Up From the Canvas. Mom fights Back Again.

Morning Folks!

I watched a health Care system up close. They
already have death panels. It comes in the form of non caring doctors and an
overworked system. Fall thru the cracks? That is what a hospital is today. A
lot of cracks. Shortages and uninvolved folks all controlled by a central
authority. Actually, there is no central authority Nobody whatsoever is in control. Nobody.

This picture taken yesterday. The system would have rather buried her!

So once we hired our own nurse, we began to take control instead of the broken
system being in control. Given to the system, it was hopeless. I had to intimidate them just to do their job. Just to care. Just to be scared that my will was going to destroy their lives if they did not get with the program.

Today, we had our second Sunday
breakfast. The nurse still is with her around the clock, but I am hoping this
will be the last week and then just have someone with her during the days.
Pretty tough couple months but she is coming back slowly and luckily have had no set
backs. Will she return to her pre cruise health? We don’t know. But she is
about 75% there from as close to 0% just 5 weeks ago. The woman the doctors left to die could be your mom someday. So TRUST, but VERIFY and let them bastards know YOU are watching.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz