As the World Turns….

Morning folks!!

The earth will revolve
today but it just may seem a little faster than most days. 2008 is about to
start with a BANG. A very BIG bang. What will it all mean? Stay tuned. This is a biggie! We are going to start the year off right.

Rick Schwartz

Moniker and Oversee Join Forces!!

8 thoughts on “As the World Turns….

  1. Andy Patel sold for $700k…thats a big bang
    a bigger bang would be if Rick Schwartz puts all his domains for sale with no reserve in the next traffic auction…this would be a big bang for 2008

  2. Chris

    Rick, what are your thoughts on what have done with their whois searches? i think it’s down right unethical!
    Kind regards,

  3. David Barton

    Hi Rick
    I read your recent comments in dnjournal and would like to know more. Can I ring you and if so, what is your tel. no and timezone (I am in New Zealand)
    Thanks and regards
    David Barton

  4. brand

    dear rick,
    i have read you writings about forces gathering to take domains away from their owners because of their rising value..monetarily and for traffic.
    respond in more detail are you talking about registered trademark domains?i own several generic domains and have filed a trademark application and also filed a notice of opposition the
    uspto has repeadly stated
    a generic name is a generic domain.
    even if the rules are changed do you see any consquences for generic domain holders? are ipos..
    even countries and cities and states cannot be trademarked they are in the public domain their is
    a uspto law clearly stating this.


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