Márcio Mello Chaves Resorts to FABRICATIONS to TRY and Make His NEW CASE!

Morning Folks!!

So our 'Friend' Márcio Mello Chaves has resorted to FABRICATIONS this time to TRY and support his argument since anything else would be impossible to prove unless he was Houdini and could rewrite history. One by one Howard will uncover each fabrication and completely discredit this ASSHOLE for the entire world to see and then we are going to make this a Federal Case!! I now have plans to publicize this in Brazil to bring added pressure to this clown and show what type company these CHUMPS run. Any damage done will be by their DEEDS and ACTIONS as well as their own words. Let's see how the average Brazilian thinks about what they are doing and attempting to take something that is not theirs and they have no rights to whatsoever.

The new Filings:


'Respondent (that's me) has engaged in several reprievable actions after being notified of this Complaint by posting and uploading unlawful (including unauthorized use of pictures), harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, slanderous, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive comments about the Complainants' and Complainants ́ Representative, serving only to demonstrate his bad faith and total disrespect towards the Parties, this procedure and the Arbitration Center itself.' (I think he forgot to add 3 kitchen sinks)

I promised this in my First Post: 'I will do everything legally and openly, but tastefully is not a promise. I am going to stick it up your asses in the most unpleasant and disgusting way I know how in front of the world. I will always be factual. But I don't always have good taste or play by any other rules other than by what is legal. If you folks get embarrassed, so be it.'

So from the above, I think just like your suit, you are going way too far. Vulgar? Maybe. The rest, is as bogus as you trying to explain how in 1996 I registered the domain saveme.com in bad faith and how I knew in 2011 you would open a website in Brazil???

Marcio, you are right. I have NO RESPECT for YOU and your BROTHER and I have articulated EXACTLY why in no uncertain terms. Since you are reading the blog, Please let me know anything that is not 100% factual. I even wrote to you to lmk if something is not 100% factual. As far as the name calling and my bad taste. You are STUCK with it. 12 lawyers have examined and not one has suggested that I remove a single word. Ricksblog.com is certainly no secret.

The United States has this thing called FREE SPEECH. We have laws that protect us from theft or even attempted theft. From injustice no matter what form it comes in. We get judged by a jury of our peers. We are not intimidated when CHUMPS and BULLIES try a power play. We ask questions like what would happen if you two CHUMPS pulled this on somebody that could not afford to defend the domain? It's bottom up here. Not some spoiled imperial CHUMPS looking to grab something they have no legal or even moral rights to. How do chumps even sleep at night?

Here is the Original Blogpost about this

Here is the Followup Blogpost about this

Keep peeing Márcio. I am going to give you the most electrifying experience and it is open for the world to see. The ONLY one here guilty of BAD FAITH are Márcio and his brother and we will demonstrate it so that the next ASSHOLE understands EXACTLY what will be coming their way. They try and disrupt my business, well when this all boils over, it will disrupt their personal lives because even their friends and family will see they are up to no good..

And oh yes, Márcio is reading my blog. He put all that in his new filings thinking it will make a difference as he hurdles how I acted in Bad Faith in 1996 when their company was not even born until 2010. And to this DAY, have no trademark and no rights whatsoever to SaveMe.com. But you do have a right to be made a clown of in public for the world to see!!!

I Pray that the panelists read this blog and all comments. I would not take back one word, thought or feeling. I know a piece of shit when I see it!

Márcio I have no respect for you. I won't call you a thief (tho some may think you are) as you are trying to take what isn't yours in a legal manner but you are a lowlife piece of shit and I hope this comes back on you and your brother in a way that will prevent you and others from EVER pulling shit like this again.

The Internet is about CIRCULATION and this story will be circulated in a way that will change your life. I have a mission and it is to EXPOSE PRICKS LIKE YOU so even your neighbors know! I own Saveme.com and you will NEVER get it now. Your claim is still DEFICIENT because you can't get over the hurdle. Please tell the panel how I acted in Bad Faith in 1996 when you have NO TRADEMARKS whatsoever and your company is less that 2 years old born in 2010? Do you know what a FOOL you like in the eyes of NORMAL PEOPLE?

