Unfiltered, Unvarnished and Undistracted. On the Record for the Record.

Morning Folks!!

The Domain Industry is at a pivotal moment. I want my thoughts ON RECORD and CLEAR as this is the single biggest moment EVER in what we all do. I don't want to have to defend what I see. Take it or leave it. I just am doing this for ME to be on RECORD just like I have been on record since 1995. My name, my words, my thoughts, my vision. I see FIRST what others see much later or not at all.

There is a volcano of change coming and some don't like it. Many 'Domainers' are going to be washed away. Some companies are going to have to reinvent themselves or may not survive. The new tide is going to devour some. Like the tsunami in Japan, what is happening now is going to re-draw the map in what we do and the way we do it. It's sometimes not visible to the naked or untrained eye.

I have long said it would take 20 years for domains to become an 'Overnight success'. We are coming to that point right now. The tree has grown up and it is about to bear fruit.

There are less than 500 true domainers in the sense that we are talking about. That number will only grow 1 at a time in an industry that will attract many from every walk of life. Some will hit big, most won't.

There are more folks working at just 1 company 6x over than all the domain investors out there. There is a stadium full of folks that have things for the 500 domainers that invest for a living and the millions that have just 1 website. That is ok. But please recognize how the landscape has changed. How we are a small minority in a big stakes money game where BILLIONS are at stake.

You need MONEY to play the new game that is coming. Deep pockets. Or you need to find an untapped path or you can use what is tried and true by putting one foot in front of the other. Without CASH, there are few shortcuts.

I posted this weekend and defined traffic sources that are worthless but are disguised as type ins. Mixed together. Shit and gold. The problem is domainers have been overwhelmed by allied companies with motives and they could care less about traffic quality or the end user or domainers.

The biggest group next to the employees of all these companies seems to be the 'Chatter Class' as I call them. They have few accomplishments if any under their belts but are blathering experts on domains and traffic and everything else. They seldom put their name on their words and when they do, sometimes it proves my point. They think I am wrong regardless of the RECORD and I think they are clueless because of the RECORD.

So it has been refreshing to keep my thoughts on track. To be able to post without worrying about the blowback from blowhards. But that does not mean I don't want to hear your comments. Your responsible comments. Your constructive comments. Your intelligent comments. So I am thinking of doing something a bit different. I will open comments but may only choose a few from time to time to post that I feel ADD to the conversation and it will be done at my sole digression. More like 'Letters to the Editor' in which just a snapshot of comments are chosen to share. My train, my locomotive, my thoughts, my destination.

Dozens or more of you are blathering idiot wannabes and you crowd out the real folks with something to share. Them days are over.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz