Discoverable things are Real Before They are Even Discovered.

Did gravity not exist before it was discovered?

Great domains are the most valuable Real Estate in the world. Is there any skyscraper worth more than Apple .com?


As a matter of fact, if you add up the total value of the 15 most valuable buildings in the world it comes out to a fraction of Apple .com I would venture to say that if you added up the value of every single hotel in Las Vegas, you still wouldn’t have the value of Apple .com

Look at things differently, and you will see different things. And if people think you’re crazy, you are in very good company throughout history.

Do not underestimate the value of a truly Great dotCOM Domain just because people have not discovered gravity.

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “Discoverable things are Real Before They are Even Discovered.

  1. laurentis

    but if it was ; it would be the same its in this case the company behind the domain thats being valued here. its not because of the domain its worth soo much but thanks to its founder(s) just want to clarify that…
    There might be people who think buying a domain will that and the rest takes care of it self…..

  2. laurentis

    i would like to add that “a domain is only as good as its owner” -laurentis twain :-)

    No matter how good your domain is if you cannot monetize it properly or execute it badly, like buying a domain for 300k and then going to fiver to try to get a profesional website for 100 bucks i mean come on….
    ps sorry for not putting it directly in the other comment
    btw we have met in traffic amsterdam 200x i think it was
    i sold some domains that auction lol with rick latona

  3. Steve is only valuable because there is a massive company behind it. If an apple company used I don’t think it’s value would be as high. I am surprised you didn’t grab onto Bitcoin. Banking is being re-invented right before our eyes and Bitcoin lets everyone participate. Bitcoin will be the most valuable asset on the planet in about 10 years. Now blockchain provides unconfiscatable, uncensorable domain names that you only pay for one time and you can use as a payment address instead of a strange number sequence. Anyway nice to see your post. All the best from Chinada/Canada. Peace.

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Of course.

      BUT….that’s not the point and not here to debate bitcoin but will say this…..

      I already made my $$ there and no longer an attractive investment imo.
      Just a place to diversify and park some $$$.
      And since bitcoin is down $40k I don’t see the bright future you see. Lots of pitfalls that many ignore.
      Lastly, I own and have owned more BTC that most of the proponents have and will have.
      There are just many better choices.
      Great domains are SUPERIOR to bitcoin.
      You have no control of bitcoin, you can change your life with a domain name.
      Read my blog posts on BTC for 100% clarification.
      Not even a close call.
      Any idiot with $$$ can buy BTC, Domain investing actually takes skills and talent.
      But please read past in depth posts.


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