And you know what is bad faith?? Trying to get 3 BRAZILIAN panelists to hear your case!! NEVER!!! That just demonstrates something that is consistent with the rest of the action you filed.

If you guys were MEN and not CLOWNS acting like legal PIRATES, you would have handled this the RIGHT WAY. Instead you poisoned the water and now I would rather use you as THE POSTER BOY for Reverse Domain Hijacking then actually do business with you and have to TRUST THE TWO of YOU!.

These posts GUARANTEE that NOBODY will ever be confused by SaveMe.com amd SaveMe.com.br. Consider it the most in depth disclaimer ever known to man! :-)

This issue really is not about domaining or even domains. But it is an issue for citizens of the United States of America who almost exclusively use the .com extension as opposed to .us or .us.com. Most Americans don't even know these extensions exist. As a country we use .com. They are trying to give license to any person or company throughout the world to come and try to exercise rights it does not have on almost any American entity. The layers of absurdity make this the perfect case to help folks understand what is going on and how easily they could become a victim of CHUMPS like Márcio and his brother if they were to have their way. Who would be safe???

To me this is akin to a 'Business Rape'. And not to minimize true rape, what you do when you are getting raped is SCREAM and YELL and get the attention of society. This is a terrible practice that has been going on and spreading. Not often do you have such a clear cut case of this abuse in which the masses can clearly see what I and many others are dealing with and how easily it could happen to any of them or any of their friends and family members. It makes folks in the USA particularly vulnerable BECAUSE some online property ending in dotcom is PRICELESS!

Rick Schwartz

PS: For the record, The ONLY ones that have damaged the Saveme.com.br brand are Márcio and his brother for resorting to this instead of negotiating like REAL businessman. Is that how is done in Brazil? WE ARE GOING TO FIND OUT!! The media in Brazil will be on this in a big way and I think THAT is what will eventually do the REAL damage. You CLOWNS picked this fight with ME and my job is to make you regret it in a way that prevents the next clown from even trying. THAT is why YOU are the POSTER BOY for REVERSE DOMAIN HIJACKING!! The ONLY right you have is for me to embarrass you in front of all the world and yes, that MAY damage your business. But never my intention. Just the fallout of your behaviour. You are the aggressor and I am the best counter puncher you will ever face!


55 thoughts on “Márcio Mello Chaves Resorts to FABRICATIONS to TRY and Make His NEW CASE!

  1. Jonathan

    One time I hope your legal fees are huge as they will be paid by this inept attoreys attempted to steal your legal & intellectual property. Look forward to reading your official legal response. IMO do not get drawn into personalities, Less is More.

  2. Andy

    Rick…..where do they live in Brazil?
    I don’t know how much time you have spent in Latin America but in every country you can hire a car to go around (they do this at 5:00 A.M even) with a loudspeaker on top announcing something. They do this for politicians, fairs, missing kids, etc….
    You can pay one of those guys to drive up and down their street, block, town, city and announce what pieces of shit they are.
    My stepson lost, or had stolen, his poddle in Brazil and they did this and got it back for $40″finders fee”. The cost to announce the lost poodle was very cheap….like $20 for two day’s announcements, alongside other announcements.

  3. Rick Schwartz

    And they did not start operations in 2010 as I previously believed. From their papers, they did not start using saveme.com.br until 2011. I think the bad faith is going to be exposed on their side in more ways than I can even list.

  4. Rick Schwartz

    from the complaint:
    “Acting in several Latin American countries such as Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico, SAVE ME has already wide prestige among Brazilian users where it has hundreds of thousands accesses monthly.”
    So why did this CLOWN not register SaveMe.co????? He does business in Columbia. I already own other extensions with”saveme” and the other day I BOUGHT SaveMe.co on the aftermarket!!!
    Just laying their for ANYONE WITH A BRAIN to buy. There is more going on here than meets the eye. But this is FURTHER PROOF on his end of bad faith. WHY did he not register or buy the .co unless something else is going on?

