150MPH Miss .XXX Racing Boat to be Unveiled at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Afternoon Folks!!

Want to ride in the nice man's Boat?? Some may get that THRILL when we race that baby right off the shore under the cabanas at the Ritz Carlton!! We add value when we no longer have to and we have so much more to come. When you miss T.R.A.F.F.I.C., you miss L.I.F.E. and B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S. and F.U.N.

Plus these names will be auctioned off:

Movies.xxx Reserve Under $400,000
Singles.xxx Reserve Under $80,000
Personals.xxx Reserve Under $50,000
Orgy.xxx Reserve Under $50,000
Stars.xxx Reserve under $100,000
Blondes.xxx Reserve under $50,000

Party.xxx Reserve under $60,000
Local.xxx (No Reserve)
Juicy.xxx Reserve under $15,000
Virtual.xxx Reserve under $15,000
Hotties.xxx Reserve under $15,000
Chatroom.xxx Reserve under $15,000

Come meet Mike Seebold and be the FIRST to see this boat in action.


September 30, 2011


Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: ICM Registry, the company behind the .xxx top level domain (TLD) announced today that it is entering world class powerboat racing with world champion driver Mike Seebold to compete at this year’s Off Shore World Championships in Key West, Florida.

Seebold and the team will be unveiling the all new race boat at T.R.A.F.F.I.C., the domain investment conference in Ft Lauderdale on Oct. 15-16th, where guests and some surprised beach goers will get a chance to see the Miss .XXX powerboat blast along the coastline for a few test runs.

“We are extremely pleased to have a champion of Mike’s caliber join the .XXX Racing team and we look forward to lots of success with the .XXX Powerboat Team both on and off the water”, states ICM Registry Sales Director, Vaughn Liley.

“We are excited to be part of the .XXX team and were going to make them very proud in Key West as we go for the World Championship”, stated champion powerboat racer, Mike Seebold.

.XXX puts internet users in control of the content they wish to view or avoid, the .XXX indicates to the consumer that the website is likely to contain adult material, so they can now make an informed decision, whether to select or avoid. For more information about .xxx please visit www.about.xxx



Mike Schriefer

Speedway Group/.XXX Racing

(704) 904-4141


About .XXX Racing:

.XXX Racing has been set up in partnership with Speedway Group to activate and promote the .XXX brand at global sporting events. In addition to the powerboat racing .XXX plans to sponsor a variety of four wheel and two wheel events /teams as part of its global outreach to consumers.

About Miss .XXX Powerboat:

Hull: Skater Off-Shore Racing Catamaran
Engines: 2, Mercury Racing 650hp
Top Speed: 150mph

About Driver: Mike Seebold:

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Resides: Marco Island, FL
Age: 49


Career Highlights:

  • 2nd all time powerboat race winner worldwide

  • Fifty (50) F1 race victories

  • Fifteen (15) Total National Championships

  • Three (3) F1 Championships

  • Oldest son of the famed Seebold Racing family

  • Former driver of the famed Bud Light F1, Bud Select and Bud Light Off-Shore race teams.

Mike Schriefer
Speedway Group/.XXX Racing
(704) 904-4141


I Bought a Present and I will give it to you at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Morning Folks!!

As you are aware of when it comes to the iPhone and the iPad I am the #1 fan in the universe. I have written about it extensively. I have explained how these 2 products would allow Apple to increase their market share via the backdoor.

Someday they will write about this TROJAN HORSE in history books. It will be the greatest business comeback of all time. A company on the verge, fighting back to become #1.

But #1 is the START of the journey. They have done all this just growing from 6% to almost 10% in just 4 years. What the hell is the other 40%-90% going to look like. If they have more money that the US Government TODAY, what do they look like when they are 5X as big and 500X more powerful?

That lead me to the gift I saw and decided to buy for every attendee. It’s a small thing that can pay really big dividends. It may help you harness some of what is within you and me. That missing link between a domain name and a business.

