Are you a $50 or a $500″Domain Waiter”?

Morning Folks!!

A distinction has to be made between investment quality domains and those domains folks buy to flip as fast as possible. Those are 2 separate and distinct business models even tho they coexist together and benefit each other in many ways.

As I stated before 'First of all anything can be sold. Any extension has an aftermarket. So there is always money to be made. So let's be clear on that.'

I compare it to the waiter making $500/night at a top restaurant and a waiter making $50 a night at a restaurant that is 3X as busy but the prices are lower. The guy making $50 a night has to work 3x as hard as the guy making $500 at a top restaurant because the guy at the top restaurant has a bus boy and other help. It's the same job folks! Sure, you might get a job at the cheap place to get started but those with half a brain would want to work their way up to the best restaurant so he could make 10X the money by doing 1/3 the work. That works out to an effective rate of 30-1.
Imagine what you could accomplish with the new found time and energy. It does factor into the equation whether you want to believe it or not.
How much clearer can you make it? It is time to raise your game my friends. It takes just as much effort to sell a $500 domain as a $5000 domain. It takes the same effort whether you sell a $50,000 domain or a $500,000 domain. But while the effort may be the same or even less, the monetary result is oh so much more. So raise your game. There is always a sweet spot for business. A monetary number the average business would pay to improve something without a lot of decision making.
Most flippers want to flip their domains as fast as possible. That allows many investment quality domains to pass through their hands without even knowing it. That gives them a lower ROI and it does nothing in training them to look for certain elements when buying domains. Study them for at least a few days. It can be like exploring an entire world, not just a domain name. Not just something to flip and make $50. If you can flip and make $50, you can flip and make $500 or $5000. Just depends what restaurant you want to be a 'Domain Waiter' at.
Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz
'Success is just a matter of luck. Ask any failure.'