  5. Joao

    T.R.A.F.F.I.C. needs to be done 1 time in Brazil. 2014 seems the perfect time for that.
    And of course, these guys aren’t invited!
    We, smaller domainers, need a case law to be done. I think that many people aren’t really understanding the point here. I’ve seen comments against Rick, but i’m guessing that either people are stupid, or they are Marcio with diferent nicks typing out here…
    Can’t wait to see that panel decision…really can’t wait!

  6. Michel

    The reason why they didn’t buy saveme.co is quite obvious, he was planning to wipo it from you… ;)
    From the dictionary, wipo…an attempt to steal, rob or deny valuable domain assets from their rightful owners. :)

  7. Bruce Diller

    And why not sue him for slander here in the USA for millions?
    The BEST defense is a GOOD offense!
    Keep up the good work Rick , we ALL THANK YOU !!!

  8. John

    I love this post.
    People need to realize that if you do not own the .Com don’t bother setting up a business. Two simple questions before starting a a business – Is the .com is available and is the name infringing on someone else’s TM?
    There are plenty of two word .com’s still available for hand reg regardless of what people are saying that have no TM marks.
    They are being lazy and non-creative & their VC backers if they have any sense should cut their losses cause these guys have no clue which fights to take and spend money on.
    They are going to bleed themselves out in time and it all started by picking a non .com to try and scale a business model – One which is a clone of thousands of others.

  9. John

    An example of an available similar name without a TM (US) – SaveMi.com
    Guess what for sale for $280
    Guess what Mi in Spanish sounds like Me in English
    And Guess What – If the business model is valid (actually makes money on their products & ideas)in this space people will easily remember SaveMi.com.
    But, their site doesn’t appear to have anything proprietary product wise and is just a clone of tons of discounts sites. Even if they are creating the discounts themselves with their own sales force or allow others to post products for sale – still tons out there that do the same.
    These guys definitely don’t have it all going on upstairs when it comes to business.

  10. Rick Schwartz

    “But, their site doesn’t appear to have anything proprietary product wise and is just a clone of tons of discounts sites. Even if they are creating the discounts themselves with their own sales force or allow others to post products for sale – still tons out there that do the same.
    These guys definitely don’t have it all going on upstairs when it comes to business.”
    John, I may be activating one of my domains that are focused on the same type sales to demonstrate that it would take MINUTES to have a site like theirs. This is something many affiliate companies just provide you and you plug it in. They have been investigating me for quite a while. We are just starting our investigation of them.

  11. SaveMe.com Protects Internet Real Estate

    It would be good if the owner of brazil.com would direct
    the traffic to this blog.

  12. Rick Schwartz

    He is lucky I did not win the auction at TRAFFIC for Rio.com 2 years ago.
    Luckily a fellow domainer and friend, Keith L, did win the auction and now owns Rio.com. Could you imagine?? lol

  13. Rick Schwartz

    I am going to ask Danny to design a 15 x 10 foot banner for TRAFFIC this October as we officially name our”Poster Boy” for Reverse Domain Hijacking and give them a special tribute.

  14. BullS

    Gosh–you sure make my weekend.
    USA 1 Brazil 0
    Because of you, Domain prices have gone up in value.
    Thank you SIR RICK.

  15. Bill Sweetman

    OMG, now I really have seen everything. I cannot for the life of me believe this lawyer and his client are still going through with this ridiculous UDRP complaint. I would have bet anything they’d withdraw it, once you and the rest of the sane world had pointed out how misguided their claim was. The fact they are still marching forward, fully aware of how poorly this reflects upon them, makes it all the more important that you, Rick, continue to fight hard and publicly. Keep up the good fight! Stop these domain hijackers, otherwise no one’s generic domain names will be safe from predators like this.

