Rick’s Christmas Present. 10 POINTS and a Story About How to be a Successful Domainer

Morning Folks!!

No matter how many times you tell folks the answer to their
questions, they still ignore the answer. It must be human nature. Two types of
people. Give folks a million keys to sort through to figure out which one
unlocks a vault and you will have two groups. MOST will try any key
other than the one you give them or the one where you tell them where it is but it requires EFFORT on their part. The FEW will try the key you give them or will put in the EFFORT. The first group has a very small ratio of people that figure it out and unlock it. So they fail. Frustrated and angry. You see it everyday in this business. The second group has a very small failure rate. They find success.

So folks ask over and over and over again, how to make a lot of money with

1. 1. YOU MUST learn what constitutes a GREAT domain
as opposed to a WORTHLESS domain. MOST domainers buy WORTHLESS domains. It's a FACT. They try to sell this CRAP all over the place. But it is CRAP so they have to find other domainers that don't know the difference and that is NOT HARD!!! They do this because they really have
not studied what makes a domain have value. Either present value or future
value. They are clueless domainers and their bank account proves it.

2. 2. Then the laziness factor sets in. You point the
direction, even sometimes give the url and they still can’t get there. They
want to know so damn bad but won’t do a damn thing to learn.

3. 3. Domains are about Nouns with Adjectives and
Verbs and such. That is the foundation of domaining IF you are looking to the
future. IF you want to know what many of the successful have in common. But no
matter how many times I have given the KEY to domains, NADA! I have an entire
blog post about just nouns and verbs and adjectives. Now I am not going to dig through to give you the url. If
you really want to know, you will find it.

4. 4. I have ALWAYS said there are many ways to climb
this mountain. I can only share the way I did it. It does not mean you have to
be on the same path. Chart your own, just make sure you are wildly successful
before you take shots at others. My path just happened to work well for me and
many that followed that path became very wealthy and transformed their lives. I
always said that path was “Time Sensitive.” (But it still works)

5. 5. I have always said that your FIRST purchases are
your most important. If you can’t get the cash flowing, you are stuck.

6. 6. Everyone excuses my success because they say I
started with a lot of money. EXCUSE ME, That is FALSE! It is a LIE! It is NOT
TRUE! Now that does not mean I was not successful before and it does not mean
that I did not have some money and a going business. BUT, I started this with
$1800 on a credit card! That was my TOTAL investment. Like any other investment
or dabbling, you take a dollar amount that you are comfortable losing and you
TAKE A SHOT! I took a shot with $1800.
I bought 18 domains at that time.
By the time the bills came in, I was in a positive cash flow and was
able to buy another 18. Another $1800. Each time I bought a domain I would
learn. But there were no tools or ppc to learn with. My only compass was
NUMBERS and DOLLARS. That’s it. And a bit of gut. And knowing that to do what I
wanted to do without running out of money while I waited YEARS for mainstream
to develop, ADULT was the only way to accomplish that. So I made $$$ with adult and focused them on mainstream domains that were YEARS away from being income producing.

7. 7. So I took my adult earnings and would buy
completely worthless mainstream names with no chance whatsoever to monetize
those domains. I had to be patient, hold and wait for the Internet to develop. I knew some of how it would unfold, not all. But that was enough.

8. 8. Since others employed methods that I DID NOT
BELIEVE IN, and were short term, I was able to buy their GREAT domains. Sometimes they were flipping so fast
(And still are) that they never took the TIME to evaluate the domain name. That
was to my benefit.

9. 9. So if I started again today, I would DO THE SAME
THING even tho everyone says that can’t be done. Well that is BULLSHIT!

10. 10. So
there is a formula, a map and a way to make a lot of money. If you can’t do it,
then it is on YOU not me. But you MUST know what makes a domain name GREAT and
that is the #1 shortfall. Much easier to sell gold then SHIT. You say you can’t
afford gold? Bullshit! Just get a smaller piece and build it up. It takes PATIENCE. But when you are starting, you need to flip and make a GREAT profit as quick as possible. Want to do that? Go back to #1 and you will.
Again, this was MY way. I can only share MY story. Anything else would just be nonsense and have no value. And while I focused on 'Type Ins' back then, it is NOT essential NOW. Things have changed. Valuation is different. The old 5x or 8x is GARBAGE that was thrust upon the industry by VC guys and like fish in the sea, domainers took the bait and swallowed it hook, line and sinker. It was nonsense then, it is nonsense now. Those that knew laughed and those that did not sold out at a fraction of the true value. And now that PPC has plummeted, how is that formula working for you now?
Rick Schwartz