What Does Popcorn and Grass have to do with Domains?

Morning Folks!!

In my eyes, I have this vision and have compared Domains to two things: Popcorn and blades of grass growing on a future lawn.

Popcorn because we just have no idea which domain name will pop next. NONE!! Just like you have no idea which corn kernel will pop next. It’s impossible to say. It’s impossible to predict.

My other comparison is to a new lawn. You start with dirt, feed it with grass seeds and the grass pops up one blade of grass at a time. Then, they become patches of green. There are still patches of dirt, but then the patches of green expand and eventually they take over most of the dirt. And that’s what domain sales look like as the Internet expands The blades of grass grow, and they fill in that lawn until you have a beautiful golf course turf. But that doesn’t happen overnight. That takes decades when we are talking about Intersectional Domains.

Looking at things properly puts you in the proper place to understand that Patience is truly the key to Domain investing. If you are into forced sales, that is the definition of getting the lowest price.

Domains are like Cinderella's shoes. There’s really only one great fit, and your job is to have the patience, the ability, and the wherewithal to recognize it when it comes by.

That size 9 foot won’t fit well to a size 5 shoe. So stop forcing bad sales and learn what the game is really about. Patience and the right fit, assuming that you focused on domains with value. If you put rocks or pigeon shit in the popcorn, it won’t pop, even if they look the same.

Rick Schwartz

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