Is WEBLO about to SCREW you?? Seems to be the Case!!?? Updated 3/31!

Morning Folks!!

I just got an email from Weblo and they are taking back their city name assets and forcing you to sell!! I emailed support, and the email bounced. Box was FULL!! I wonder why??

I doubt if domainers and others will be going quietly. Bad decision and I am sure they will pay dearly both in terms of goodwill and legally.

'members who currently own more than 2 cities will be given a choice to select their top 2 cities, while the rest of the cities owned by the owner will be open to other members for purchase. By providing this option to the owners Weblo is giving the original owner the chance of earning at least double the original cost of their city.

After these changes cities on Weblo will be available for $1000, cities with a population less than 50,000 available for $500, and with a population less than 10,000 available for $100 with an annual subscription.'

To this I say BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

Rocky, you ain't gonna FUCK those that supported you to begin with. Mark my words!

Support email is still bouncing. Rocky did not answer my FIRST email. I just sent him a second one.

Email Rocky Direct at

Just registered and we will set up a forum for disgruntled investors that are about to be screwed by Rocky and Weblo.

3/31 7AM....Rocky has answered my second email. He says he is in transit today and will call me tomorrow.

Fine. But there will be another day of damage that can never be fixed. Their reputation is bleeding all over the net. They need to get a clue. They are dealing with people with resources, connections and soapboxes with big megaphones. Things like this can spiral out of their control and they will be left to pick up the pieces. Twitter, facebook, etc. I don't think they realize the collective power this has and how quickly the word can now spread. The TRUST has been broken. Those that invested the most, lose the most. NONSENSE! This is a money grab. MY MONEY. YOUR MONEY! 5 and 6 figures in a number of cases. The bouncing support email for 2 days during this crisis PROVES BAD FAITH imo!

3/31 8AM I got an email from support and awaiting a phone call.

3/31 10:45 Received that call. The only thing I can report is that a Q&A page will be up soon.

Rick Schwartz

PS: You can't change a self serving TOS AFTER the fact and apply it to people you already took MONEY from. That is Illegal. That is a Ponzi Scheme imo.