Is Rick.TV on the Horizon? Got 98 Minutes to Waste? My Most In-Depth Interview Ever!

Morning Folks!!

The written word is still the most powerful medium after all these years. But sometimes the written word can be interprerted in different ways. Wrong ways. Sometimes the true meaning is either lost or not evident as the infliction may not come through. The reason I use caps. Those are the points I want to stress but it is harder on paper sometimes than in person. Have 98 minutes to waste?

This was my most in-depth interview ever. It covers quite a bit before the Internet and how it led me here. I have been considering replacing with next year. (Thanks J!) What do you think? Is there a difference between the meaning of the written word as opposed to the spoken word? I can only reach as many willing minds as I can. After that, just not my problem dude. But let's turn every stone and I would say this is the last stone to try and reach the unreachable. So if you have time to waste, or invest, depending on your mindset, here ya go. This is everything I have and has been well receieved. Thank you!


Transcript of Interview

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

22 thoughts on “Is Rick.TV on the Horizon? Got 98 Minutes to Waste? My Most In-Depth Interview Ever!

  1. Joey

    I’ve never heard you speak before.
    You are affable, authentic and charming on cam.
    2012: :-)

  2. Mike

    That was a great interview Rick, very interesting story and many lessons to be taken away from it. Thank you!… Sweet!

  3. Francois

    I confirm, Rick on this interview revealed a lot of very exciting stories about how he started, the domain he bought, … really an interview to not miss if you like domaining.
    Really an interview to bookmark and watch when you have some free time.
    And for those that do not understand english spoken, there is a transcript available below the video.

  4. greenguy

    you could replace ricksblog with but not every one likes a video…video is popular among the younger generation.the written word has been the primary source of communication over the last 1000 years.

  5. Cate

    Looking forward to seeing you on Rick.TV dear :)”To Reach The Unreachable Stars” :)

  6. jeff

    Amazing interview and thank you for your testimony Rick. ? You’r always ahead of time !

  7. jte

    LOL, well so much for your”.COM is king” and the”gold standard” position : )
    But video could be cool for your blog. I suggest that if you do that, you also provide a written transcript, for the reasons @greenguy mentions. Not everyone has time/is in an environment to listen to video. And many just don’t like it.

  8. Allen

    I think is a great ideal and it will help end users focus on what .tv should be about: television on the internet.

  9. LS Morgan

    As the interview has progressed, let me amend the above… It’s the best ‘domain name related’ video out there. Ever. It’s better than Schilling’s keynote the 2007 Domain Roundtable.


    looking forward to watching
    personally i think you should use:
    ‘she’s’ for sale

  11. whatever

    Absolutely the best video / interview about domaining ever. A definite must see!
    A very interesting story, Rick. Try as I might, sometimes your blogs just didn’t do it for me. The interview pulled it all together. The parallels all made sense and are amazing. Really pretty simple …which is what you have been saying all along.
    Now that I get it I realize I’m just a pigeon shit farmer and a little late for the easy money but….
    Anyways, well done!

  12. John

    You come off much better in person live than in your writings. Enjoyed the interview. Continued Success.

  13. ScottM

    Fantastic interview Rick, and love that you mentioned our late good friend Gary too, another industry visionary like yourself who got in vanity 800 numbers very early and then saw what was about to evolve in the new domain space. He would enjoy so much seeing your interview I know!

  14. KC

    Very useful interview. Lots of good ideas. I particularly like the idea of exchanging your domain with equity in the buyer’s company to produce long-term, passive income. You are unconventional and creative.
    Thank you Rick.

  15. Bill Roy

    Rick, what more can be said that hasn’t already been said in the comments above?
    You are very good on camera, your passion for the business shines through, your whit is great – including when directed at yourself.
    You delivered your message beautifully. For any domainer, or anyone thinking of becoming a domainer, should watch this interview, it will be time well invested (and that word is chosen carefully).
    Well done.


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