RicksBlog.com 5 Years Old TODAY!!

Morning Folks!

Wow, I just noticed that exactly 5 years ago today Ricksblog.com had a 'Grand Opening'.

To be honest, it was something I really did not want to do at first because I had been blogging before there were blogs for over 10 years at that time in 2007. But I did want to get my thoughts out there for more to see and have it circulate so decided to try and memorialize 10 years of thoughts on this blog. I am pretty satisfied with it and every once in a while I got the opportunity to link back to some of those original posts complete with timestamps.

'On the record for the record.' That is my slogan. My blog is part personal diary just like my old board was my 'Living Room' to me.

So I accomplished another mission and feel good about whatever is here. The good, bad and ugly. But it is all 'On the record for the record.'

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

17 thoughts on “RicksBlog.com 5 Years Old TODAY!!

  1. steve

    Then its a bad day for you.
    T.U.R.D. just acquired RicksBlog.br and we demand you cease all posts immediately. Also, turn over Ricksblog.com immediately.
    Or we will file a URDP and demand a WIPO case in the Congo.

  2. Live Only Once

    Congrats :) Amazing person! Everytime I see you do new posts
    I get this funny feeling inside.
    So happy you were one of the first people buying domains because
    you deserve them.

  3. Morgan

    Congrats Rick! I’ve been reading for five years and will read for another 50!
    Thank you for your transparency and willingness to share with the world!

  4. ScottM

    The many thanks of a grateful domain nation … uh world! Congratulations on the first 5 and for sharing your experience and knowledge!

  5. AlanR

    Congrats Rick! In the last 12 years since I’ve been reading your posts, a lot of people are now millionaires due to your inspiration. A few are even close to becoming a dotcom billionaire! Keep this blog alive!

  6. Domainer

    Congrats Rick in the five year mark. We have all learned from this blog and we all appreciate all your hard work, passion, drive you have done over the years.
    I know with me being a part timer, I envision one day I will be full time and I wish I had your wisdom and drive.
    Thanks Rick and hope I can read another five years of your thoughts.

  7. Lucas

    “I did want to get my thoughts out there for more to see and have it circulate so decided to try and memorialize 10 years of thoughts on this blog.”
    And an inmense thank you for such a positive impact in my life! :-)
    Have a GREAT Day!

  8. Amanda

    Thanks for all you’ve shared and all the goodness to come. It’s been an enlightening 5 years. Sincere congrats on the 5 year milestone!

  9. Mike S

    Rick, You’ve created an outstanding educational resource for anyone studying the domain industry.”Mission Accomplished” for this Rick Schwartz production…


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