The DEATH of Trade Show Parties? Yes and No. Latona Found the Answer!

Morning Folks!!

The days of going to a tradeshow for the parties are over.
What may have been in vogue in the past is no longer in fashion. The focus is business. Business
and Networking. Those focused on other extraneous events are just not in tune
with the times. That is why where a tradeshow is held is important. Business
during the day, hard business and then play hard at night. Often times you are
not sure where the show begins and the parties end. I think you need some

If you have not listened to Rick Latona’s interview with
Andrew Allerman
, you should. The audio is a bit hard on the ears but the
content is solid. Rick answers one of the single biggest questions in the industry. Definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

One thing Rick mentions is that they called up their top 100
customers and asked them why they come to TRAFFIC. I think Rick was surprised
by the answer. Not me. It is what I have been saying all along. When he asked
the question he assumed “Parties” would be much higher on the chart. In a way he
is right. But in a minute I will explain what it is. First of all the #1 answer
by far was “Networking”. Parties were barely a mention even tho we have had
some legendary ones. But Like I said, that is no surprise to me as TRAFFIC
means business and always has. Now if you were to ask the same question at
other venues, the numbers would be different. So when you mix folks that come
for the parties with serious folks that are coming to do business, that my
friends is a distraction. Wasting time with folks that could care less about
other things. I am really happy that Rick Latona took the time and energy to do
that. Rick will tell you himself that he has learned things about TRAFFIC from the inside that surprised him. Good stuff. That allows him to build on our foundation and still stick to business.

I want to be 100%
inclusive, but I have always wanted to have as few distractions as possible.
When you bring great people together, great things happen. I have said that for
years and there is just no time for sideshows and drama.

Folks make up all types of stuff to fit their biases and agenda. The partnership we have with Latona is based on OUR VISION that we all share and to give me the time to do what I want in 2010 that I will be discussing in my next Blog post. None
of the folks that think they know so much was ever there privy to our
conversations however they speak like they know something. Ignorance in action. Price is no longer a barrier in coming to TRAFFIC. Invitations are no longer a barrier. The only barriers are the ones that are made up in the mind. Also known as EXCUSES.

So while Rick Latona is opening up TRAFFIC to more folks, I will still discourage folks
from coming that are not focused on business and furthering their careers and
the industry in general. TRAFFIC means Business and I think the industry is going to be delighted with the changes in Las Vegas and then delighted with our Florida show in October not to mention the International shows in between. Hong Kong to Vancouver with stops in Milan and Dublin. That is pretty damn exciting!

Last year I explained that during a recession businesses do one of two things. Either they pull back on the throttle because they are inexperienced, timid and scared and that puts them in jeopardy or they put the pedal to the metal and expand because that is what you do if you want to have success during hard times. So when you look back at 2009, how did you do? What did you do? Are you stronger or weaker? Are others that you work with stronger or weaker? Have you seen some that have fallen into my first category?

As you can see I took my own advice. Expansion to every corner of the world by TRAFFIC at the very least likely time. Full throttle baby! The ONLY way to navigate times like this. In my next post I will discuss other things that I have done and am doing. was also a great success in 2009 but not even included in my equation or list of accomplishments. That was just a little bonus and sweet reward for work done YEARS ago. Now we all get to see what happens to a GREAT domain in the hands of a GREAT company that has a vision and the energy to fulfill that vision. And do it at the BOTTOM of the business cycle. These guys did not pull back either. They expanded. They expanded while others were scared and that will produce rewards greater than anything I can write. Just look at the big winners of 2009. They ALL expanded. And the losers? Well you can fill in those blanks with those that have pulled back and are now paying dearly for that decision. Yup, 2009 was tough. 2010 may be tougher in many respects. But let me be clear, that has nothing to do with making great fortunes. It is easier to make $$$ in times like this. Just have to know how it works and how to look at things. A prism is only a piece of glass until you hold it and look at it exactly right.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz