Media Breakaway, Scott Richter Opens New Parking Company with New Revenue Avenues

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I mentioned a couple weeks back that besides John Ferber's new platform another solution would also be coming to domains and the news release just came to me a few minutes ago. With, that makes 3 NEW AGE parking companies in the space ALL run by domainers. You are watching YOUR industry get disrupted in real time.

“This is the end of PPC for domainers as we know it,” said Jenny Johnson, Vice President of Media Breakaway, LLC. “We are going beyond basic domain parking solutions and creating a superior alternative with automated landing page and offer optimization which ultimately can increase revenue for our clients.”

Rick Schwartz

May Domain DEALS in Review. A Blockbuster Month!

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Is there a 'Domain Spring'? I think there is. Besides the emergence of, May was my single biggest deal making month since I have been online.

At last count, 12 deals done in May with several still pending to open up June. Not a one involved selling a domain. 6 were in house. The others included launching new businesses on domains I owned with 6 individual folks with an IDEA. Folks that know that their idea married with my domain name would give them the best shot at success. All much more talented and technical than I could ever dream to be.

So these are very exciting times that have blossomed when folks across the spectrum get challenged to reach higher. Having a working model that can be copied over and over again with just marginal changes to fit the circumstance is the first step. For me that was the deal. For me that deal cracked the door open from only being able to sell a domain to share in the new enterprise as well.

So in 2011 I have not sold a domain nor do I plan to sell any. But I will have dozens of partnerships each bringing in monthly revenues far beyond anything that I could do myself, no time involved AND a ticket to the 'Big Show' if ANY of those puppies break out into something we can only dream about.

It's sometimes been frustrating to wait for things to evolve. But that wait is over because of mainstream articles like this from My vision has won the day because I believed in it for going on 16 years and seldom if ever wavered from it. Just knew that in TIME things would unfold in a manner that I saw clearly then as I do now and no longer alone in that vision. If you own the DIRT, you can own some of what the next guy wants to build on it. It's just got to be a RULE before you even start the dialogue. PERIOD!

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Rick Schwartz

Faking out Google with SEO to Pay You on What They Already Had! ILLUSTRATED!

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Less than 20% of the domain owners send 80%-90% of all the pure type in traffic. 80% of the domainers send trademarked traffic, typo traffic, and manufactured traffic that would not even exist without faking out Google to pay you on what they already had.

That’s like going into Wal-Mart and picking an item off THEIR shelf and going to the cash register and getting MONEY from Wal-Mart instead of PAYING! You best read that example again because that is just how fucked up this gaming of the system is. That is just how STUPID this MESS is. Google please pay attention. End users please pay attention. This all off your bottom line. This is a double whammy and more.

Just in case.....

That’s like going into Wal-Mart and picking an item off THEIR shelf and going to the cash register and getting MONEY from Wal-Mart instead of PAYING! Get it this time?

This all ties into the SEO guys and the shady side of things. Their job is to fake out everyone. You don't do SEO for a type in UNLESS there is a real site there. And remember, these are the same guys that said no domain was worth $100 in 1995. How did that work out for them? Been dealing with this since Day #1. Why anyone would give credence to it now just shows either desperation or ignorance of domain history.

In life there is the 80/20 rule. It does not apply to SEO guys. It is more like 98/2. There can be thousands of folks running around saying they are SEO experts because there is no barrier to entry. So I salute the 2% of real SEO experts. .

See there is a reason these SEO guys are always running around ragging on domains. This started the DAY type ins were discovered because that was always a threat. They are on a slippery slope and about to be meaningless. The way to be #1 on Google is to be relevant. A parked page is not relevant but the type in traffic is. And it is reliable. And it is consistent. And it is potent.

And for the record, I don't believe in trying to optimize a domain with type in traffic. I don't believe in optimizing any parked domains.

Up was always up and down was always down. Only difference is some got it upside down and when they get it right, everything around them COLLAPSES!

So there are about 350 folks or less that send 90% of the PURE type in traffic and there are literally thousands of folks disguised as domainers that do something quite different. These two groups will have less and less in common as time goes on.

Then the parking companies pick up any shit they could possibly find to make the shit traffic look good compared to WORTHLESS traffic.

Don’t know what worthless traffic looks like? Show me a domain, tell me how much traffic it gets and I will tell you if it is REAL type in traffic or manufactured MANURE.

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Rick Schwartz