  16. Ron

    Can you please add one of those games to your blog when you get to kick soccer balls at someones face…

  17. rob sequin

    So Mello Chaves doesn’t even have the trademark on save me in Brazil but he wants your .com??? Crazy!
    From the pdf…
    “[21.] Despite not being granted due to Brazil Trademark Office´s enormous backlog in analyzing trademark applications, Complainants´ mark’s notoriety reaches not only Brazil but also several Latin American countries and evidences its use throughout Latin America.”
    What a jerk.
    Oops. Now he is going to sue me for defamation of character.

  18. Andrea

    I think that, if Marcio Mello Chaves wins the UDRP, domain name owners will benefit:
    1) serious courts (not the ones where the compliant choses the panelists he likes) will give the domain back to Rick Schwartz.
    2) Reverse Domain Hijacking will become a well known crime around the world thanks to Marcio Mello Chaves, that will lose a lot of money, and will get so much bad publicity that his name will be forever associated to this crime as an example of lawyers acting in bad faith.

  19. MH

    Yes. You are the only one [that I have seen take the counter position on this thread].
    Bad faith registration cannot be proved here.
    If you believe it is a ‘slam dunk’ please impart your reasoning.
    Otherwise, you come off as a mere troll

  20. available for hand reg but never beat save me

    A year ago my father came to me for help with an Internet challenge. Buying him a MAC and getting him online was the proudest moment of my life. Me, as a curious kid and always thinking marketing, finds everything online he leads me to a great discovery from insight and perspective I wouldn’t have. This time it was for help writing an obituary- for it seemed the local home town paper now allowed everyone to share the remembrances collectively creating a searchable, digital memorial park. Talk about”Save Me” They also offered flowers and other monetized services and items and captured the profile. Today he got an email that his friend’s guest book had expired and that as a friend they thought you’d like to keep it alive for a donation of $199 a year and your name would go at the top as a silver sponsor.
    So right now I saw, open the guestbook on saveme,com and use all of our networks to remind friends that for profit, traditional media was writing our loved ones and ancestors our of existence and we want to save them, We want too save each and every person that ever walked on this earth and preserve their knowledge, gifts and contributions for future generations to be inspired by.
    Make a press release touting the next invention from the guy who invented iReport (which btw is precedent in this case. Pay a one time fee of $10 to remember your friend, loved one or hero.
    Then Brazil guys would become grave robbers.

  21. BullS

    Can you please add one of those games to your blog when you get to kick soccer balls at someones face…”
    I think there is a script for throwing dirty diapers/slippers to that someone…you know who it is.

  22. Domainer

    “So why did this CLOWN not register SaveMe.co????? He does business in Columbia. I already own other extensions with”saveme” and the other day I BOUGHT SaveMe.co on the aftermarket!!!”
    If you carefully read their new complaint, you’ll see they claim to own saveme.co (Colombia) as well. It’s curious they don’t even know what they own.

  23. Domainer

    Also interesting to note is that the new complaint talks about domain cancellation, not transfer (see #14) as a proof they never tried to reverse hijack saveme.com. Is this new? Did they ask for cancellation in first place, or changed their minds after being accused of reverse hijacking?

  24. Steve2

    Sorry to hear you have to waste time and money on these pin-heads. Hopefully you can recover the costs when you win. I have been noticing more and more idiot offers for great .com’s. I always refer them to the available .cm or .ly. or tell them to go suck dirt!
    I am sure these irmãos finished at the bottom of their class. Send them back to the fazenda de coco!!!

  25. Roma

    Hey Marcio,
    Rick is not the only one who thinks of you as of bully and chump. I, for one, think the same way. That’s why I registered MarcioMelloChaves.com and pointed it to this blog. You might call it bad faith, I call it truth.

  26. SaveMe.com Protects Internet Real Estate

    Hey Marcio,
    Please when you go to bed at night really think about
    what you are doing. ITS WRONG!!
    Karma always catches up with you!Fighting for this domain
    will be like moth to a flame.

  27. Scott Alliy

    Thx for the updates on this important issue. One point overlooked and certainly worth mentioning is the value boost that good six or less character pronounceable domains will receive as a result of the hyperactive manner that this individual is pursuing ownership of such a domain name like SaveMe.com and the resulting publicity.
    We will be watching the outcome of this case carefully and appreciate the time and effort being put forth by you and others involved that in the will set precedent for and serve the domain industry for years to come.

  28. Joao

    I think that it would be interesting to know why they would like to have members of Brasil as panelists.
    Even if its from Brasil, why would they be so sure that they would win?
    What is the number of reverse cases made by this firm, and who were the panelists in Brasil, in those same cases? The same guys all the time? 1 commom member in all maybe?
    Why changing it to Brasil, when they are so sure that they are right?
    Dont tell me its because they were scared about some USA influence. They have a solid case, so nothing to worry about…right?

  29. Brad

    Good on you Rick.
    Great karma that they picked on somebody who can stand up for themselves and not just be forced into caving in like most of the victims of reverse domain hijacking.
    Looking forward to an ass kicking on behalf of all domainers who have been hit by reverse domain hijackers

  30. Mark

    It’s clear this will be a slam dunk for Mr Schwartz.. However, the interesting thing to me is the way Mr Schwartz is conducting himself… He comes across as an immature school boy who is mad because someone stole his toys out of the sandbox…
    In fact, after reading the whole post, it almost appears that Schwartz is suffering from some sort of mental disorder.. either that, or he is just an angry old man…
    I can see by the picture on his site that Schwartz is not a young man, although it is refreshing to see such an elderly man still have such passion and fire…
    And I guess it is also nice to see that even a successful millionaire like Schwartz can conduct himself like a big baby… I think that gives hope to the rest of us…

  31. Mark

    Oh, and one more thing… Capitalizing every 3rd word makes Schwartz’s post look like the rantings of a lunatic..
    Pick your spots to make a point, otherwise it looks like Ted Kaczynski’s insane manifesto with all those random capital words…

  32. Mark

    And one more thing…
    One strange thing I have noticed is that the Alexa ranking of SaveMe.co.br doesn’t jive with the Compete.com ranking..
    Alexa has the site at 5000, whereas Compete.com has the site at 345,000 with only 3843 visitors for the past month.. In my experience, Compete is much more accurate than alexa…

  33. John

    Rick I was in the space with a side project (discount card) from 2005-2007 before the crash of 2008 and Groupon basically created the daily deal discount space. 2005-2007 not many people were interested in the space. Groupon basically created the daily deal by email. Before everyone had coupons on their site either created by them or as affiliates. Then the crash comes along and Groupon comes up with a good idea. Since then anyone who knows how to put up a website has become a competitor of theirs and overseas tons have started up in hopes of becoming acquired by Groupon or Living Social. Groupon even has a clone in China playing off their name if I am recalling correctly.
    DailyDealMedia: http://www.dailydealmedia.com/ Follows the entire space well. There is one or two corps (i forget) that have or claim they have patents in place that many of these sites are infringing upon (they are saying).
    There are various WordPress plugins that one can create a daily deal email almost instantly.
    But, the SaveMe site doesn’t appear to be a daily deal site (without spending too much time on that site or trying to get it to translate). It appears to be more of a collection of various deal sites compiled & there are many of those out there in the states as well.
    One should look if they are getting permission from all the discounts they have on their site and if their code is freeware or in house proprietary code.
    Take time to look through the DailyDealMedia site by doing searches. It pretty much follows all within the industry & does a good job of it.
    My timing was off in that space, but I will say I have never seen more competitors flock to one industry faster in my life of following industries from stock trading.
    At the end of the day, these guys need to pick another name and focus on executing the business model. No one is going to touch them in their right mind with all this press flying around.

