My Personal Pick for Rookie of the Year in Domaining for 2011

Morning Folks!!

I never did this before. But it has been several years since someone new in the domain industry has burst on the scene and made such an impact. I appreciate folks that try and further the domain business and understanding of domain names. Who reach out to new audiences to expand the pie.

2011-2012 will be remembered as the years in which we hit 'Critical Mass' with domain names. Long ride on the trail since 1995. But those covered wagons then are big businesses now. Things have changed in a dynamic way. Numbers get folks attention and in our world it is all about the numbers. We have watched a cottage industry blossom and take center stage.

His collection of interviews over the past year are a great treasure. If you want to learn about domaining from those that have done it, my first stop today would be Listen to what those with success say in common. So many use the same words. Why? Because it is tried and true and works when you follow meticulously. Everyone has a unique story. But the sub-story is what they all say in common. Pick those out and you are on your way.

Michael Cyger basically knew nothing about domain names but has managed to not only educate himself, but has helped many others to educate themselves by providing in depth interviews with a great variety of successful domainers. Interviews that will stand the test of time. Content that has great value.

So hats off to Micheal on a job well done and hopefully to continue for years to come.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

36 thoughts on “My Personal Pick for Rookie of the Year in Domaining for 2011

  1. @Domains

    I agree, he has done a great job with his interviews in video and then putting them in print. Lots of good domain information on his site.

  2. Scott Alliy

    Excellent choice. I have written Michael in the past to recognize and commend his services to our industry. Suggest more domainers might consider doing the same.

  3. Uzoma

    If you watch him carefully, Michael does more than interview these”Domain Sherpas”, and they show him respect. Some of these Domain giants don’t have to answer his questions, but they do. Do you know why? They realize Michael is not only professional, but he carries the moral authority of all well meaning domainers. Michael is our guy to find out the facts. How many domains do you own? How did you start? How can you help a beginner today? And all these successful domainers oblige. From mighty leaders, from domain king, to former head of Sedo, to the secret millionaire, they all appear to be having fun, answering Michael’s intrusive questions. On that program, everyone tells it like it is, no spin, no BS. That tells you that this industry is going to blossom again. So, I applaud your pick Schwarz! Congratulations, and Michael Cyger!

  4. DomainAssets

    A big”thanks” to Michael for his interviews – some of them I’ve listened to more than once. They’re convenient to download and listen to while driving etc. We can learn alot by modeling the success of others.

  5. Ron Jackson

    Totally agree Rick. With his in-depth series of video interviews Michael added a new dimension to the educational resources available to people who want to understand this business. When he started I remember some people posting on his site that the interviews (that usually run over an hour) were too long and needed to be shorter to hold people’s attention. I’m glad he did not listen to that advice. Can you imagine someone in mainstream business getting a chance to see and hear Warren Buffett explain how he became successful but then saying”I’m not going to watch that because it’s more than 5 minutes long!” If you are a newcomer to domains (or someone still honing your skills)and don’t have an hour at a time to listen to the people who have already successfully done what you dream of doing, then you’re not serious about this business and aren’t likely to go anywhere. Michael has produced a great free resource, use it!

  6. Domain Crusher

    I think most domain investors scoffed at his newness, his one hour interviews, and calling himself the”The Domain Name Authority” right out of the gate, however I think he caught everyone off-guard and it started to show by the fourth or fifth interview. He really is a natural interviewer. His interviews are actually the best that have been done to date in this industry, mostly due to the thoroughness. He now has a nice little, valuable library. Good for him!
    I agree, Rookie of the Year for sure for Michael!
    Regarding finally hitting critical mass, I think you may be right Rick. I started in 95′ also and now see things coming to a head after taking a bit of a breather after the Great Recession hit. Inquiries are coming in very heavy now.
    What I wonder though is if we will get a crazy two, three year rush to buy domains and then level off at that height, or will it be a fast incline over the coming years like a typical critical mass chart would show (this, of course, is not factoring in another crash) ?

