The Look of Priceless and a Chance to Seize Opportunity






The Look of PRICELESS is absolutely FREE when you register for TRAFFIC today.

We are offering 7 of our keynote speakers including Steve
Forbes, Terry Jones, Barbara Corcoran, Jim McCann, John Reese plus Andrew Miller
and Zappy Zapolin all LIVE as they speak to the domain industry at previous
TRAFFIC shows. This is the first time we are even offering this as we have
filmed and/or recorded their speeches for historical reference. BUT, if you
register by December 31st we will give you a set FREE. Absolutely free and what
we have is priceless. Absolutely priceless.

Howard and I really feel this is the best type perk we can offer folks. If
it was not for us continuously investing back in the industry we would have
never had a reason to invest in these DVD's. We just wanted an historical record
of an emerging industry and at the same time have the TRAFFIC show pay dividends
even after the shows are long over. If you have never been to a TRAFFIC show,
these recordings are so valuable that you can pay for a ticket, not come to the
show and still be ahead of the game. PRICELESS is the value. There is absolutely
no question that when you have the likes of a Steve Forbes talking to one of his
smallest audiences and focusing on a TINY industry, it is going to be jammed up
with more info than any one human could possibly comprehend just being there.
Having this for reference is nothing less than priceless. Especially when you
hear what Forbes says in 2007 and the relation it has to where we are now. He
called it. I could go on to write about John Reese who blew the audience away
back in 2006 and just a few weeks back Barbara Corcoran hit it out of the park.

We literally have hundreds of
thousands of dollars in expenses in bringing these folks to engage the domain
industry and hundreds of thousands more to make these recordings over the years.
So plan early and get rewarded many times over. We have made 100 sets so only
the first 100 registrations are eligible. Some may express interest in buying
these, however we have decided not to make these available for sale at any price making this 7 DVD
set even more valuable. A reason to make a decision now. Everyone wins when good
decisions are made.

Our dates for our 2 domestic T.R.A.F.F.I.C. shows for 2009 have been posted on our brand
new website. Silicon Valley April 27-30 (Just 15 minutes from the Google campus
and directly across the street from Yahoo) and New York City October 26 - 29. In 2009.

Our early bird special of $1495 for Silicon Valley runs thru January 15th.
But if you are in a position to plan ahead we reward you by offering you
something that we feel will has real value and may be worth the price of
admission itself.

We had just 10 weeks to plan the Silicon Valley show in 2006. It changed the course
of the domain industry. The show in 2009 will be much more important as current
events unfold. We have been working on it for months already and hope to have a
major announcement very soon. With all the changes the industry faces this is one TRAFFIC you can't afford to miss
. There are times for parties and there are times to do business. 2009 will be the single most challenging year many will have lived through and 2010 can go either way. So make sure if you leave the comfort of your home and family next year that you come back with something to show for it that makes the storm we are about to go through a little easier to survive.

As you know we offer certain incentives when you plan early. I want to make
it clear that the incentives we offer never get better. They may be different,
but the overall price rises and the best deals are offered early.
Our incentives may be in different forms, but the lowest prices and best
perks are based on how early you register. Register now and get the $1495 Early
bird plus these collector DVD's to enjoy over and over again! Anyone that has
already registered and paid for the Silicon Valley show (other than transfers)
will automatically receive these DVD's. I can't think of anything we can give back with more meaning and long term benefits than this. I hope you think so too.
That's it for now folks. Have a Safe
and Joyous Holiday Season.
Note: Date on Disc One is actually 2005 not 2006 and will be updated accordingly.

4 thoughts on “The Look of Priceless and a Chance to Seize Opportunity

  1. Gus

    Rick, I am relatively new to this industry and have only been following it the last couple of years. It would be a great opportunity to attend a major conference such as this. But like all conferences sometimes the cost of attending can be prohibitive. Just an idea but possibly something in the range of a few hundred dollars for registration could help bring forward some new blood to help spread the word to the end users.

  2. John

    Hi Rick,
    I agree with Gus. I would have attended long ago, but admission is too steep.
    The best thing to do if you want to help the industry is enable the industry to afford attandence.
    The DVDs are a first step, but not the one needed if you are sincere about helping rather than recouping costs.
    Nothing wrong with recouping costs, it is what it is.

  3. Rick Schwartz

    Did you ever think instead of us reaching down (Which we have done for many years) that you reach up? While we would like to have the lowest cost possible, you can’t put on a quality show, providing all meals with top notch speakers and open bars without paying for it. Our shows are designed for folks that already have achieved some level of success. They understand what we do and why we do it. The testimonials speak for themselves. Folks that attend don’t look at it as an”Expense.” They are investing in their ability to spend time with like minded folks in the industry and believe they can create huge deals. So all I can say to those that share your view is that it is time to raise your game. Take a chance on your own abilities to network with folks that can make things happen.
    There are all types of domain shows and some are even free. So there is opportunity there as well. But even a free show will cost folks a couple grand to be there. So either way, if you want to step up your game, you got to step up to the plate. That is the path. There really is no other way other than to be stuck. If you want to move to another level, the desire has to be within you. We will help where we can, but at the end of the day, folks afford what they want to afford. Folks achieve what they want to achieve. But nobody can do it for you. That burning desire, that passion, that need to get ahead, has to come from within.
    I have learned first hand. In the early 1990’s I had to go to Asia. I did not have the money to go. At the same time I could not afford not to go. So I went. I knew if I failed I would lose everything which was not much but would have been homeless. That trip motivated me in a way I was never motivated before. Failure was not an option. Sleep was a luxury. 10 days of the most intense work I have ever done. I could not afford to go but I could not afford not to go. That trip changed my life. Pure and simple. I did not even know what I was looking for. What I did know is that I had to find it come hell or high water. The greatest motivator is eminent doom. So all I can say is to put yourself out there and out yourself in a position to succeed. Reach down much deeper than is comfortable. That is the way to get where you dream of going.


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