Domain Names: The most Valuable, Portable, Life-Changing & Tangible-Intangible Asset in Human History!

Morning Folks!!

Your future business destiny starts and ends with your domain name. Great domains equal great destinies. If Social Media is your hub, destiny is in the hands of others. It can disappear on the whim of just one idiot with power. Are you in control of your own destiny or is your unknown pimple faced master in control?

They had caravans to transport the king's gold, but was not a very safe or fast way to move assets of value. They had stagecoaches that moved from east to west. How much gold could they carry before it would collapse or was attacked by outlaws? How safe was it?

You could bury CASH in the desert, but you had to pray nobody would find it. You could put all your dollars in a bank into an account that the government can seize on a whim. You can hide it in your mattress as long as the house does not burn down.

Bitcoin is fine. But it's not built on anything useful and you will never control the value. You can just enjoy the ride. #whiplash

Diamonds are small and easy to carry and easy to hide. But they suck as investments and can be stolen or cracked and become worthless. You would have a hard time getting a $100k CASH quickly even for a $1 Million diamond.

Stocks, we all own them. Manipulated as they are. Pieces of paper and a monthy statement. Whoo-Hoo

Watches are portable. You can put a million dollars on your wrist and always have enough to put a roof over your head. I give a thumbs up to a wristwatch.

But in all the years of scraching my head and scratching my balls, nothing has ever even come close to Domain Names. Now it isn't like I am against the other investments as many try and twist my point, they just simply can't compete with a meaningful and great domain name. The most portable asset in the history of man with the most potential value. And pretty darn safe!

Raw land is about liquid as a domain name. Not easy to sell raw land unless you want to give it away. You have to be patient and wait for someone with a need. With a want. With a desire. With the where with all. With an idea and a plan. And it has to be a value. Similar to Domain Names. You don't buy 10 acres today to put on the market tomorrow and expect to get much if any return. Silly! But that is the domainer strategy. Silly!

There is land and parcels everywhere that have been for sale for years. Decades even. Probaly the same in your neck of the woods. Land to be sold for premium $$$ need a specific purpose so one can calculate how things will unfold. What is different with a domain name? Unless you sell to another domainer that sees something you don't and let them reap YOUR REWARD!

Serious inquiries come from owning serious domains. So invest and collect great domains and eventually you will have a flow of qualified inquiries. Worry about buying and the sales will happen. Worry about sales and not much will happen. Focus on the hunt, the meal will come later!

I own each and every asset listed above plus others. But with my domains I can go to sleep knowing I have great value stored safely away and wherever I go those assets are a click away. I control my destiny. And if all else fails, I can actually roll up my sleeves and start building out. What exactly do I do with my other assets other than sell them? Controlling your own destiny has value far beyond what the untrained naked eye can see or put a value on.

I am bullish on domains in a way few can see or understand. I understand the value in our eco system when compared to other assets and other opportunities. Domains are the foundation of the internet and has yet to be recognized by those that should have seen it DECADES ago! The domain name is your world passport to autonomy and independence both financially and spiritually. It all starts with a Domain Name. Get your head around that!

I value my domains based on factors I have discussed in previous blog posts. There is NOBODY on this planet that can convince me otherwise. But it is time for many to wise up and see what I see. Everyone's future starts and ends with a domain name. I REFUSE to sell LIFE-CHANGING assets for anything under the value I see. If they don't see what I see, there is nothing to talk about. SIMPLE!!

That mindset has earned me over $21 million selling just 19 domains since I retired in 2015. Added to the 20 years of traffic and 20 sales prior to my retirement, would put me among the top 10 career earners by any professional golfer and just 4 or 5 slots behind Tiger Woods! But nobody keeps score like that except me! And I do! And yes, of course, I have but 1 match or exceed Tiger! I figure I'll be an active domainer longer than he'll be an active golfer. (God willing for both of us)

But 2021 is going to be a MONSTER of a year. No longer do I get hateful responses when I discuss a price with a potential buyer that may be 10 times higher than it was a few years ago. Now we have conversations and I am engaged in different conversations daily. Sometimes all day. So with that in mind, I will make the boldest of predictions, In the next 18 months I will exceed the $21 Million of the past 5 or 6 years. Possibly with one sale!