  7. Osy

    Great pick, Rick. I watch each interview that is posted on and really appreciate Michael’s ability to ask the right questions. He is a real professional when it comes to the art of interviewing. This is a great service…

  8. Fatih

    I totally agree.Quality interviews with quality people.Learned so much from those as a starter.

  9. Michael Cyger

    Thanks Rick and everyone for your comments.
    I’m honored that industry thought leaders and successful business people, such as yourself, have come on the show and trusted in me to share your story with others in the industry. It’s great fun and I love learning the strategies and tactics directly from the Sherpas — without worrying about time limits.
    But the people who really deserve the thanks are the Sherpas, the guests. I try to remind everyone watching to take 30 seconds after each show and thank the guest.
    Thanks again, Rick, for coming on the show.

  10. Tom

    Here here. I’ll raise a glass to that nomination. Kudos to Michael and may he never run out of successful domain investors to interview.

  11. Michael Searles

    As possibly the newest ‘newbie’ onto the domaining scene I am keen to begin taking in Michael Cyger’s interviews at
    I already have his site opened on the next tab of my browser and heading across to there right now.
    Thanks for the comments too people and thanks Rick for posting.

  12. Scott Smith

    An excellent choice.
    Michael: I echo all of the plaudits mentioned here and wish you an obnoxiously successful 2012.

  13. Richard St Cyr

    Hi Rick,
    I have to concur with you about Michael, he has done a fantastic job
    and we should all take our hats of to him.
    In the last interview i got some real good ideas, $56,000.00 per month
    on, not bad at all.
    Take care,

  14. Maz

    Great choice Rick! Michael has done an outstanding job. It was a pleasure being interviewed by him earlier this year.

  15. Chris Carli

    I have the good fortune of living in the same area as Michael. I went to lunch with him a few months ago and he is as inquisitive and genuine in person as he appears in his interviews. Aside from doing great interviews, Michael is a sharp businessman in his own right. He’s whip smart and has a great track record of recognizing opportunity. We should all be thankful that he’s turned his attention and curiosity to the domain industry.

  16. Altaf

    Hi Rick,
    I first watched your detailed interview with Mike. Then I never stopped watching his all interviews with all the guests. I even collected his all available interviews. Good thing about Mike is he asked the guests most good questions that domainers are interested in.
    Thanks to you and Mike Cyger as well- for bringing the insights of domains to public. Mike keep up the good works!! We appreciate the guests for their valuable time and openness.
    Best wishes and gratefully,

  17. Altaf

    I want to add more appreciation for Michael Cyger. His interviews are detailed in such widely that our minds’ whole questions were asked by him. I cannot think how much time he took to prepare, keep the guests wake up in answering all his questions in full depth. Again posting it to public forums to let folks be aware of.Thanks Michael.
    Best Regards,

  18. Poor Uncle

    Thank goodness for the interest that everyday average uncle Joe like me get to interact and learn from the best & finest. Thanks Michael. Thanks Rick.
    Thank you domain entrepreneurs for sharing your expertise for making money online with us. I am running out of excuses to tell my kids why I am not a billionaire. :)

  19. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Michael in a New York Minute has established an impeccable Brand. You know I am boycotting Facebook and Twitter of which he works on the ropes with an Ali Ring sense to his advantage. He is a class act and knows the business and that is all that counts. My hat goes off to you Michael, keep up your high standards of excellence in educating all domainers.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  20. Dave

    Hmm, why is DomainSherpa going to a parked page as of this morning? Just a temporary thing as they update the site? Strange.

  21. DomainerDon

    I eagerly await his interviews each week and listen to them several times while working on my computer. Michael is the perfect intermediary for this industry as he is educated and personable, he allows his interview subjects to teach the rest of us their key competetive advantage in an in-depth format. I have learned tremendously from taking advantage of this free resource and I know that Michael will be a player in this industry to be reckoned with in the coming years.

  22. Craig Williams

    Great to see some action. This is an area that more and more of my clients are trying to understand and want me to explain the future and the possible impact on them – must say I cant always answer the questions from a local perspective and I often wonder myself what security there is in domain ownership


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