Probability versus Possibility.

Probability versus Possibility. That is where most domainers and inexperienced folks go off the deep end. They’re in the “Anything is possible crowd.” The first problem is that the failure rate of 90%++ is ignored and not even factored in, so they have a 90% chance of getting it wrong from the getgo. They are 100% dreamers.

You’ll always have unrealistic dreamers focusing on possibility, but that has nothing to do with probability. Probabilities are based on percentages of one thing happening vs. the other. But not wishful thinking. This is not something anyone can ignore.

"The everything is possible crowd" versus what probably will happen or what’s the more likely and probable outcome. One will almost always outweigh the other if you do your due dilligence. Usually overwhelmingly!

One is emotionally driven (which is why they lash out) by shiny object syndrome, wishful thinking, and hoping, (which is why they are wrong almost all the time), and the other is unemotional because it is logically driven by facts and history, math, experience, and common sense. Sorry, but hoping is not a good business strategy now or ever!

Rick Schwartz

What Ai & Chat Will Do for Domain Investors. The 50,000 Foot View.

Ai & Chat = New Ideas

New Ideas = More Investment

More Investment = More Money

More Money = Expansion

Expansion = Higher Demand

Higher Demand = Higher Prices

dotCOM Domain Names = #1 Beneficiary

#1 Beneficiary = Internet Evolution

Evolution = CEO WakeUp Call

WakeUp Call = Domains getting recognized as #1 Digital Asset

Simple and easily predictable. Just add a cup full of patience and a GREAT dotCOM domain as I have described for years right here on this blog!

Rick Schwartz

Discoverable things are Real Before They are Even Discovered.

Did gravity not exist before it was discovered?

Great domains are the most valuable Real Estate in the world. Is there any skyscraper worth more than Apple .com?


As a matter of fact, if you add up the total value of the 15 most valuable buildings in the world it comes out to a fraction of Apple .com I would venture to say that if you added up the value of every single hotel in Las Vegas, you still wouldn’t have the value of Apple .com

Look at things differently, and you will see different things. And if people think you’re crazy, you are in very good company throughout history.

Do not underestimate the value of a truly Great dotCOM Domain just because people have not discovered gravity.

Rick Schwartz