I Woke Up to This:”Fuckin cheap jew fuck”

Morning Folks!!

I like to find out what people are made out of in minutes not years. When they are no good, I want to find out ASAP. So check out this story.

I get an email this morning for eBid.com.

The first one goes like this:

'Would you please just sell your domain to ebid and stop wasting everyones time.'

I respond:

This is the first thing you do on a Monday morning?

Waste MY time.

What part of NOT FOR SALE don't you understand??

What's it to you anyways?? Is it any business of yours?

I get this:

'Just wanted to see if this was a real email address. I have a client (not ebid) willing to pay 1.7 million for the name. Are we close on the number?'

I respond:

'Not without an ongoing revenue stream.'

I get this:

'Just as I thought. Have a good one.'

I respond:

'Whatever you say,

Lame and you are just not credible.

Have a nice life!'

And then the mask comes off and I get this:

'What’s with the name calling? Fuckin cheap jew fuck'

On the record for the record!

Rick Schwartz