If you Sell Many Domains per Month or Year, Stop Hiding Behind NDA’s!! It’s Total Nonsense!

Morning folks!!

I fight hard when I make a sale to make sure it is released publicly. It's important for my future sales, it's important for my portfolio and it is important for everyone. Just like Real Estate, that info is vital to the growth and increasing values of all domains.

But many domainers and companies actually HIDE behind NDA's, and it is time to stop! They pound their chest when it is convenient and HIDE behind an NDA when it is not. That's nonsense. There is no reason for MOST, and I can prove it right here, right now.

You can still give bulk info w/o violating an NDA & HELP EVERYONE! Help yourself. Help the industry. Help promote progress and what we all do! Suppressing sales data hurts everyone!!

"I sold 10 domains last year for a total $230k"

"We sold 220 domain names in April for a total of 2.93MM"

Stop hiding sales data when you don't have to! Time to DEMAND all info or give none at all!! There are NO EXCUSES unless you search for one and it won't be valid!

Now domainers must pressure companies to start releasing this information in BULK and stop with half-news which is no news!

Sorry, but this NDA nonsense has gone way too far for way too long. Stop swallowing partial information and then thinking you have the whole picture. It's misleading at best!

I am appealing to all companies in the domain industry that CAN do this, DO THIS! Help You, help us, help our futures.

There is a reason I have been posting for 23 years. We have generational assets that will outlive every single one of us. OUR JOB is to accelerate that period so we can take advantage of what we have in OUR LIFETIME!!! That is the main reason I have been doing this and I guess it pisses me off when those companies much larger than me with a much bigger megaphone to amplify domains and their power and value, DON'T! Frankly, it sickens me! Sorry, but it is how I feel.

The NDA NONSENSE is stunting our progress and our growth overall. Please rethink and report in bulk which can be done 99% of the time w/o any violation whatsoever. There is no valid reason not to.

Compare that to what some have done with the fake valuations and the destruction THAT is doing! It's DESTROYING values not increasing them!


To those companies that do it the right way, I applaud you. To those that don't, you should be. I am appealing to you to change your policies without delay!

Rick Schwartz