Most laugh and say I have no sites and don’t know how to make money on the net other than domain names. But that would not be accurate. For example TargetedTraffic.com alone has taken in many millions of dollars over the years. Without certain tools it would have been hard to make even $1. So I have a “Tool” for you to FOCUS on. Let’s compare it to a HOOK if you were fishing. I have your HOOK, but YOU need to provide the BAIT. Got that? You will. So I have a HOOK for you. A valuable item made by Apple.

Howard said that not everyone has an iphone or ipad. I said that is their misfortune and after 4 YEARS they need to get with the program. So far EVERYONE has thanked me after they got the iPhone and or iPad. It changes your life. But if you have a hook and no bait I can see why you would be frustrated and not understand what I am talking about.

Even my own brother finally broke down and bought an iphone. My brother has been about 5 generations behind since like 1990. He always bought some off brand GARBAGE cell phone that would never work. So after 20 years of me saying “Tin can 1 to Tin Can 2” as I would 'Poke' him for doing that AGAIN, even he had to admit how good it was.

So I have a gift. Not a perk, not a giveaway, not some bullshit with a logo. A true gift that will fit in your suitcase and will hopefully change your life that I especially bought for YOU. I am still trying to figure out which bait to put on this hook. It something I BELIEVE can pay off very big. Maybe not. But it is so freaking COOL I had to get one for everyone! I have had it on my desk since August. I open it up and look at it EVERY single day.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


75% of Domainers Should drop ALL of Their Domain Names!

Morning Folks!!

It never gives me pleasure to tell somebody they have a domain that might be worthless. I don’t try and discourage folks even when they ask. My job is not to burst their balloon.

But in general let me state for the record that 75% of portfolios I have looked at do not have a single domain of value. I mean NONE!! If I tell that person he will get angry and lord knows I don’t need another enemy. So let me talk to the general audience. The 75%,

How do you know your domains may be worthless? Well first of all you are not making any money and the bills are piling up. That may be your first clue.

If you have 10,000 names at a cost of $80,000 a year and you make no money…..just dump every last one of them and start again. You have an $80,000 budget from day #1. You can leverage that $80,000 and buy a few GREAT domains with a simple formula. With a down stroke and payments. Many domainers are open to these type deals.

Point is WHY keep chasing failure?? Gather what you have learned and parlay that into a new start. 1 great domain is infinitely better than all the Pigeon Shit in the world. It’s simple and so few get it and even fewer do it.

The trail has been blazed. The path is there. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just get ONE great domain and you will be on the RIGHT path and never have to look back or over your shoulder.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


T.R.A.F.F.I.C. to Introduce”A Second Bite” at the October Auction!!

Morning Folks!!

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. to introduce 'A Second Bite'

We have a new idea we hope to formally introduce in the days ahead.

Financing domains is nothing new. But how many domains don't make the reserve even though the desire to buy it is there? What if you could buy a $100,000 reserve domain on the fly and finance 75% @ a 10% interest rate? Guaranteed?

You may not buy a car for $50,000 cash so dealers learned 100 years ago they have to finance. So for $10,000 down and $1000/month, you are in the drivers seat.

So if a domainer KNEW in advance that he could buy a domain with 25% down and finance the rest, he would be more apt to bid. So 25% downstroke and then GUARANTEED financing on any domain in the auction at a 10% rate of interest.

With that in mind and the bidding in the actual live auction has not made the reserve, the owner can opt in for 'A Second Bite'. In this scenario after the initial bidding is done and reserve is not met, the reserve is revealed and any bidder in the audience can bid and buy that domain with just 25% down and up to 3 years to pay the domain off. More details about this will be released soon.

This is why it will and does work. If most folks go to buy a $50,000 car and they had to pay cash, the car dealers would sell very few cars. Financing allows them to buy that car for a few thousand out of pocket and that is what makes the entire industry work.

Many times there are domains that I could earmark a few grand a month to get over a period of time. It leverges your cash without so much risk. A $100,000 domain can be bought for $25,000 down and around $2500/month for 3 years. That equates to RENT in the real world. It is manageable. It opens high ticket domains to a wider audience. For the domain owner, it means immediate cash and then steady cash flow. A win-win.

