5 days AFTER TRAFFIC New York

Morning folks!!
Hope you had a great summer and I will assume you are ready to get back to business.
The final schedule for TRAFFIC New York 2008 is now posted. Besides the
first ever multiple live and online domain auctions we will focus the show on 'Beyond PPC.'  As
PPC revenues decline domainers are looking for new monetizing solutions. As an
industry we face some very serious challenges and they are coming from multiple
directions. I have given a detailed interview to Ron Jackson that discusses the
show and the challenges the industry faces. As usual, I am not afraid to state
out loud what I believe. It will piss some folks off. But am I supposed to BS
the world to make some folks happy? Time will tell if I get it right. As I have said
in the article, I would rather be laughed at for getting it wrong then be right
and face the challenges that are on our doorstep.

The good news is that while there are serious problems in 2008 with payouts
and the economy, there is also more opportunity than I have EVER seen in all my
life......RIGHT NOW! Those that don't believe that are 1000% wrong. There is no
question there is opportunity and only those running scared won't see it because
they are too busy 'Running scared.' Some have really good reasons to be scared.
They have flawed business plans. They have portfolios that are in many
cases....worthless. This is the point where I don't make many friends. But
folks, some domains I see out there on the market are not only worthless, they
are a liability. Do you know the difference?

Those that got it right get rewarded in times like this, folks that got it
wrong.....pay the price or disappear completely from the scene! For those that think 2008 was rough and tough, all I can
say is that 2009 will make you wish that 2008 comes back. There are many media
that are surviving solely because of the US elections. Once those advertising
dollars go away, be prepared. The change we are about to witness is something not
seen since blacksmith shops were replaced with Gas Stations and mechanics about
a century ago. Matter of fact, 100 years almost to the DAY! The first production
Model T Ford was assembled in Detroit on October 1,
1908. It changed the world. 100 years later, it still changes the world. Coincidence?? Hardly!! Just history repeating itself in a similar but
different way. When you tap into history and you tap into the
future........GREAT things are the bi-product.
Have a GREAT day!