Apple to Print Money with iPhones big brother….iPad. Here’s Why and How!

Morning Folks!!

I have a confession to make. I own about 6 iphones. I'll spare you the details of why, but by the end of this post you will figure it out and understand. You will also understand my excitement about the iPad. Apple is printing money when it comes to iphones big brother, iPad.

First we have to rewind to June 30, 2007 when the iphone came out.Hard to believe it was nearly 3 years ago! I said it was a game changer in that blog post and then expanded on that with the #3 comment on that post. I know a sure thing when I see it. I repeated my thoughts often since then. Not everyone agreed. It
was. It is. 10 billion downloads proves it in the app store and we are just starting.
So all that time I had a wish because I loved the iphone so much. I wish they
would make one bigger. Almost the
size of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. If they did that, I could see many more
uses and applications. The genie must have heard me and others and so Steve the
Wonder Jobs is about to release the iPad. Now there is controversy here. Some think no big deal. But many of
those thought the same way about the iPhone and frankly, they were wrong then,
they are wrong now. Tomorrow they start printing money. Each one they sell will be revenue they never had before. It will also increase the sale of the apps because many will work better on the ipad. They will be measuring sales of this new item in the billions and it won't hurt the rest of their line, it will enhance it.

I will be buying several. Not sure just how many. One for the
cocktail table. One for the bedroom. One for the bathroom. But forget about me,
I see UPS getting rid of their clunky piece of crap that they use all day and
replace with this. I see many companies adapting a system of ipads based on a
single app that changes how they do business. I see this as a computer with no
lid. I see this as a remote control to control more things than I have even
thought about. I see one of these being built in to every room in every new home to REALLY make a 'Smart House' that you can really control from anywhere and do it for fraction of the cost today. One app will change how we view the ipad. One use. One idea. It
says it won’t take phone calls, but let me predict, there will be an app for
that, or as we know, there already is.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

PS: What folks don't get about the iPhone and now the iPad is the number of people switching ALL their computers from IBM based to Mac. Apple is eating at all those companies and there ain't much they can do about it. Apple is going to keep grabbing market share for many years to come. Every point they pick up is not only an incredible number, it is an incredible feat. For those that remember VHS vs Beta. This is like Beta coming back and winning. Apple is set to dominate the computer market. While the other companies battle for their shrinking share, it will be Apple that thrives the most while the others battle each other to death with one hand and try and battle off Apple with the other.