You are”Entitled” to Nothing! Your Attitude is your Passport!

Morning Folks!!

I think most of history was based on limitations. What you could not do. What you were not allowed to do, dream or think. That changed over time for some when many questioned the limits and decided to define new limits or break the limits completely. That is called the freedom of “Positive thinking”.

That thinking process allows you to visualize and taste success or anything for that matter without actually doing it yet. . Rely on yourself for that success. Based on whether you had the true fire in the belly for that success. That seems to have given way to an entirely different type of thinking. The “Entitlement think”.

Entitlement think is very dangerous and then of course you become dependent on others to take care of you where you are lacking. Everyone pays the price for that.

Forget about it in the political sense of entitlement. I see it right here in the domain industry. 500 real domainers and thousand and thousands that think they are entitled to the success those 500 enjoy but that they never even worked for. Never struggled to get. Never took the risk. Never had the faith. Never did what is needed to join the 500 who would happily welcome them to the group and even write a blog post to lend a helping hand.

Problem is those that I am talking to are shaking their head while the 500 that get it are nodding their heads. The 2 groups look at the world from an opposite viewpoint. The thousands have to explain and excuse and are so busy doing those antics that they refuse to take the time to listen to the 500 and how they see it.

Those 500 see things that the naked eye can’t. Like opportunity or just reading between the lines without distorting the message to fit their own agenda.

Timing is everything but you can come into THIS industry at ANY time and make your fortune IF you start to think and see things like the 500 do. The 500 are not some super geniuses. They just have a vision and follow thru each and EVERY time.

No other business on this planet has more opportunity than what we are doing. If success is eluding you, then it is obvious that you are doing something wrong. I have spent over a decade trying to explain what constitutes a good domain. A domain with value. It has less NOW to do with the extension and more to do with what the domain means. Meaningless domains are worthless until you find somebody that is more clueless.

My only goal is to expand the 500 into 5000. Your success won’t change my success. Is not a threat to any of the 500. We for the most part, don’t look at life that way. We give back. We want to guide and help. Plenty of room for everyone.

Mike Berkens discusses what CRAP “Domainers” bought during the opening of .CO when they could have had anything. Because they don’t understand what makes a domain have value, they pick Pigeon Shit when there is a FEAST of Great domains available. They are stuck . That is why 10 great domains make you a domainer and 1000 domains that mean nothing and nobody wants makes you a pigeon shit farmer.

So once again I am taking my time to point out how to change that dynamic. Most of you folks are much smarter than me. Have a better education than me. Are younger and more energetic than me. Have longer to look into the future than me. But until you understand noun’s, verbs and adjectives and how those elements are the FOUNDATION of domaining, and then match it with the size of the audience and the buying power that audience has, you will be without a compass, direction or a destination. You will wallow in frustration and anger and fear. That's called a 'Bad Attitude'. Most grow out of it. Some are stuck for their entire lifetimes. EVERYONE has the choice. EVERYONE!

You my friends are entitled to NOTHING! But you have the POWER to do, to be, to achieve, anything you want. If things are failing, just STOP. Stop and regroup and look at it differently. Lashing out frustration NOW, proves you don’t have the power to change even when you really do.

So hate me for telling you the hard truth. Hate me for being right. Hate me for 100 reasons. But don’t anyone hate me for THEIR own shortcomings, failures and other obvious thoughts of entitlement. This is business and nobody gives a rat’s ass.

Success in domaining has little to do with domaining and everything to do with the thinking process and understanding how different groups think. It has more to do with attitude and direction. Domains are the vehicle. Shoes are the vehicle. Any commodity service or idea is the vehicle. It should take you only a few days to learn about the vehicle. A few MONTHS at most.

But it takes a lifetime to learn that you ain’t entitled to anything but air. The rest is solely up to each and every individual. Some never learn that. Maybe they just don’t know because they just can’t see it. Education is WORTHLESS without that element. Without a positive attitude all the knowledge in the world won't overcome some of the simplest obstacles in life.

So they live life on false hope with no foundation of success. Walking EAST to find the SUNSET!! Ain’t EVER gonna happen my friend. But a SIMPLE adjustment changes the dynamics of everything in life. But until they STOP and take the time to turnaround, their destiny is decided and that single element controls them forever. Not me, not you, not Santa Claus.

