Leads in Registered Phone Bidders for TRAFFIC Auction

Morning Folks!!

Phone bid registrations are pouring in as the deadline closes in. leads in registrations as of last night. I think the final number will show 60% of the lots will have phone bidders. Of those most have multiple bidders registered. Last year 15% were phone bidders.

We will sort through the final numbers tonight and I think folks are going to be pleasantly surprised with the outcome on Monday afternoon. This auction will be a real test of the market no matter the outcome. Those that know me know that the market is smarter than I will ever be and I will always take the verdict of the market over all the chatter and noise. It's a barometer of where we are and that barometer has value in the future as well.

That's if for now. If I get any surprising numbers, I will advise!

Rick Schwartz

Phone Bidding HOTTER!! Closes at NOON Today!”Pre-Bids” Start Tomorrow.

Morning Folks!!

Good Morning from the Ritz Carlton! The first wave of attendees will come in town today and let the party of BUSINESS begin!

Phone bidding closes at NOON today. We now have at least one phone bidder for over 50% of each and every lot. Of those, more than 50% have multiple bidders. So we are about to see what a real auction looks like when you have meaningful domains up for grabs with no reserve or domainer level pricing and a TRUE CONTEST errupts.

The phone bidding page will be REMOVED from the site later today. So this is your LAST CALL. After today the only type bids we will take on any specific domain from a non-attendee is a 'Pre-Bid' with the highest amount you would be willing to pay for any particular lot. We will bid on your behalf until bidding exceeds your Pre-Bid. If the bid we place for you in your behalf is the highest bid without going over your ceiling, you win. If bidding goes over your highest price, you are out.

If you want more control, then register today. If not, that is the best we can do without disrupting things and getting prepared for Monday. The phone banks are going to be WILD!! So you have been advised!

I will be wall to wall today and from this point on. I may or may not be able to answer emails. So please understand.

The weather today is great. We may have a few showers during the show but there will not be a rain out and you will be able to enjoy your stay.

Again, please travel safely!

Rick Schwartz