Welcome to the Era of Domain Names. The Next 5 Years. The 5 Years that Count!

Morning Folks!!

Want to know the future? Study the past. Understand the past. Live the past for a few minutes.

The industrial age is not dead. It has moved to China and some underdeveloped countries. The Information Age is something we entered more than 50 years ago but most only saw it 20-30 years ago and used it only within the last 10-20 years if that.

But what is after the Information Age? How will the Information Age change, transform and branch off into other sectors?

Have you been paying attention to the “Pivotal Moment” that I have described in my last posts? Have you seen it yet? Do you understand it? Do you know the bi-products? Do you know how to pick a domain name for the FUTURE not the PAST??

Here is what is going on outside our walls. The entire world is buying up domain names at a record pace. Now I made that up. I don’t know if it is true. What is true is that corporations FINALLY have seen just how important domain names are and they are gobbling up everything they can think of.

I am just reading some of the blog post headlines over the past few weeks. Many sounded like this except with different company names.

“Rim gets 300 Names” is just one of DOZENS of similar articles and events.


So what does this mean?? It means everything and timing is STILL the key. So don’t listen to BULLSHIT about values going down. Quite the opposite. But those spreading that BS DO have a motive and there are MILLIONS of them and just a few hundred of US.

So we have finally entered the stage where in business EVERYTHING starts with a domain name. Corporations have people like at Rim to sit around and think of domain names now. How novel!! Why didn’t WE ever think of that? DUH!

But finally an event that should have happened 15 years ago is now VERY important to business. Hooray. They are getting it. They are seeing the importance of a “Domain Strategy”. (This is one way I find domains.I write a phrase like “Domain Strategy” and then see if it is available. In this case our “Friends” at Fairwinds own this domain. See, kind of proof of what I am saying)

Back to the subject matter. Domains now matter in the boardrooms of corporate America. They will hand register most, buy some and bully a lot of folks. Why all this effort?? Because they realize the FUTURE VALUE of domain names. Not the current value. They understand the POWER that can come with a domain name. They understand the THREAT a domain name can pose in the future either directly or indirectly. They have finally figured it out.

Domain Names are THE subject right now. The story about the Hurricane Irene registration yesterday made national news when the media contacted the new registrant. It was an AOL headline and some in the industry have written about it.


To listen to folks talk is amusing. I see it this way. We are 6000 feet up the world’s tallest mountain and the masses claim because they hit a “Peak” therefore it is downhill after that. When you have a view from there, they can only see where they are but maybe not what where they are going or what is to come. From a plane you could see clearly they are wrong and are only part way there not all the way there. A FRACTION of the way to the summit.

Just like the earth shook yesterday domains are shaking today because the foundation had never truly been set until NOW. Definition and clarity are HERE for some and getting closer for others. They have lessons to learn and facts to discover. They are years behind us but the path is set and paved and they will rally. They always do. Just not at the timing most of US set. This the 20 year plan and this is just too exciting for words. 15 years ago they laughed at me for trying to think what things would look like in 20 years. Some will laugh now for me simply focusing on a 5 year span.

If you don’t see it this way that is okay. But in the next 5 years you will slap yourself silly for not seeing what is coming. Not seeing what is HERE. Not seeing the most pivotal summer in any of our lifetimes. Not seeing the EVIDENCE that is coming out daily in huge purchases and ones you will never ever hear about that are 10x greater than the ones you do hear about.

If you are not getting your share, you are doing something wrong. You are looking at things wrong. You are chasing yesterday instead of understanding how things are unfolding tomorrow. The next 5 years are OURS!

EVERY single day NEW type in domains are born. EVERY single day. But when you chase yesterday, you will never find the sun. When you don’t believe that exists you will never find that gold. Most of my domains start with zero type ins. But when you see the future unfolding you can get to an intersection before anyone knows there is going to be an intersection there to get to. Some by luck, some by design. But nobody keeps score of that because it does not matter.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


13 thoughts on “Welcome to the Era of Domain Names. The Next 5 Years. The 5 Years that Count!

