What did we accomplish in 2007?


As I have stated before, 2007 was a challenge. But when you
meet the challenges you come out stronger than ever. For some that is an unusual
year. For me, it is business as usual. The more they throw at me the better I am
going to be. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. marched into New York City in the fall and Steve Forbes
shared an evening with us in Florida. Terry Jones got our attention in New York
and John Reese gave us some great tips in Las Vegas. I am still trying to get my
head around the importance of having Steve Forbes come to TRAFFIC. I have
listened to the CD several times but it is packed with so much info and detail
and history, that iit is taking me a lot of time to figure it all out. That
night will pay dividends to the domain industry for years to come. Anyway, here
are some links to stories, articles, and interviews from 2007. There are more,
but these are the ones I could locate. There are just so many stories to tell in the domain industry. These are mine and I look forward to reading others.

Associated Cities
Review of TRAFFIC NEW YORK 2007


Wrap up


Associated Cities

5 Questions with Elliot



Domisfera.com Deep Intervierw



Most Influential domainers


The big Bruhah



My take on domain appraisals on Sahar's Blog




Deep Interview and video with Brett Tabke


A little youtube fun at the Cowboys.com party


Special guest post on Frank Shilling's blog






2 thoughts on “What did we accomplish in 2007?

  1. Michael Castello

    I feel the relevance of Steve Forbes speaking at the 2007 Miami T.R.A.F.F.I.C. was extremely important for the domain industry. Any one that runs for President of the United States has politics in his or her blood. Where they appear and with who they appear is vetted at some stage and his appearance must have been deemed a positive. The Forbes brand is held in high esteem in the business world and his presence cannot be overlooked. It will pay dividends for our industry in the future.

  2. Bob Amend

    Hi Rick,
    I just finished reading Ron Jackson’s State of the Industry article, with your thoughts on the coming problems for domainers closing that article. My question regards exactly who these powerful unnamed folks are that seek to”steal,” somehow, legitimate generic domains of quality from domain owners. I am not questioning the veracity of your claims, only trying to get a better sense of who The Evildoers could be. Obviously owners of TM’d names should not be protected from loss, with TM owners taking back those assets rightfully. But I’m not at all sure what this Beast looks like. Who/What should domainers be wary of? Wall Street laywers? Madison Avenue lawyers? Some other sort of animal? With what leverage, specifically, could they be able to pry away ownership of a generic domain. Looking forward to your further explications, and thanks in advance, as always, for your blog.


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