Good Afternoon again folks!!

The vision came out to be a reality. Something good was cooking and the
result was better than even I expected. Thanks everyone for making
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York 2008 perhaps the most memorable TRAFFIC ever. Ask
anyone that attended TRAFFIC. It was quite the tale of two cities. Two
economies. Two eras. Across the river they were in panic mode. They were in
turmoil. All scratching their heads and wringing their hands. On the other side
were 350 renegade domainers. Investors in this new century real estate partying
like New Year's eve and feasting on delicacies many have never seen before. The
spread we had was unparalleled at any wedding or Bar Mitzvah. Nobody has ever
seen anything quite like it. There were reasons we did this.
When folks
arrived many were very unsure of their futures. They were concerned. They were
questioning this and that. We decided that we needed to FIX that FUNK. So we
pulled out every stop. We had more lobster than one could eat. I promised shrimp
the size of your fist and we had them even bigger. King crab legs nearly the
length of your arm. Sushi stations, Just ask around what the opening night
cocktail party looked like. Then we continued that level right thru the entire
show. This changed the entire mind set of the industry. We stood there and
realized how lucky we all were to be in this business. We counted our blessings
and then things got in the proper perspective. The word was shhhhh, hush, don't
tell anyone how well we are doing. But we are. That does not mean that our
earnings may not have declined, but compared to the rest of the universe, we
have no business having our minds not focused on domains and not the doom and

The auctions were solid and here is the secret formula. If auction houses
want to sell a lot of domains, just have good domains at good prices and they
will sell. That is exactly what occurred at TRAFFIC. The good domains with
reasonable reserves sold. The others did not not. In a true recession, not
even the good sell. But there was no question as bidding was lively on any
domain of substance with a reserve targeted at domainers.

In total, over $4 million of domains changed hands. Not bad for an economy
in meltdown mode. Domains once again will show their resilience in the face of
collapse. Their safety when folks are looking for places to invest. Category
killer domain names are as solid an investment as I can think of.
congratulations to Moniker, who retained their crown. In the face of challenge Monte just refined what they did and the outcome was good for everyone. Congratulations to Rick Latona and his crew for entering
the business with a BANG and putting it together in WEEKS! And which was just the first event of
Thought Convergence's 'Afternoon and evening' which consisted of the auction,
cocktail party, dinner and wild after party. You all did a great job and we will
build it from here. You did the industry proud! The competition created great
energy and it was obvious throughout the show. Winners winners, all winners!

Have a GREAT day!
Rick Schwartz

Another whale of a deal. This time

Good Afternoon folks!

I'll have a huge announcement about in the next few
Kevin at has bagged another GIGANTIC
Corporate 'End
User' deal and the next piece for my long term
strategy is about to be revealed.

This deal came about rather quickly and has the potential to evolve into something very powerful. It will become another milestone on what you can do with a powerful category killer domain name. Another 'Ceiling' is about to be obliterated.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz