Let’s Have a Meeting! Then Another and Another. Afraid to Make a Decision?

Morning Folks!!

I don't do well with morons. Especially when they are disguised as professionals that are supposed to know what they do for a living. So when I have to deal with idiots that are clueless about what they do and whatever they are doing I don't play well. These guys will only last a few weeks or months anyways until the other idiots they work with find out that he knows even less than them. Let's have a meeting!

You all know that 'Meetings' are a pet peeve of mine. I have worked with enough entities to know it should not be a 'Meeting.' It should be named, 'Let's make a decision' because most meetings achieve little in the way of concrete decisions. When they do have a 'Decision' many don't really care if it is good or bad as long as it is made or it is made fast. Most importantly of course is if the decision blows apart, you don't get blamed. That is the #1 item. Not to be blamed. So you have a culture of spineless wimps incapable of doing most things quick or right. Scared, meager, give me my check on Friday so I can pay the rent and my toys. And while I do my job I will circulate my resume so if I do get blamed I can have another gig lined up before the bank takes my car.

So you have folks that are coming out of schools and many have never held a job before. They are led by the folks I just described above them. They will just probably go with the program and wander aimlessly for many years to come unless they break the mold.

Some folks are made to work like that. I have just never been one of them. I am sure I would have fit in better. Made less waves. Got along better. Had more friends and all the rest. But is it worth it to grow up and have 'Mediocrity' as a guiding light? Kissing the ass in front of you, to the left of you, to the right of you and on top of you. Ass kissers make me puke. The weakest of the weak. Usually the only thing they know is who they know. Charming little social butterflies. They get hired with great fanfare and leave without a peep.

Each of us figure it out at different ages. Some of course never figure it out. But the key is to learn it as early as possible. Life is about making decisions. If you are afraid of decisions than Corp America may be the place. But if you understand that life is about decisions and if you make good decisions you are likely to have a better life than if you make hasty and bad decisions. You never know how the smallest decision can affect the biggest part of life. Like a grain of sand that can bring a halt to the largest and most powerful machines.

I don't have all the answers. But each day I continue to eliminate all the wrong ones. And they seem to always have a common thread at the base. A bad decision. Then wrap up a bad decision with folks that don't care. These folks always move forward without ever cleaning up the mess they created and therefore never learn what they did wrong, why they did it wrong, how it affected others and how to get it right in the future.

We are almost all wired this way. It is called 'Human Nature' and most spend a lifetime fighting against what comes natural. Against a knee jerk reacton. Against the animalistic behavior inside of us that has been tamed by society like a wild horse is broken. Everyone is better off after they become civilized. Then each determines to what degree. That is the choice. There is no law against mediocrity. But knowing that so many occupy this category should give great hope to anyone that can vault over it and not get TRAPPED by it and by others.

Want a clear image of EXACTLY what I see?

Watch this short 30 second commercial as it crystalizes what I am saying.

Then watch this 30 second commercial as it shows and defines 'Corporate Mediocrity'.

So now you can clearly see there are 2 cultures and those 2 cultures can be inside a corporation. A corporation that is bound in mediocrity and ones that excels in excellence. For every Yahoo! there is a Google. For every Fed Ex there is a Post Office. For every Boarders there is a Barnes and Noble. For every McDonalds there is a McShit.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz