TRAFFIC 2nd Bite….Round 2 Starts NOW!

Morning Folks!!

The fat lady sang and is still singing. sold on Friday for $60,000. Making it the single largest sale of the WHOLESALE DOMAINERS AUCTION and well on the way to closing OVER 50% of all lots in the auction. You can see the history of this domain here. Wednesday we will begin round 3

The domains below now
have lower reserves. Send your bids to Domain king at This part of the auction closes at 5PM Tuesday. at
$10K reserve
with $100 reserve $1500 REDUCED
Now $15,000 Reserve - $1500 No Reserve
$5000 reserve

24HourRental.Com No

$350 Reserve $5000

LetsFixLunch.Com and LetsFixBreakfast.Com (Stouffers owns