So we will be happy to offer this to all sellers of domains once we work out all the details. It is an opt in only by the domain seller. So nothing forced. Just a 'Second Bite' while the audience is there and in a buying mood.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

“Search and Destroy…Why You Can’t Trust Google Inc.” Author to Speak at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Morning Folks!!

Google is literally on the hot seat in Washington D.C. and one of those that might have put them there is Scott Cleland the author of the book 'Search and Destroy' Why you can't Trust Google Inc. and contributor to Forbes.com.

Eight Congressional subcommittees have sought Cleland’s expert testimony and Institutional Investor twice ranked him the #1 independent telecom analyst in the U.S. when he was working for institutional investors.

I first learned about Scott in his two most recent articles over at Forbes.com. When I read Mike Berkens piece on Sunday, I KNEW I MUST have Mr. Cleland at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Via LinkedIn I reached out to Scott Leland yesterday. This morning he contacted me back and by 1PM he was our latest speaking addition to T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: Have you heard about the new TRAFFIC APP for iPhone and Android? FREE to all attendees at TRAFFIC. $250/annual subscription for everyone else. To be unveiled at 9:45AM Monday October 17th.


Nothing to Fear other than our Own Shadows and Stupidity!

Morning Folks!!

There is FEAR in the domain Industry. That is the only word that can describe what I see. But it is unfounded fear the way I view the universe. Fear created by others because they WANT what you have.

Fear of a “Shadow” that can never duplicate a phenomenon even though they will try. They still talk about the Hula-Hoop. That was SIXTY years ago and they are stil looking for the second coming. Problem is the second coming did not look like a hula-hoop. It looked like a ”Pet Rock”.

For the last 2 years I have said during this economic turmoil that Ron Jackson would get on stage at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and report a record setting year of domain sales. I have been WRONG both times. But I believe in just 3 weeks I am finally about to be right. My timing was off, but the event unfolded as seen. Record setting domain sales in a tough environment.

Quite interesting to see fortune 500 companies buying WAVES of domain names just at a time where so many domainers are giving up. Are you folks CRAZY??

Pete Rose was great because he ever gave up. And by never giving up he squeezed another 10% out of himself each and every time. That 10% extra effort would result in a 50% success rate. Point is MOST give up just before the finish line. Too bad for them. They had victory within their reach and FEAR of failure made them give in. Passion lost out to fear. Persistence lost out to fear. The ONLY thing to fear is not giving it 110% each and every time. That is the only failure to fear.

How do you describe something not visible to the naked eye? An event about to unfold? Some see ghosts and I see opportunity. Some see shadows and get driven by fear.

Some are worried about the new gTLD’s. I still only see opportunity. Whatever downside that can happen is nothing more than the tide coming in and going out. Inhaling and exhaling. I just see much more upside than downside.

But, that is what makes a “Market”. That is why they have 57 flavors of ice cream. That is why markets go up and down. As businesses you job is not only to “Whither” the storm, but it is to “Thrive” during the storm or directly after the storm.

Don’t believe how things will unfold? Tell me that in 4 years from today. Can you survive for another 4 years? Steady as she goes. Fear makes bargains. There are bargains out there. There are deals out there. There are terms out there because there is more “Circumstance” out there than in most of our lifetimes.

Point is it is times like THIS that fortunes are made. The worst times provide the largest opportunity. My suggestion to those core domainers is to be in a strong cash position so you can buy FEAR! So you buy the unknown at a deep discount. Fear is driving the market when really nothing has changed. The power of your knowledge will more than offet anything the future can throw at you. These are the best of times because there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


The Problem is about the Problem. But if you Don’t Identify the Problem, you Can’t FIX the Problem. Problem Solved.

Morning Folks!!

Sometimes the Title says it all. But sometimes the meaning is lost.

