Inadequate. I Feel That Pain Too!

Morning Folks!!

I wake up and always feel inadequate. Truly. I look around and I see so many great successes that I can't even count and I question why mine has been limited in an era of the unlimited. Unlimited success and unlimited wealth with an unlimited amount of ideas unfolding each and every day and many new multimillionaires and billionaires to follow.

That's why each day I look and ask what is missing? What small thing could I change or offer or do that would make a huge spark? Each day. Many times. It's what I do and I guess I will never stop.

The curse of domaining is the lack of focus on one specific domain. The fact that we pick a domain first and a business second. Kinda opposite of the way most do it. So what void can we fill? What Idea can change how we do things? What is the next thing and when will it come?

It does not happen often. Less than a dozen times in my entire life. But it does not stop me from looking for the next one each and every day, all day. Why? Just like all the other times, it just suddenly reveals itself.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “Inadequate. I Feel That Pain Too!

  1. (@gtldnamesellers)


    Thanks for sharing. Curiousity is a precursor to catching the next success train.
    . This into I tweeeted this A.M. reveals some Inteesting insight about what may be the next opportunities for domain industry business professionals.

    Top 25 most searched GTLD domains shows what domainers are most interested in about new GTLD program

    It seems that all the work I have done to build the largest collection of GTLD is paying me back not in end user sales or jv business opps (YET) but in valuable insight about what areas that people and the markets interest lie.

    The answer to the question of what opportunities may be the right ones to pursue is revealed in the Top 25 list but who will see it and more importantly … who will seize the mement and the opportunity now that they know?

    To Your Success

  2. Max

    Hi Rick,

    you wrote in your previous post:

    “The marketplace is going to pick those winners.”

    but you know that this process should be facilitated, otherwise very few buyers will make those picks. That job is the job of sales men, that job must be done by domainers. And THAT JOB is THE NEXT THINK. And IT COMES NOW.

    Why don’t you do it? You could help all the domain industry to get out of the quagmire.

    I have also the perfect domain for this pre-sale work:

    You know that the only way to start selling seriously and not like in a stall market, is removing all the 1 word domains from the souk.

    For more info you can refer to the blog of CrazyHorseMark ;) and CochiseElliots ;)

  3. tcr

    yep I understand your pain. i also see it every day. here is one that made headlines today ipo will raise 200-220 million giving it a market cap of over 1 billion, its a online coupon site. very simple idea, very plain domain if they didn’t own it would still be sitting there for $9 for anybody to reg. internet billionaires are made every year, more then any other space and it will continue to be that way. great domain or crap domain, great business plan and execution are what it takes.

  4. Jakub Slechta

    “So what void can we fill? What Idea can change how we do things? What is the next thing and when will it come?”

    I cannot agree more. Thanks for a great post!

  5. AlanR

    “What is the next thing and when will it come?”

    For those who think there will be “the next dotcom”, as far as I can see, it will never happen because human nature won’t let it happen! We humans like things simple and with this complex world that we are all living in now, we will only strive for more simplicity. Having a few extensions is simple enough for us to remember but adding another 1900 on top of all the extensions out there already will be a total brain overload. The confusion will be so intense that most extensions will simply be ignored. There are already enough extensions and domains out there to supply the world but because ICANN and registrars want to make more money, that is the only reason they are appearing. We don’t need any more stinking extensions, period!


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