  34. John

    This also sadly brings to light all the unnecessary extensions that have been and are being created. The .COM is King. There is no need to be creating all these extensions after extensions. It only confuses the marketplace, pisses of the corps & other end users & enriches the lawyers. Collectively, as an industry groups should be formed to stop all the extensions and maybe even roll back some of the recent ones. Again, there are plenty of .com names available and if people want a .com that is taken it is property that was picked up by a speculator legally (assuming no registered tm’s etc) like one who buys multiple homes or other instruments in hopes of making money on them. One is not a squatter because they are willing to take risk and layout money on an idea. Either pay up for it or move on & learn to know as much about an industry as possible that you plan on doing business in. .Com’s are easy to understand compared to other industries if one puts a little time into READING & RESEARCHING.

  35. Johan

    You are being racist here.
    This is not a country war, but a personal one.
    There’s these kinds of domainers everywhere.

  36. BullS

    My attorney will be getting in touch with you very shortly for character defamation.
    Because of your remark, I am suffering from the loss of enjoyment of my life , loss of sleep, and most importantly it is affecting my sexual performance.
    Have a nice day Johan$$$$

  37. Madmax

    Looks like saveme.net is still for sale too on Sedo – only 5K – it’s not mine and I don’t have 5K otherwise I’d buy it

  38. Anonymous

    I find it pathetic that some loser can buy a cctld and then argue that he lsot traffic to the .com owner.
    What gaul.
    WIPO Arbitrators…if you are reading this…for the good on the internet…please do not allow this claimant to win. To do so will jeopardize and undermine the entire foundation of the net; for, if Schwartz is found to have shown bad faith by doing nothing other than merely existing, EVERY single entity with an alternative domain will have nothing to lose by filing a WIPO pleading against their .com counterpart. Keep in mind that he was doing nothing wrong, illegal, immoral or misleading. He is being sued merely for existing. This is a clear attempt to pirate a .com domain and Marcio Mello Chaves and his band of merry swashbucklers need to be stopped.
    I implore you to consider reverse hijacking damages in this case since it is so aggregious.

  39. NYYankees

    (Sorry to scream, but this message needs to be heard LOUD AND CLEAR!)
    Rick has owned this domain name for 16+ years. It is his no matter what. No one – I repeat – NO ONE – should be able to come along and take it!

  40. Robert

    Hello Rick
    After you kick their asses every way but loose
    I have a gift for you in gratitude for the good fight
    for all small and honest domainers the world over.
    Since you are the KingOfDomains, I would like to
    give you KingOfBrazil.com gratis, if you want it,
    no strings whatsoever. It’s at GoDaddy. Let me know.
    In fact I’d rather you don’t publish this comment.
    Thanks Again

  41. Ron

    If this person is so offended, why is he only going after the .com, why not go after the .net etc? Would you rather steal a diamond, or a marble hmmm…

  42. chris

    I would take a real close look at the WIPO decisions they quote on pages 18-20 of their complaint.
    If those are indeed prior decisions by WIPO panels (and not just quoted out of context) and if WIPO allows this complaint to go forward, then this whole thing could become quite interesting…

  43. Trond M.

    Like Joao mentioned, it would be interesting to know just what kind of relationship your new”friends” have with the 3 panelists they have asked for.. have you investigated this further?
    Wouldn’t it be interesting if it turned out there is proof of these guys being close friends or business associates :)

  44. Biggie.us

    saveme.com is”typographical error” for saveme.com.br
    every domainname.com is a potential”typo” for domainname.com.br
    is this not the premise of their argument?

  45. I don't think it's possible to Save You

    No, it’s only a small part of their argument.
    By far, the most compelling items are to be found further in the claim, and if true, I would think they have grounds not only to win in a WIPO claim but also win a criminal prosecution.

  46. Biggie.is

    the most compelling arguments should be at the top and flow down to a lesser degree
    everything after their inital premise is irrelvant, once that is decided.
    if/when it is found that the”.com” is NOT a typographical error of”.com.br”….then everything after that has no validity.

  47. Michael

    This has been a great read. I like your additude Mr.Schwartz! The fight you are fighting will help better protect all of us in the future and my hats off to you. Thank you for doing this not only for yourself but for all of us.


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