I bet I have written similar posts to this 10-15 times over the years. The ones that can benefit the most, are the ones that get those with a bad attitude angered the most. Go figure. In my pea brain I figure if I reach one mind, it was worth my time. If not, it just reinforces what I already know and what the 500 already know.

This is not unique to domaining. In every single sector you will find those 500 and you will find those that have not made it. But in EVERY case, in every industry, in every sector, the mindset is what determines success. The 500 would likely find success with many vehicles. That is why a successful CEO in one business can go into any other business and can have a very good chance of repeating that success. He may know nothing about the product. He can learn about the product. But you can’t learn a good attitude. If you stuck yourself with a bad attitude you wlll carry that undeveloped mindset for a lifetime like it was your best friend even tho the 500 can clearly see it is your worst enemy. Attitude is everything. Sooner we learn that, the better life we have.

Some take things personally when I talk in generalities. I mention no names. Just a way of thinking and that sets off the folks that can benefit the most. The 500 are never threatened by debate. They learn from it. The others, they just do what they do and repeat hardship and failure for them and their families and blame me or whoever is convenient at the time but NEVER look at themselves. How sad in this day and age where in a recession we still have more opportunity than ANY POINT in history!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


19 thoughts on “You are”Entitled” to Nothing! Your Attitude is your Passport!

  1. Chris Hartnett

    Yes Rick, I agree, attitude is everything.
    “A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.” Chinese Proverb
    “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”
    Herm Albright

  2. bruce diller

    I salute you!
    Henry Ford said -“Whether You Believe You Can, Or You Can’t, You Are Right”
    Might I also suggest to your readers the best book written for life/success after the bible (also a good life management book) ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napolian Hill
    Enjoy your blog

  3. David

    Knowlege is power. Attitude is everything. Vision requires Action.
    Great motivational stuff with the morning coffee. Thanks for the post

  4. Vanessa

    Bravo!! I want to send you a applause. This is exactly the mindset from people I’ve been dealing with recently (not in domaining either.) You put it better than I could. To me, entitlement mentality = immature. And I don’t think it’s solely to do with a generation. I think its the fact that people just don’t want to think for themselves long enough to realize they are in charge of their own destiny – screw-ups and all. But they don’t want to learn from the screw ups, they just want to blame everyone else (as you said.) Great post, Rick. Thanks.

  5. Carlos Martins

    Yes, my Bravo too. As a portuguese language domainer i failed for sometimes. My first months or years on domaining were doing such mistakes buying worthless domains that none bought until now. Most of them i just let them expire or even deleted. An example: I also make mistakes mainly due my english limitations (another example, i bought”linkcoin” when the correct name it seems to be”coinlink” as it is on Google Search. I never sold that. Happily i usually like to learn everything and start to read what the 500 were writing in their blogs or web sites. And if don´t see the Light at least i see some light in the darkness. Now mostly of my hundreds of domains mean something for thousands (except if they never look at the english dictionary).
    Thanks Rick for your dedication and lend your helping hand.

  6. Amanda

    “But in EVERY case, in every industry, in every sector, the mindset is what determines success.”
    Absolutely. Yet another post to help me remove my head from my ass. Always inspirational. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this stuff.

  7. Rob

    Totally agree!
    Entitlement Thought is what limits millions of poeople around the world, whom with but a simple Thought Adjustment (by simply realizing they are actually Not Entitled to Anything by Anyone!) would do a complete 180 degree turn and start to improve their success rate, by simply taking full responsibility for their own actions and hence success!
    Simply having a Grateful Attitude towards what one has (health, family, job…) opens doors of learning and opportunity since people can pick up on your Vibes by just being near you (body language, facial expressions, attitude…)!
    Thanks for another true and inspiring post Rick!

  8. Altaf

    Rick Hi,
    Another GREAT post! Bravo!! How do you write with such amazing flow,just I cannot do it is my problem. It’s systematic, flowing like silk, flawless,cannot help but reading it again and again to get the insights.Each word gives some light if we can read between the words.
    Keep on..on..on!! With best…
    Have a good day!

  9. John G

    I certainly think that your unparalleled vision of domain is your key to success, that success that many want to replicate, but far less have been dedicated to study and follow, thank you for another great read.

  10. Venice Abolafia

    Oh Rick, I have to agree with you that positive thinking will bring you to the top. There is no place for bad vibes in a business. Negative vibes will pull you down. And it is good to note that every business can’t stand alone without a valuable partner. Cheers to you, Rick! :)


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