  1. Gene

    Very well said, and quite motivating.
    And, implicit in your assessment on the importance of focusing on the future is this: Hand registrations of domains regarding things and concepts not-yet-thought-of, or focused-on, may be more important than buying recycled names.
    So domainers who have the entrenched view that ‘if it’s not aged, it’s not worth much’ are looking at the past. They’re like day-traders who buy options based on the headlines in the NYT, i.e., that used to work, but doesn’t any more.

  2. Bill Roy

    The pivotal moment is now, indeed it is fermenting in an almost perfect storm scenario, the global industrial shift, the recession, the booming raw material prices, the probable demise of the Euro, the weakening of the Dollar, major political shifts in national governments, the ubiquitous grasp of immediate information worldwide via the internet, these and a multitude of other shifts and innovations have driven us to this point.
    Those who have grasped this moment will determine the future. Those who ignore it or do not see it will simply follow and be the mules at the goldmine, used but never have a future except for the laborious work for which their only reward is sustenance to survive to do the same tomorrow as they did today and as they did yesterday.

  3. Anthony

    you speak my native tongue
    however, what impact does QE3 + soverign debt crisis + inflation + rising commodity prices (gold is parabolic) + dollar/euro collapse + wars + emerging Depression will mean for domain assets?
    in an emerging”Mad Max Universe” when things become worse than the Great Depression, it’s about survival, at that point.
    thank you.

  4. Scott Alliy

    The chicken littles of the domain world who continue to say it is over are missing the mark. MySpace would replace the need for domain names! Really? No Wait Apps will replace domain names! Really? No Wait Facebook will replace Domain names! Didn’t Facebook just finally fight and win a domain name FB? Didn’t Facebook just announce that it will be doing multiple acquisitions. Seems to me if you were to believe any of the BS as you point out then Facebook would have taken over domain names. be king of the universe and certainly would not need to buy additional businesses to stay active competitive. In other words their core does not seem to be as solid as the original non believers who said they would kill domain names thought.
    This great business opportunity and that is exactly what it is reminds me of stock market volatility. You own and you haven’t lost anything until you panic sell. So as the immortal and great orator Hulk Hogan asks … What you gonna do brother.
    And BTW new TLDs are not going to do .coms in either IMO. Keep watching for opportunities keep taking advantage of future trend buying opportunities and educate the marketplace at every opportunity is my advice to fellow domainers with vision and belief in the power of good not pigeon poop domain names.

  5. Chris

    I’m always amused when people rush to buy domains based on an event that has just happened.
    How many”Virginia Earthquake” domains were bought yesterday. In a week no one will be searching for that anymore and the domains will be worthless until 75 years from now when there is another one, and then it will have value for a week.
    And even if you own VirginiaEarthquake.com what value does that hold after a week?

  6. Don

    You say in your post, Most of my domains start with zero type ins.
    and, EVERY single day NEW type in domains are born. You could not be more clear
    Who ever heard of the cloud 5 years ago. Tablets where rarely talked about. And what about health exchanges’s. These term where barley mentioned at all 5 years ago.
    What other business can you get into that costs 8 bucks.
    Even if you hit 1 of 100 your way ahead of the game.
    Great post and very positive outlook for domain names.

  7. BullS

    I hand reg all of my domains and have sold lots for $$$ because I have the domain crystal ball.
    People said I am crazy but I tell them you are more stupid buying those recycled domains and who gives a s+hit about keywords when you can’t see the future.
    Right ON!!!

  8. Steve Cheatham

    Amen bro Rick. This is an excellent era for those who have spent years preparing. I have been waiting on this and am ready.

  9. Altaf

    Excellent post after a long gap. It meant many things in short signals.
    Whatever time/opportunity comes or go I keep on registering a few domains daily. My routine to study & taking a few without any break, to see where the industry is leading us.One thing you mentioned that B/Corp. started to understand the value domains. That we could see from the billboards and as no domain for any corp remained free. One day definitely the domains will be scarce to get from corp point of view. That day is not very far from now.
    Folks wishes more regular such posts from you Rick.
    Have a Good Day!!

  10. Rob

    Another great post Rick! Excellent points on the current and future value of generic relevant keyword domains, the current timeline of domains and the continuous new domain opportunities! Thanks again for taking the time to share!


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