Where are the Hero’s? From Rick’s Never Posted Archives. Circa April 2007

Morning Folks!! 

I am sure many of you keep asking or will ask why I spend so much time talking about things other than domain names. Well there are many reasons. The easiest example would be a real world developer.

Before he buys the land he has done research to make sure it can sustain itself. That the traffic is good. That the demographics support their business formula. That the growth of the community will continue. They familiarize themselves with all sorts of interesting information. As they go from city to city and town to town looking for new sites to build on they discover things. Flaws, weaknesses,
strengths, things that work, things that don't work. So they get a peek into the inner workings of things to have a view most folks can not have until they have been under the hood so to speak.

So targeting a specific domain name is more than just writing a check. You look for past performance. Current performance and then you go thru a mental check list of sorts. Future performance may lead that list. See, for every virtual world event, problem, solution, etc there is a real world parallel.

Let's say Sears builds a store. They have an entrance on their 3 sides and one entrance to the mall. That is because there are real world limitations that are without limitations in the virtual world.

For example....Sears is a department store. They have lots of different items. What would stop them from having a sign or another doorway to their store for folks looking for something specific. Imagine if Sears owned Jewelry.com and when you typed it in you would be transported to Sears Jewelry Department. And if they owned shoes.com and you landed in their shoe department....and appliances.com and luggage.com, etc.....I would bet you that had anyone at Sears had that foresight they would be a much stronger company today. From where I sit, that was a colossal failure and a missed opportunity to regain the crown they once held. A failure of merging what was learned in the last century and not having a vision of this new century.

Where are the Hero's of corporate America? Are they brain-dead? Do they not see what is coming. Isn't THAT why they pay them the big bucks? And they are failing daily! For the cost of building just ONE STINKING Sear's store they can corner the market on these "Department Names". It will insure they will survive and thrive. Without that strategy we will just watch them die!! The people running Sears are MORONS!!

Rick Schwartz


3 thoughts on “Where are the Hero’s? From Rick’s Never Posted Archives. Circa April 2007

  1. Mike

    This is one of my favourite posts so far.

    There must be so many highly(over) paid executives that must be hanging their heads in shame.

    I live mostly in France these days but still go back to the UK on a regular basis; every where I go in both countries there are huge department stores closing down.

    Councils are close to bankruptcy because of the huge drop in revenues from the high street stores.

    I think your post should be compulsory reading for the modern day executives.


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