Why am I so sure? 3 words: Covid, Social Media. Covid is driving everyone online and social media is driving everyone to having their own website and not depending on the Masters of the Universe pulling the rug out from under them in a whim and leave folks without income or exposure or even a business. #WOKE

My valuation STARTS with real world expenses. So virtually nothing I own and sell will be valued at less than $500,000. That's my BASE. PERIOD! And to the base still has the value of the domain itself. So it won't be long before my floor is $1 Million.

Now you can go and dismiss that but before you make that mistake, let me share this with you. In 1996 my minimum value was $15,000. A few years later it went up to $50,000. In 1999 with my first sale of my minimum had gone to $100k. When we started 2020 my minimum was $250k. That doubled by the end of 2020 and I would not be surprised to see it double again THIS YEAR!

Rent $2500/mo, $30k/yr, $300k/10 Years

Electric $500/mo, $6k/year, $60k/10 years

Insurance, garbage, security, maintenance, $1000/mo $12k/year $120k/10years

$480k BEFORE salaries! Before lots of other expenses Local vs Worldwide +++ That's how I value Domains before I even get to value the domain itself.

And how about the store sign? Tens of thousands! Hundreds of Thousands!

And what if you have 100 or 1000 or more locations? This is not rocket science. You can see your physical store name on your sign from a block away. You can see your domain name from OUTER SPACE! WAKE UP!

What was the COST of building just one Sear's store? The land, the building, the furnishings, the employees, the YEARS of research to find a proper location??? That equation will no longer work! Get your head around that! That my friends is the proper comparison. The one I have used for 25 years and the one that I will use 125 YEARS past my own personal expiration date!

That said, I am open-minded and offer flexible terms and angel friendly financing by way of liberal lease options as low as $1000/month and equity deals for those with big and profitable ideas.  Their wallets may be thin, but they can use the equity in their PROFITABLE idea to start using and exploiting my high-profile and sometimes high-traffic domains.

Getting a 6 or 7 or even 8 figure domain to exploit their business dream with possibly no upfront fee and a monthly note no more than a luxury car, is called OPPORTUNITY!! It's actually the opportunity of a lifetime and I guess I like doing business with folks that see that. If they can't get their head around something as simple as that.....what else can I say?

You can't buy what I have until you see what I see! PERIOD!!

A Good Domain Name is easy to remember.

A GREAT Domain Name is hard to forget!

So let's build YOUR dream on MY Domain Name!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

19 thoughts on “Domain Names: The most Valuable, Portable, Life-Changing & Tangible-Intangible Asset in Human History!

  1. J.R.

    It will be a great day in domain speculation when Rick makes that sell over $20M+ before 2023. I’m still confused that the finance media is pontificating about Gamestop short selling, Bitcoin reaching $40K one day and $10K the next, or this jersey sold for $1M,etc. Yet, they are mostly silent when a URL possibly purchased for less than $10K sells for $10M+!

    Maybe Rick is right, and 2021-2022 is when the finance media catches on to what the C-Suite has started to figure out about URL values.

  2. Nik

    You are valuable for this.
    HOME.COM sold for more than 50M. This is sad. It is a Billion plus asset, in present Market, where Apple just received additional trillion plus valuation in 6 months, when 1st trillion took almost 40 years. Virtual Market is unlimited. Social Media, covid, security etc are few of changing parameters. More to come.

  3. Emeka

    Thank you Rick. Another article i am going to keep reading and letting people know about.

    You have helped a lot of domainers with your blog .Until we see value in our assets,we won’t understand. Domain investing is surely a life changer.

    Thank you.

  4. BullS

    Yup yup yup–super bowl ads cost millions and puff gone in 30seconds and nobody knows or will remember what that ads all about.
    Domains are long long lasting.

  5. jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,
    We are forecasting a record year ahead for (.COM Equimoditty Platform Assets) The massive Migration from inferior extensions to the (.COM Equimoditty Platform Asset class) will be very evident, till 2025 and beyond.
    We , The(Contact Group)are amassing a very aggressive Educational Promotion of (.COM Equimoditty Platform Assets) to all our Institutional investors. Thank you for all your continued efforts,over the years, to educate all investors about ( .COM Equimoditty Platformm Assets). JAS 1/30/2021
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider

  6. Steve

    congrats again, Rick.
    pretty sure you’re the best negotiator in the domaining industry

    what confounds me is how so many well-funded companies don’t get it.
    some realize their mistakes after they achieve product-market fit and nail down that big funding round, and they have to pay ultra premium for that .com (see and its upgrade to

    2021 may go down as your Big Time Year – 20 million plus — cheers!

