Questions I Asked in 1996 and the Answers a Generation Later. New York State of Mind.

Morning Folks!!

It started that I had a vision of EXACTLY how the Internet would unfold based on human nature, history and parallels. Once I had the vision I had to match a timeline with that vision so I could match things up. Those that think they got a raw deal for getting in late are only 50% right. They also got a head start that many of us did not get. You got to copy success, we had to INVENT success.

At that time less than 5% of folks were online. It was new and barren. But that would change. I bet that would change. Then I figured out how many years to hit critical mass. Then how long before they would go online every day. Then how many minutes a day they would go online for. When would it turn into an hour? When would it turn into 2 hours and 3 and so on? When would it overtake the TV as the #1 device in the universe? How long would it be before we could no longer live without it?

Then I had to ask when would they use TV to advertise? When would it replace the 800 number as the life line of a business? When would folks learn to operate a computer efficiently? When? When? When? Everything started with WHEN because there was no NOW. Now you have now. Then you had when. Confused? Why?

So I realized it would take a generation for the 'When'. 20 years. 20 years to evolve to the stage that what I saw was no longer laughed at and could be easily understood and embraced. I have sold 12 domains and as of last year, I doubt I will be selling any more in the traditional manner. I have attached myself to each transaction from last year on. Dollars alone won't get ANY deal done. Want a domain? I may give it away for free. I may 'Build to Suit'. I may do a lot of things to bring in continual and growing income.

But I can say that now without laughter. I have been saying it for many years. But the difference is then it was met with laughter. Today it is met with offers and new partners. Today things are different. Today we are just a tad ahead of the 20 year plan. We could hit critical mass in the way I envisioned as early as this fall. We have evolved to the point that if an end user does not want to settle for .whatever, then he has to make some concessions to get the .com.

There is Montana Real Estate and there is Times Square Real Estate. My advice is to get a 'New York state of mind' even if you are in Montana. Don't just sell your domains, grab a piece of the action. The ONLY one that can do that is YOU and you do that by not doing deals that don't fit the criteria. You do it by saying 'No' and never looking back and never thinking twice.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz