failure.

The fools won't even read further. They stopped at the first stone they could cast. They will ignorantly react like they always do. It's a pattern. They are stuck until they can break the chains of that pattern. They are nothing more than a slave to it and don't know it. NOW ya do! Pass it on!

For those that are boiling and turning red, THAT'S your pattern! I am sorry you can't handle the truth. That's your pattern.

We ALL have our pattern. Patterns are predictable. Ask any FBI profiler. Ask any professional Poker Player. Ask a Trial Lawyer. Ask a Salesmen. These are all people and sectors that study patterns and human nature for a living. Facebook, Twitter and Google too! Habits and patterns. They are predictable.

It takes a lifetime to control and polish our own pattern. Deep thinking helps to eliminate the bad patterns or habits and replace them with good ones.

That is why I always say SUCCESS is easy to spot and FAILURE is even easier to spot. Once you hone in on somebody's pattern, you know where they will END UP before they do and do it before they even BEGIN! So, you have 2 groups in life. Those that train themselves about these patterns and ones that don't even know about it.

I root for your success. But recognizing OUR own failures is the path to great success. See you don't have to get it right. You can get it wrong and still get it 100% right. I can prove it right now if you let me.

When a person learns where East really is he/she can then figure out where West is. Where North is. Where South is. Where Northeast is. Where Southwest is and so on. From that ONE single answer, you get 100% of the info. Accurate info. It's a choice! You may not be able to control everything or be successful at everything but by understanding our own building blocks, we dramatically increase our chances.

Who cares that when the sun rose you were walking WEST or North, northeast or any other direction. Don't focus on that. All you needed to do was ADJUST and EMPLOY the new information.  A SIMPLE ADJUSTMENT is the key to success. Ignore the info, and what do you have? What did you learn? Those that do that remain fools stuck in a pattern of failure. And if they do it for this simple example, they do it all the time. It's a pattern! 

We ALL have the opportunity to shed the skin of failure and replace it with something that works. I was sad to see in a recent Namepros poll written about by, that the vast majority of domains have made less than $25k TOTAL in their entire domaining careers!!! A whopping 72% of the nearly 500 respondents. Another 10.6% made $25k to $100k in their careers. So, they are not making a living either but they are finding some success and hopefully will build on that. That leaves only 17.4% that made more than $100k in their domaining careers.

If you have not found success, first look for EAST. The rest may just fall right into place. If domaining is your first business, it's going to be harder. You have many business lessons to learn. Don't ignore h=those lessons, embrace them!

But hey, why listen to an old-timer? You can keep believing the sun rises in the west and be wrong. It's your right to fail!

I won't get in your way.  But I do feel bad for those folks because each time an opportunity is wasted or ignored, that means DESTINY passed them by! Another fish got away. Another day that somebody ate their lunch. Successful people know exactly what I am saying and they are the ones that read every word even though they know this stuff already. It's like spinach for some and poison for others. It's called reality. It does not matter what life throws at us, we dig deep and figure the best way forward.

Don't be a victim to an unsuccessful pattern. Take a deep breath and turn it around. It's really not painful at all and more rewarding than you might be able to imagine. Good Luck!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

The Life and Death of Domain Blogging. R.I.P!

Morning Folks!!

It's Sunday morning and just like the many Sunday's before this one a pattern has developed and it's not good. It wasn't long ago that a blog post that was posted at 6AM would be on's page 2 by 10AM and page 3 by early PM. That no longer happens. Not on ANY day! But the weekends show the true story. Top 20 blog posts go all the way back to Friday at 1PM. Domain Blogging is a dying art!

As I write this, in the past 24 hours there have been a total of 11 blog posts by only 7 different bloggers. If you take out the ones with no meaning and you take out the ones that are self promoting, there ain't much left. SAD! And within minutes, there will be 1 or 2 less posts during the past 24 hours.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz


Google Breaks the New GTLD Jinx with .App

Morning Folks!!

The first viable GTLD extension may have been released with Google's .App after watching 4 years of TOTAL GTLD failures.

After watching over 500 TOTAL FAILURES, Google has finally broken the GTLD Jinx! With total GTLD domain registrations now sitting under 21 Million for the first time since June 3, 2016 even the 100,000 new registrations this week can't stop the bleeding of the other 900,000 GTLD's that DROPPED this week! Every drop is domainers money being washed away.

Read my old posts about keeping your powder dry during this Demolition Derby and "Stampede". I always said when a winner came to market it would be noticeable. .App is noticeable or haven't you noticed?

That does not mean it will be successful, but there is a demand and it's the first GTLD extension that makes any commercial sense at all. It MAY be viable. It has the elements that make an extension viable. Something missing from the likes of .Horse and .Kiwi and 500+++ WORTHLESS and DEAD and MEANINGLESS extensions.

What's the difference? Well that is for you as a domain investor to figure out. I think one of the keys comes to end user adaptation. Also because most new GTLD's are very limited. Some with just a few dozen powerful strings as compared to a .App which really has a tremendous amount of universal combinations that mean something.

But even with 100k registrations in the first few days it is not what I would deem to be "The big one". I would define that as .Web and I would expect 10x the registrations in same period.

Those thinking that a .App or .Web will help all the other failing GTLD's is folly. It will bury them forever! Only 3-5 new GTLD extensions will emerge and merit any long lasting appeal or value. Win, Place, Show. The other 997 will be "Out of the money"  along with domainers that lost their money.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz