How much is a Domain Name Worth Per Square Foot?? Fasten Your Seat Belts Folks!

Morning Folks!!

The real estate market is based on a square foot price. Prices range from perhaps $50/foot or less in places like Detroit and rural areas to over $10,000/foot in places like Manhattan and even more in places like Hong Kong or Singapore.

But what's the square foot price for a domain name? I think you would need a MICROSCOPE to even see it!

Mattress Firm HAD 700 stores until this year when they started to close them all. Why? Online stores ate their lunch. Put them out of business. Outperformed and out delivered them.

How much did it cost to run 700 stores vs a $10/year renewal????

How about Sears? THOUSANDS of big box stores. How is that microscope. Can you measure it yet? Imagine if they closed all their losers 20 years ago and focused on and/or generics and had an actual Internet strategy.

I look at the value of a domain name thru a different lens. I ask different questions. I make different comparisons. I see a different picture.

Who would think a microscope and domain name have anything in common?

Why is something that is OBVIOUS to me (and hopefully most of my readers) with the naked eye still invisible to the end user in ways that would transform their businesses?

If you could go back in time wouldn't you try and shake up Sears and the rest?? Would their destiny be the same if they took the path I have suggested vs the path they took and lost everything??

ToyRus, another example. How much per Square foot were they spending? Gone!

They all went extinct and so many more to follow because they spent MILLIONS and BILLIONS when less than a PENNY would do!

How much is a PENNY a square foot if you can cover the entire world?? But it's MUCH less!

May need a "Hubble Microscope" to crunch these TINY numbers!

The way I look at the universe, nothing is more powerful than a great domain name in full and universal use. Amazon vs Sears. Which side of the Telescope or Microscope should we look through??

It's a CHOICE! Just cuz the masses of  CEO's have not figured it out yet and some schmucks literally ran 100 year old companies right into the ground, does not mean WE have to be dumb too. The demise of Sears should be a movie for all to learn from. Who would you blame? Let's start a list!

That said, I have called Sears leaders the "Ivory Tower Boys" since I was 21 and calling on them. They sat up in their tower in Chicago and had an attitude you could smell all the way to Miami. I am so glad it is Sears that went belly up. Sears and their arrogance, now DEAD! They sqaure footed themselves to death!

Rick Schwartz