My Personal Pick for Rookie of the Year in Domaining for 2011

Morning Folks!!

I never did this before. But it has been several years since someone new in the domain industry has burst on the scene and made such an impact. I appreciate folks that try and further the domain business and understanding of domain names. Who reach out to new audiences to expand the pie.

2011-2012 will be remembered as the years in which we hit 'Critical Mass' with domain names. Long ride on the trail since 1995. But those covered wagons then are big businesses now. Things have changed in a dynamic way. Numbers get folks attention and in our world it is all about the numbers. We have watched a cottage industry blossom and take center stage.

His collection of interviews over the past year are a great treasure. If you want to learn about domaining from those that have done it, my first stop today would be Listen to what those with success say in common. So many use the same words. Why? Because it is tried and true and works when you follow meticulously. Everyone has a unique story. But the sub-story is what they all say in common. Pick those out and you are on your way.

Michael Cyger basically knew nothing about domain names but has managed to not only educate himself, but has helped many others to educate themselves by providing in depth interviews with a great variety of successful domainers. Interviews that will stand the test of time. Content that has great value.

So hats off to Micheal on a job well done and hopefully to continue for years to come.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz