The NFT That Can Make or Break Your Online Business

DOTCOM Domains are the ultimate NFT and so much more. It's not crappy art, apes and punks that are basically meaningless. Domains are commercial buildings with unlimited expansion potential.

But Domains come with so much more. Not domains with extensions few ever heard of, this ONLY applies to dotCOM domains as do ALL of my posts about domains. They DO NOT apply to any other extension. Why?? Because dotCOM is the largest and greatest franchise the world has ever known. It is the single greatest economic equalizer ever known to man. It is the foundation of the Internet itself.

SO DON'T MINIMIZE IT! Don't stroke your ego with an $8 Million Superbowl commercial and a second-rate headquarters. I mean Domain. NO, I MEAN........Headquarters. WORLD HEADQUARTERS!

It comes with a FREE SKYSCRAPER




It comes with a GREAT LOCATION (Unless you buy PigenShit.Crap)

It comes with unlimited information and products and expansion ability.

It can be invented and reinvented.

It is the land that all business is built on today but startups and others have a BAD habit. They start with a crappy and cheap domain name and their efforts are not amplified as they should, they are diminished and minimized. By the time they figure it out, they are bleeding badly and losing talent. Game over!

A great Domain name is a DREAM MACHINE!!

Wake up to it. Don't be asleep at the wheel.

Stand up and stand out or get run over by those that do!

What do you think will happen when those things are widely known? It’s gravity. Either you believe in gravity or you don’t. Patience and understanding pay!

And for Domain Investors, the best way to sell Domain Names is to let the evolution of the Internet, swallow it up at the right time and at the right value. A forced sale guarantees a forced low price.

A Good Domain Name is easy to remember.

A GREAT Domain Name is hard to forget!

A GREAT Domain Name makes a small business look BIG!

A GREAT Domain Name grows GREAT businesses!

A GREAT Domain Name is YOUR passport to GREATNESS!

Ai has created a wave of Internet expansion and meaningful dotCOM domains are at the highest demand in years. There are hundreds of stories over the years of those FORCED to upgrade their domain and the great expense of rebranding. May I suggest you just do it right this time around!?

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “The NFT That Can Make or Break Your Online Business

  1. gene

    While I haven’t always agreed with everything Rick has said over the years, there’s no doubt that his posts are the only thing really worth reading and learning from in the domaining world.

    Another very inspiring piece!

  2. BullS

    Oh wait…you don’t need to pay the janitors to clean the toilets.
    I am in New York now for the US Open and if you need to pee in downtown Manhattan and there no toilet,you can pee at the headquarters building…he he he

    That why you need a great domain so you don’t have to worry about people like me pee at your second grade headquarters

  3. Jay

    all these .ai domains are useless and here is why. is inferior to
    Add any keyword to and you have beat .ai to the punch. It’s that simple


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