'The Problem is about the Problem. But if you don't Identify the Problem, you can't FIX the Problem. Problem Solved.'

There are Four basic things you can do with a 'Problem' after you identify the problem to begin with and that in and of itself is sometimes challenging. You can'Ignore' the problem. You can make the problem 'Worse'. You can 'Talk' about the problem. Or if you are wired like I am, you try and 'Solve' the problem. No matter how big or how small. Try and solve the problem.

I am rarely told I am right before the fact. My critics rarely tell me I was right after the fact. But facts are facts and records are records and on this I just ask you to await judgement while I do my best to FIX the Live Auction process we ALL agree is BROKEN and is a 'Problem' for buyers, sellers and attendees.

The multitude of problems are very deep and multi dimensional. In other words....it's a mess and I will show you why at each and every point. Then you will see that I have a solution that DOVETAILS with each problem. That is the key to all this. It's a recipe. It used to be a SIMPLE recipe and it did well. The recipe got bastardized over time. That's when you must go back to basics first and rebuld.

Here is how 'I' see this and then folks will see each one has been addressed. And if you think I missed something, wonderful. Let me know. Some things you can do all at once, some things take time. Restoring credibility to a broken system takes time. But there will be no doubt about the result after the show. This is about being SERIOUS about a problem and that is what builds confidence.

Folks can talk about one element or another however I am in a unique position to tackle nearly all of them as 'I' see it and actually do something about it and do it in front of everyone because I am going to TRY and explain it each step of the way. I may need to do a video. lol. But this is about as transparent as business allows. These are just the problems I have identified for this blog post. These are some of the biggies. There are several not on this list.

Problem: Live Auction system is broken

Problem: Live auction integrated with Internet is even more broken

Problem: Audience is BORED

Problem: Auction is BOOOOOORING!

Problem: Crappy Domains

Problem: Prices too high

Problem: Prices too high on CRAPPY domains

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY!

Problem: Live auction needs Large Audience

Problem: Live auction needs Qualified audience

Problem: There are 'Auctions' and there are 'Prices' there is a difference

Problem: Ridiculous reserves Make it an 'Advertising Opportunity'

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY!

Problem: Non-Domainers picking Domains to auction

Problem: Crappy Extensions of domains with little to no value

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY!

Problem: Showboat bidders

Problem: Anonymous Bidders

Problem: FAKE BIDS!!!!

Problem: Face saving 'Prearranged sales' at auctions

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY!

Problem: Unreasonable expectations

Problem: Domains prices for end users when no end users are bidding.

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY!

Problem: Confidence

Problem: Trust

Problem: Nobody that can say 'No'

Problem: Ridiculously High to the point of insulting 'Opening bids'

Problem: Money being left on the table for everyone.

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY and that takes away the TRUST that MUST be restored for domains to sell at their full auction value!

Problem: Problem is there are so many problems to be addressed and I have addressed as many as possible at ONE time as I can. FIRST you have to identify some of the problems. I have identified 2 DOZEN areas that are being addressed. Not talking about it. Doing it. Now I can't always control every aspect. But if you are not aware, then you fail automatically. Period.

I will pick the best domains I can from what is presented. I can't hold a gun to folks head. We have had thousands of domains entered so far.

Just for the record. I approached this show as if the auction was not even going to happen. If it did, it had to be driven by itself. I could only set a new course and a new standard. If folks like the direction, they will trust us to try and sell it for them.

They know my record of selling. That I have a purpose for doing what I do. It is well thought out and I can't tell you how many BRAIN HOURS I put into this stuff. Of creating the right conditions for a success. Because I identified the PROBLEMS!

Problem: Add those together......................Audience does not take auction SERIOUSLY and THAT is about to change for the TRAFFIC auctions. I can't control any other auction. But I sure as hell can control this one. And when folks see the result in a HORRIBLE economic time, they are going to take notice.

Those worried about a domain not bringing in the most money must be forgetting the FACTS about me. I am sure I have left $$$ on the table. But I am also sure it was much less than most would leave on the table.

