The Dumb Domainer Story! Are YOU a Dumb Domainer?? Let’s See!

Morning Folks!!

I am going to tell you a story of a Dumb Domainer. A nice guy, with a great domain but he is dumb. But wait!! He is not alone! There are a LOAD of Dumb Dominers. So let's see if YOU are a Dumb Domainer. You can close the blog now if you are a chicken shit. :-) Of course that would automatically make you a Dumb Domainer! A Dumb Domainer with no balls! LOL!

My brother always said the worst thing you can do is call somebody dumb or stupid. He is right. But I don't always listen. Sometimes I like to see the reaction. So are you ready to find out if you are a Dumb Domainer? This is a true story btw.

So, I get an email from a guy with a really nice domain name. He uses his domain as his email address. He has been sending me emails for MONTHS! I return his emails, but every single one has bounced. EVERY ONE! And that is why I NEVER EVER use one of my domains as an email addy. Sorry, not reliable. You never even know the emails you don't get.

I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me before. Countless.

So, I got another email yesterday wishing me a happy new years. I responded and of course it bounced again! Could have been a life changing email for him. He will never see it! Maybe he will see this blog post and put 2 and 2 together. I have no other way to reach him as you will soon see!

So I decided to go to whois. But the domain is registered with Godaddy and there is no contact info. Just a place to make an offer. Worthless and useless. If you don't have your domain visible via whois, you are a DUMB DOMAINER!!

If your registrar does not give you an option to make your whois public, you are a DUMB DOMAINER for not demanding it or for staying there. The whois will bring you more inquires and buyers than all other platforms combined.

If your domain is listed on every platform, you are a DUMB DOMAINER! And if your domains are listed everywhere and your whois is private, then you are a REALLY DUMB DOMAINER!!

And as long as we are passing by the subject......If your domain is listed everywhere......You look desperate and weak. That makes you a Dumb Domainer! And when there are different prices on those different platforms, you look BAD and it means you are a REALLY REALLY Dumb Domainer.

The story is not over. I finally go to his site today. Asks for my info. I fill it out. Tell him all his emails are bouncing for months. But he has "Captcha" and after matching 22 sets of pictures in an endless loop, I gave up. Another mark of a DUMB DOMAINER!

So, my New Year's resolution is to make sure I move those scattered domains I won at auction from 10 registrars to only 1 that has whois available. Why? I don't want to be a DUMB DOMAINER!!

And lastly, if you are actively trying to sell your names and use privacy, WTF??? How dumb can you be? Dumb Domainer!

And if you read this far and you are angry, don't blame ME for being a Dumb Domainer! It's YOUR fault not mine! I just pointed it out! Now DEAL WITH IT! I am in the same boat. I realized I too am a Dumb Domainer. But I won't ignore that, I will fix that! That takes me from dumb to smart with just one action. Do that a few times a day and your life will change! Being and staying DUMB is a choice!

Rick Schwartz