Márcio Mello Chaves Resorts to FABRICATIONS to TRY and Make His NEW CASE!

Morning Folks!!

So our 'Friend' Márcio Mello Chaves has resorted to FABRICATIONS this time to TRY and support his argument since anything else would be impossible to prove unless he was Houdini and could rewrite history. One by one Howard will uncover each fabrication and completely discredit this ASSHOLE for the entire world to see and then we are going to make this a Federal Case!! I now have plans to publicize this in Brazil to bring added pressure to this clown and show what type company these CHUMPS run. Any damage done will be by their DEEDS and ACTIONS as well as their own words. Let's see how the average Brazilian thinks about what they are doing and attempting to take something that is not theirs and they have no rights to whatsoever.

The new Filings:


'Respondent (that's me) has engaged in several reprievable actions after being notified of this Complaint by posting and uploading unlawful (including unauthorized use of pictures), harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, slanderous, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive comments about the Complainants' and Complainants ́ Representative, serving only to demonstrate his bad faith and total disrespect towards the Parties, this procedure and the Arbitration Center itself.' (I think he forgot to add 3 kitchen sinks)

I promised this in my First Post: 'I will do everything legally and openly, but tastefully is not a promise. I am going to stick it up your asses in the most unpleasant and disgusting way I know how in front of the world. I will always be factual. But I don't always have good taste or play by any other rules other than by what is legal. If you folks get embarrassed, so be it.'

So from the above, I think just like your suit, you are going way too far. Vulgar? Maybe. The rest, is as bogus as you trying to explain how in 1996 I registered the domain saveme.com in bad faith and how I knew in 2011 you would open a website in Brazil???

Marcio, you are right. I have NO RESPECT for YOU and your BROTHER and I have articulated EXACTLY why in no uncertain terms. Since you are reading the blog, Please let me know anything that is not 100% factual. I even wrote to you to lmk if something is not 100% factual. As far as the name calling and my bad taste. You are STUCK with it. 12 lawyers have examined and not one has suggested that I remove a single word. Ricksblog.com is certainly no secret.

The United States has this thing called FREE SPEECH. We have laws that protect us from theft or even attempted theft. From injustice no matter what form it comes in. We get judged by a jury of our peers. We are not intimidated when CHUMPS and BULLIES try a power play. We ask questions like what would happen if you two CHUMPS pulled this on somebody that could not afford to defend the domain? It's bottom up here. Not some spoiled imperial CHUMPS looking to grab something they have no legal or even moral rights to. How do chumps even sleep at night?

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Keep peeing Márcio. I am going to give you the most electrifying experience and it is open for the world to see. The ONLY one here guilty of BAD FAITH are Márcio and his brother and we will demonstrate it so that the next ASSHOLE understands EXACTLY what will be coming their way. They try and disrupt my business, well when this all boils over, it will disrupt their personal lives because even their friends and family will see they are up to no good..

And oh yes, Márcio is reading my blog. He put all that in his new filings thinking it will make a difference as he hurdles how I acted in Bad Faith in 1996 when their company was not even born until 2010. And to this DAY, have no trademark and no rights whatsoever to SaveMe.com. But you do have a right to be made a clown of in public for the world to see!!!

I Pray that the panelists read this blog and all comments. I would not take back one word, thought or feeling. I know a piece of shit when I see it!

Márcio I have no respect for you. I won't call you a thief (tho some may think you are) as you are trying to take what isn't yours in a legal manner but you are a lowlife piece of shit and I hope this comes back on you and your brother in a way that will prevent you and others from EVER pulling shit like this again.

The Internet is about CIRCULATION and this story will be circulated in a way that will change your life. I have a mission and it is to EXPOSE PRICKS LIKE YOU so even your neighbors know! I own Saveme.com and you will NEVER get it now. Your claim is still DEFICIENT because you can't get over the hurdle. Please tell the panel how I acted in Bad Faith in 1996 when you have NO TRADEMARKS whatsoever and your company is less that 2 years old born in 2010? Do you know what a FOOL you like in the eyes of NORMAL PEOPLE?

And you know what is bad faith?? Trying to get 3 BRAZILIAN panelists to hear your case!! NEVER!!! That just demonstrates something that is consistent with the rest of the action you filed.

If you guys were MEN and not CLOWNS acting like legal PIRATES, you would have handled this the RIGHT WAY. Instead you poisoned the water and now I would rather use you as THE POSTER BOY for Reverse Domain Hijacking then actually do business with you and have to TRUST THE TWO of YOU!.

These posts GUARANTEE that NOBODY will ever be confused by SaveMe.com amd SaveMe.com.br. Consider it the most in depth disclaimer ever known to man! :-)

This issue really is not about domaining or even domains. But it is an issue for citizens of the United States of America who almost exclusively use the .com extension as opposed to .us or .us.com. Most Americans don't even know these extensions exist. As a country we use .com. They are trying to give license to any person or company throughout the world to come and try to exercise rights it does not have on almost any American entity. The layers of absurdity make this the perfect case to help folks understand what is going on and how easily they could become a victim of CHUMPS like Márcio and his brother if they were to have their way. Who would be safe???

To me this is akin to a 'Business Rape'. And not to minimize true rape, what you do when you are getting raped is SCREAM and YELL and get the attention of society. This is a terrible practice that has been going on and spreading. Not often do you have such a clear cut case of this abuse in which the masses can clearly see what I and many others are dealing with and how easily it could happen to any of them or any of their friends and family members. It makes folks in the USA particularly vulnerable BECAUSE some online property ending in dotcom is PRICELESS!

Rick Schwartz

PS: For the record, The ONLY ones that have damaged the Saveme.com.br brand are Márcio and his brother for resorting to this instead of negotiating like REAL businessman. Is that how is done in Brazil? WE ARE GOING TO FIND OUT!! The media in Brazil will be on this in a big way and I think THAT is what will eventually do the REAL damage. You CLOWNS picked this fight with ME and my job is to make you regret it in a way that prevents the next clown from even trying. THAT is why YOU are the POSTER BOY for REVERSE DOMAIN HIJACKING!! The ONLY right you have is for me to embarrass you in front of all the world and yes, that MAY damage your business. But never my intention. Just the fallout of your behaviour. You are the aggressor and I am the best counter puncher you will ever face!