Quality audience, that takes the venue seriously and TRUST. Folks lost trust because the way the auctions were done before, during and after.

The 'Guaranteed Placement Program' has exceeded our expectations. For the FIRST time ever, the domainer REALLY has some control. Those that believed in their domain, paid up front and as you can see, some are very interesting and all are priced right and many will sell. But they added an ingredient. 'Certainty'. They took control out of MY hands and put it in their own hands. Frankly, they have all been a pleasure to work with because they understand EXACTLY what they are getting and they LOVE it!

Some are very actively marketing their domain to new channels. They can point to a top notch venue to give credibility to their asset. They have a date and time certain to approach their prospects. To look professional. To advertise and use social media to circulate. They have the true opportunity to target end users. THOSE are the folks that we are targeting to be on the phone. They supersede a domainer. Wouldn't you think? But they still have the most qualified audeince in domaining right there in the room.

It's ALL on ME folks. So why is anyone worried? All on me in front of everyone in the industry. Again! I have fixed what needed to be fixed and the rest is out of my hands. But I have faith that if you have a clear formula and do things right every step of the way, then the chances of success are EXPONENTIALLY higher. That is what I believe. That is how I do It. That is why we are at the Ritz Carlton. EVERYTHING and EVERY ingredient, MUST be right and as good as you can get. I won't argue that point with anyone.

Rick Schwartz
CEO & Co-founder T.R.A.F.F.I.C.


Open Letter to Domainers, Sponsors, Buyers and Sellers of Domain Names

Morning Folks!!

There has been a lot if discussion on the blogs about our new auction rules and process and that is a good thing. I hope to paint a picture so folks know what we are doing and why we are doing it.



Howard and I have certain obligations when we organize an event like T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Our obligation are as follows when we talk about the show and the auction and when you look at it the way we MUST look at it you will understand WHY we do what we do.

Our FIRST concern and obligation is to the Attendees. We can't cater to folks NOT at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. at the expense of those that are at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. That is our foundation and nothing can supersede that. Nothing!

So when you start there and realize those folks in attendance are the ONLY ones we have to answer to, no auction or event can violate that.

Attendees are the ones who MUST be satisfied. PERIOD. That part is not debatable. And when you understand that part, the rest falls in place.

The SECOND group we are accountable to are the ones that have paid the fee to have a guaranteed placement in the auction. Having the crashes as we have seen them over the past year does not help them. The Internet slows the action because the bids are slow to post if at all. So we just go back to basics. I think they used the phone for the past 100 years. If your calculator battery goes out you still have to know how to do the math.

It’s not an issue with any of those folks. They understand what I am trying to accomplish. They are not close-minded. That is why they did what they did to begin with and I have no issue if any of those want to pull out. No issue whatsoever. But they have not and that means they “Get it” and now even more are being submitted!

It is pretty simple. We have phone lines and make sure those on the phone realize that they are there to bid or not bid. If they are not bidding, then that call is terminated. Most of the bidding won't even reach the guy on the phone because the action INSIDE the room will be fast paced. So the 10-second rule does not even come into play until the end of the process. At that point there are 2 or 3 bidders. There are NEVER 10. So of the 2 or 3 bidders at that point....shit or get off the pot. Bid or get off the phone. Why should 350 people in the room wait for one guy making up his mind on the phone?? THAT is ridiculous and THAT is exactly what has been happening as everyone WAITS for the Internet to bid or lock up or get a connection or whatever.

The THIRD group we have to satisfy is the seller. We do that by opening up the process like never before and this is the second time we have done it. It's a pretty simple pitch to them. We have the single best qualified audience in domaining and if your prices are domainer to domainer prices, you will do quite well. If you are looking to sell to the end user prices. Bring the end users to bid. Don’t know the difference between a domain priced for a domainer to buy and an end user price?? Well I sure do! And so does every domainer there.

