Juan Calle of the .CO Registry DISSES Domainers!! UPDATED!!


Want to know what Juan Calle thinks of Domainers after taking MILLIONS of our dollars??? You are not much more than a 'SQUATTER'!

Calle: $30 price: 'Deters Domainers from Cybersquatting.'

He clarified his comments on his blog later on but just seems to have dug a deeper hole:

'But, if you're a cybersquatter, or even a mass speculator, leveraging technology to register thousands of names, please do so in someone else's backyard.' Juan

I guess sponsoring ALL the major domain shows was your way of deterring us??

Watch this interview on Youtube that Elliot Just Posted. (embedded below)

And since Juan's customer owns a .net and filed a UDRP against the owner of the .com that was registered long before he went into business, I think domainers would label him a 'Reverse Domain Hijacker' as long as we are throwing labels loosely around here.

Rick Schwartz


On his blog here Juan states:

'But there is an aspect in the world of domaining that sucks: it's called cybersquatting. The reality is cybersquatting makes our industry look bad. I hate to break it to you, but the entire internet ecosystem thinks cybersquatters are the scum of the earth'

I agree with that. Almost all of us do. There is no argument there. But that was not what was said and certainly not defined. It wrapped us right up in one little bundle.

It would have been very constructive to take the opportunity to define the difference for all to see instead of lumping us all together. We have spent years trying to explain the difference and this only reinforces the stereotype to the exact people we are trying to win over.

Juan's customer, Loïc Le Meur, files a UDRP for making a BONEHEADED business decision of getting a .net and that makes him a 'Reverse Domain Hijacker'in the eyes of domainers.

It's really time to set the record straight. Maybe an opportunity will present itself. I for one am tired of getting trashed for investing in things nobody else on the planet did and then putting up with reinforcing a stereotype.

So stereotype this. This company tried to hijack a legit domain and I am happy folks want to cozy up with him. I would really like for Loïc Le Meur to see the error of his ways. The domainer that owns the dotcom did NOTHING wrong and he should reimburse the owner for his expenses. THAT would be a good start.

Then maybe getting on stage at your event and explaining what you have learned.

Then maybe the guy that owns the dotcom version will allow you to use it and then maybe you can measure the losses of BOTH the .net and the .co to the .com and report back. Isn't finding out answers the real key and then sharing it with YOUR audience?

Almost all professional domainers stay far away from trademarks. We invest in generic names of social or commercial value and we buy most of our domains in the open market in which all have a fair and equal shot. We have a legitimate marketplace with hundreds if not thousands of companies doing commerce in a 100% legal manner. We also follow a model. Real Estate in which people and families have been investing in and passing down generation to generation for hundreds of years. Go tell Trump his model is illigitimate. Tell it to Ted Turner one of the largest land holders in the USA. Tell it to millions of land holders throughout the USA and the world.

I and many others are still wrestling with another disturbing comment on his blog:

'But, if you're a cybersquatter, or even a mass speculator, leveraging technology to register thousands of names, please do so in someone else's backyard.' Juan

Where would Mr. Calle like to draw the line on that one???? Seems that was a really big FLIPOFF after spending a boatload to get our business over the past 2 years and tens of thousands or more domainer registrations.

As for the precious 'End Users' and 'Startups'.....may as well tell them in some sort of disclaimer that those that have used .co have found it to be VERY COSTLY and as much as 61% of all traffic will never find them as they type in the .com. Those are FACTS! Just ask Overstock.com