BIG Week in Domaining!! Very BIG!

Morning Folks!!

I guess nobody told anybody that it is in the middle of summer and the stock market is supposed to be asleep and business is supposed to be delayed until September or later. Well as we wrap up the second week of July, I think things are going full blast.

Big Sales, big lawsuits with some big names and just big things starting to happen. We have indeed entered into a different period. A different orbit.  I believe things will just continue to get stronger for the foreseeable future. There will be some incredible business failures still to come but now there are folks with cash standing by to step in.

Point is we are getting EVIDENCE daily that things are changing and the horizon looks pretty bright regardless of headwinds and other challenges. Those that got out of the business because of fear will eventually see they just bought in to a scenario that was short-lived.

Business out there still sucks. But an express lane of opportunity is opening up and there is no excuse for anyone reading this not to see it and be able to take advantage of it. The worst is over. It took me many YEARS to be able to say that. A long way from the "Business Fog" I wrote about in early 2009. Flying with zero visibility. Today there is clarity. CLARITY! Does not mean there are not tough times ahead, but clarity is a HUGE difference. Don't believe it? Just read that 2009 post.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


12 thoughts on “BIG Week in Domaining!! Very BIG!

  1. @Domains

    Nice to see the DNJournal sales reports still chugging along every week, despite the impending new gtld’s. People still willing to pay big dollars for existing extensions despite all the choice that’s about to come.

  2. sonny

    under the OBUMA admin anything goes. if you can register it ITS FAIR GAME. SEARCH . BUY The Domain AND SELL for whatever you want. so don’t cry about it (buyers). if you want it pay what the damn owner is asking. its the American Way

  3. Jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,

    Big day for IDNers, we agree , They have shown their prefferential acceptance by pulling out of their International currency and converting it into american dollars to buy, .COM to the right of the dot.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  4. Dave Wrixon

    Absolutely, Jeff.

    When you have prices frozen in a currency about to fall through the floor, who wouldn’t be?

    But how long the likes of VeriSign are going to be interested in Dollars is mute point.

  5. UFO

    The recovery will continue and pick up pace. When the average individual in the street says the recession is over and starts piling into investments then you know the next dip will start in about 24 months. Just like 15 months ago when people seemed their most pessimistic is when you could really buy some steals.

    I think we are heading for a bigger boom than that leading up to 2007. And the next recession will be worse than the last. China shadow banking and stockmarket/asset collapse will trigger the next one and the boom will be due to ongoing sustained low interest rates, excessive liquidity due to all the monetary expansion. (All this monetary liquidity gets soaked into assets).


    A story I think you may like, Schwartz titled “Video: Web entrepreneur hits big on political web domains” broadcast today on NBC, and I have it embedded at: with title “Domain Dominance” the way MSNBC had the segment on screen. Check it out

  7. Jeff schneider

    Hello Rick,

    We know we are going against the grain with this statement, but we will make it.

    URLs are much more analagous to capital Market Structures, than they are to real estate or commodities. Yes I can hear the clamor already!

    This may go a long ways in explaining investors ignorance about what URLs are all about.

    They are definitely not Real Estate ! surprise ? Real Estate is geographically limited.

    We contend that any valuable asset that is not clearly defined is an asset whose value may be grossly misunderstood. Or Priceless ?

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  8. UFO

    Looks like Hilco Streambank sold via auction for 150k in May. Only 1 bidder and 4 registered to bid. Not sure I could say they got the best deal for creditors as whoever got it got a serious bargain.

  9. Dave Wrixon


    It is true that domains are not commodities. If they were then they would have the same market value.

    Capital Market Structures? What kind of mumbo jumbo is that?

    Real Estate provides a unique location to access potential customers, much like domains. The analogy is not perfect, but it is close.

    Gratefully (Billy No Mates) (Silicon Pussy)


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