To Me, this is Not New Year’s Eve 2019. It’s the Start of the Countdown to 2020!!

Morning Folks!!

I look at the world differently than the average Joe. I have been scorned all my life for doing it. But this is just another form of drilling down and looking at things differently than the masses. You know, the folks wired by other people to do things they want them to do when they want them to do it, how they want them to do it and how they must dress and where they must do it from. AKA a SLAVE to a job not in your complete control but controlled by another.

The game of life is to work hard, get rewarded, live good and save so when you are old and frail you are not in a desperate state. Many never achieve that. But many never think much about that either.

I have an inquisitive mind. I ask a lot of questions and then see if the answers pass the common sense test.

So, now it is time to understand how I tick. I am always early and never late. Very early. In this case I am vaulting over 2019 and I begin my countdown to 2020. It's just a different way of looking at something. But it's also valid and accurate and rewarding.

My time horizons consist if minute by minute stuff. Hour by hour stuff. Day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. I have also demonstrated I can do decade by decade. Just depends which lens I want to use. My box is full of different lenses to see different things. Just like an astronomer might do to see different and distant places. Anything from a binocular to a Hubble Telescope. TIME works much the same way.

I got into domains because of the lens I was looking thru. But beware of the rear view mirror. That does not tell the future. That chases yesterday and the shiny objects that go with it. Study HISTORY and that does not happen via a rear view mirror. You have to DOVETAIL history with the future. It's always about the future but that future is always based and built on history.

What happens when you are driving? The steering wheel on a car is you ticket to the future is it not?? Every foot you drive, every mile is a step to the future. What if you take your hands off the steering wheel and use the rear view mirror to steer the car? Here is a hint, it won't end well. You will crash. That's exactly what happens with so many in life itself. In business and in personal circumstance.

So an important piece of the puzzle in finding wealth and finding success and finding new horizons and new inventions and new opportunities and new whatever is to RISK thinking differently and being ridiculed for it. Ridiculed by folks that could learn a thing or two but are too busy being stuck on a rat wheel.

So enjoy 2019!! I am on to 2020 and I'll let you know how it's going from the vantage point and my lens set to look back on 2019 not to react to it!

Rick Schwartz