Mixing it up with Smart People or Arguing with the Dumb.

Morning Folks!!

I love mixing it up and arguing an interesting point with someone smart. They may bring up points I never thought of and hopefully I do the same for my arguing partner. Maybe "Argue" is the wrong word. But that's what you do in a courtroom. You argue your points. You may even be the "Devils Advocate". It's an important trait to learn in life.

But with a constructive argument the goal is to find either the truth or the best way or the best answer. It considers all fallout. All benefits and all circumstances. It's not an argument of anger, it's the argument of PROGRESS!! Searching for something unsure of.

Now if your goal is to win these arguments, YOU LOSE!!! The goal is to INFORM and EDUCATE!! It can even be heated. But again, not from anger, from the joy of climbing the mountain of thought and finding a treasure called "The answer".

Now compare that with arguing with a passive aggressive DUMMY! All you get is anger and fallout. Pure uncontrollable anger. Why? They don't like what you think! They don't like what you say! They don't like how you say it! They focus on winning and winning usually starts with some put downs instead of facts. Emotion based arguing. It's not constructive arguing and therefor it is dumb. And those that choose to partake in that you just assume are dumb too.

So, don't argue with the dumb, just ignore them. They are toxic people. Those are the folks to avoid in life. Let them argue with themselves.

I like business arguments. I want to discuss the merits of anything in hopes of making the best decision on everything. People should not agree on everything. But the one thing they should agree on is to get as much info and facts as possible before making a decision on anything. That happens via argument that leads to agreement.

Rick Schwartz