The FOURTH group is the phone/internet bidder. We are doing them a service by allowing remote bidding. We have no obligation to them other than to take their bids and complete the transaction if they win. I have already stated that we are seriously considering identifying remote bidders so folks in the room know who they are bidding against. Especially if they are a domainer. I could see how a TRUE end user would want to be under the radar. So we are weighing the pros and cons. The folks in the room WANT to know who they are bidding against. So I revert to concern #1.

We are not begging for domains. We have ample inventory at this moment. But we want the BEST names and THAT my friends is what will drive all this. Want a prime .XXX domain?? There may be 7 figures in sales just off those domains.

Want an underpriced domain with a 7 figure future value? There is such a domain in the auction and I have slapped my hand not to buy it before the auction. But I know where the line is and I respect it. So it will go on the block and if you can figure it out. Then you are seeing the future.

Great domains at great prices. We can't control it all. We allowed those that believe in their domain to place them. This has NEVER happened before. But domainers are taking control of their own destiny. Nearly 2 dozen so far!!

We want to have a great auction, but we don't have to sell our souls to do it. We can set a standard and we can set the rules. When folks feel comfortable that they are not being 'Played' they bid with more confidence. So simple!

That is why we won’t insult our audience with starting bids wildly above their value. Each domain will start at $1, $1000, $5000, or $10,0000.

We won’t be starting it at $500,000 and looking for a sucker working down until somebody bids $25,000 and then works up to $40,000 on a domain with a $150,000 reserve that has a value of $50,000. It may be the “Way it is done” but that way really sucks and does not work for OUR audience in THIS industry.

So far the majority of ones not liking this are anonymous folks that are ghosts to us. That brings me to the last point. Since there is phone bidding…ANY and ALL phone bidders MUST pre-register and pre-qualify with a credit card at least 5 days before the show. They will not be allowed to sit on the phone for every auction. They can participate in up to 15 total auctions unless we personally know them and are qualified beyond reproach.

You can’t do the same thing and expect a different result. We have seen the same thing and we have seen the results. So we believe these changes will reinvigorate the process. The PROOF will be a 7 figure auction at a time that things are very bumpy.

So on record, for the record, before the record happens. Most of you get it and I appreciate that you have been so supportive as we try and update the process and produce a result we can all be proud of.

This is the first time that Howard and I are actually controlling the action and setting the rules. I have been in the audience for some 20 auctions and it is clear to me what needs to be done to make things happen and bring the excitement back INTO THE ROOM!!

We will have contracts on no more than 150 domains. We will have no silent auction before, after or during. We will be tying up ONLY those domains. We have no motive or reason to tie up 150,000 domains. Our ONLY job is to find the best domains from those domains submitted at the most reasonable prices. Bidding that will EXCEED the reserves because they were priced right to begin with. Because they were valuable and they were bargains. Because our audience is unparalleled when it comes to quality.

My ONLY obligation is the folks that are there. How do you argue with what is obvious? That means most of the 350 there will agree and the thousands not there will be split. Some with their own motives and agenda as we are a THREAT to them! But they should not look at it like that. We are just paving a new path that they themselves may likely follow.

As for sponsors. Our job is to get the right audience to the show and showcase their companies the best we can. Support them the best we can. Help them grow their business by putting them together with the heart of the industry.

I hope this helps folks understand. Those that don’t….all I can say is wait before you judge. In my world there is RESULTS and everything else. These changes will produce results! If that threatens you, so be it! But it isn’t meant to threaten anyone. It is simply to fix something stale, outdated and no longer working from the folks that brought it to you when it was working.

You can find the “Pay to Play” info here:


We are only accepting domains now that are $50,000 or more. Like I said, we know our audience.

As accepted they will be posted here. Just scroll down to 4PM:


I won't apologize if we fail. I will only apologize for not trying something new and different when something is already broken and no longer working. But you will be seeing a GREAT success! This is not a recipe for failure. This is a recipe for success and THAT success has some worrried and others thrilled. That's the reality.


Rick Schwartz
CEO & Co-founder T.R.A.F.F.I.C.