    1. Jeff Schneider

      Hello Steve,
      These well funded companies are simply accepting So Called Online marketing companies experts, premise, that without Google Ads type marketing, they will surely fail. These well funded companies Marketing departments have no knowledge of the Strategic power of (.COM Equimoditty Platform Assets).
      Their knowledge of Strategic Online Marketing consists of so called dog and pony show powerpoint presentations by the googles,and Godaddys,favoring long term contract lock-ins of very expensive Co-dependency designed, forever billing cycles that enrich their coffers and torches the start-ups chances of survival. JAS 1/30/2021
      Gratefully, Jeff Schneider

  7. Scott Alliy

    Here is something simple to share with would be buyers
    “You can either pay for a great brand domain name… Or pay greatly to brand the domain you have”.

    Back in 2002 with my own startup I bought into the have to feed the google ppc monster.

    Over the years I gradually diminished then suddenly ended my ppc marketing activity and guess what?

    For the last ten years I have done ZERO advertising relying instead on direct traffic from loyal customers and a relevant meaningful memorable and shareable domain name.

    One other piece of advise I would share with domain buyers is
    “If your going to spend hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of dollars to acquire a great brand for your business for gods sake spend a few more dollars to acquire similar domain names to protect your business and investment.

    Congrats Rick
    Onwards and upwards
    Thanks for your continued contributions of info, advice and encouragement

    Scott Brady Alliy
    Allied Internet solutions Inc.

  8. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Scott,
    “Here is something simple to share with would be buyers “You can either pay for a great brand domain name… Or pay greatly to brand the domain you have”. Brilliant ! JAS

    Gratefully Jeff Schneider (CONTACT GROUP)

    1. Scott Alliy

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for the compliment. Glad you liked my quote.

      Here’s another exclusive quote.
      I suggest you consider carefully before using it

      “Sir, We don’t sell names cheap… Because we don’t sell Cheap names”


  9. nameforces

    Congrats with new official record in history of domaining. Based on your advise I will delete most of my Bin prices everywhere and put my efforts for best names I can buy and lend. I see you more and more times tell us about good opportunities in lending of our virtual property.
    Do you think the future in this type of deals in domain space or you still believe and actually prove us that huge profit belongs to only selling just best domains for huge amount?
    What is about development of our best names by own forces on behalf of ourself? Do you see the sense there as well?

  10. Scott Alliy

    One more quote To hopefully help educate your buyer (especially when it comes to call-to-action domains like

    “It’s easier for you and your business to be Johnny on the Spot when You Own The Spot”

    Big sales opportunities don’t come often. But as Rick has proven repeatedly doing your part and recognizing the true value of your domain and standing your ground can turn other domain investors average sales into extraordinary sales.

  11. Greg

    Hey Rick,

    I just wanted to ask, with your being a well renowned, highly respected, and self made incredible success with a huge potential for the future in business and prolific industry shaking domain sales, these days do you…

    still scratch your balls?


  12. Jeff Schneider

    Congratulations Rick,

    You are, quite simply, the Top Marketing Genius I have ever met! JAS 2/2/2021

    Gratefully & Respectfully, Jeff Schneider (CONTACT GROUP)

  13. Bill Roy

    Rick, I just wish you were for hire! (Unfortunately I couldn’t afford you even if you were. LOL)

    Seriously though, your plain speaking is appreciated by ‘some’ of us who are not so soft-skinned to actually be ‘offended’ by such plain speech. Personally it took me over a decade to fully understand the shear importance of the ‘radio test’, and since I have I have played with a few low-ball domains but waited for my opportunity to come to implement it with one single purchase. And ‘yes’ also the fact that domains are not for flipping but are a long term investment.

    Please, whatever you do don’t change how you interact with us, we are not children and therefore should respect the frankness you bring to the industry.


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