ICA Resignation Announcement

Good morning folks,
I write this blog post only because I have asked for your support on
something for over such a long period of time. I have begged you for that support in some cases. Just read some of the posts about the ICA I did over the years. I owe it to the readers and the
'Industry' to make this statement. Something that is not easy to do but
something I am more than compelled to do.

I want to announce that as a founding member of the ICA I have resigned
and will no longer be involved with this organization.
While the ICA has
done some good things, it has missed too many opportunities to be more relevant.
Too many opportunities to look out for domainers and the best interests of the industry IMHO. Too many opportunities to take
a strong position on what is important to domainers. Not to mention the lack of
communication to the industry. I can no longer in good conscience advise
domainers to support the ICA.
It is sad to say but the ICA only supports
domainer concerns when it dove tails with ppc and registrar agendas. In other
words, domainers are the last to be considered and I think it sucks. I am no
shrinking violet and I have argued with all the passion I had within me and it
was to no avail on issue after issue after issue. That more than demonstrates
and reinforces my decision. Maybe going forward the fallout from this will force
them to change. But from the inside, I doubt it or I would have fought on. Folks know I don't give up easily. But when I see something going in the wrong direction I can't be part of it. I
don't see the ICA governed for the better good. That is not their compass and I
can't fault them for that but I certainly expected better.
Not happy to
make this post but I have little choice. It's a sad day. I have long asked you
to support this organization because what was the alternative? There always is
an alternative but even if there is not, this alternative is no longer palatable
to me and these blog posts will be online for many, many, years. I had to set
the record straight and let folks know that my position has evolved and the
reasons for it. I thnk the folks serving on the ICA are good folks, but the direction that has been set is way off the mark.This is all my personal opinion and when you hold true to what you believe, then you have to do what you have to do. I hope going forward the ICA will be more sensitive to domainers. Time and only time will tell. The bottom line is I had very little influence inside and sitting at the table. I am hoping I can do more to shape things from the outside. So it is up to the ICA if they want to represent domainers or just want their funds for support.

Rick Schwartz
And since half the money we have donated to the ICA comes from Howard, I think it only fitting that he shares his views on where we are and how we go there:

'It is difficult for the ICA to represent Domainers, when domainers have
not financially supported the ICA.  That is why the Board of Directors is
comprised almost entirely of PPC and monetizing companies and registrars.  THEY
are the ones who have put up the funds for ICA so it is primarily their voice
that is heard.  Rick and I have, from experience , found that it is impossible
to get domainers to get up off their wallets to support an organization that is
essentially meant to look out for their best interests in Washington, D.C. and
ICANN.  Additionally, we have found that the Board is very slow to act when
action is required to respond to an immediate situation.  Staff says that they
cannot act without Board direction and the Board cannot act without staff
direction.  This tends to make the entire organization ineffective.

Finally, the ICA has made no concerted effort to bring in to its fold
domainers of all financial strata.  They have not communicated effectively with
domainers to keep them up-to-date on ICA activities and have exhibited no
ability to raise funds in a meaningful manner except from the PPC companies,
monetizers and registrars.  I believe that this is why Rick feels frustrated by
the direction that ICA has chosen.'

Howard Neu