Mixing it up with Smart People or Arguing with the Dumb.

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I love mixing it up and arguing an interesting point with someone smart. They may bring up points I never thought of and hopefully I do the same for my arguing partner. Maybe "Argue" is the wrong word. But that's what you do in a courtroom. You argue your points. You may even be the "Devils Advocate". It's an important trait to learn in life.

But with a constructive argument the goal is to find either the truth or the best way or the best answer. It considers all fallout. All benefits and all circumstances. It's not an argument of anger, it's the argument of PROGRESS!! Searching for something unsure of.

Now if your goal is to win these arguments, YOU LOSE!!! The goal is to INFORM and EDUCATE!! It can even be heated. But again, not from anger, from the joy of climbing the mountain of thought and finding a treasure called "The answer".

Now compare that with arguing with a passive aggressive DUMMY! All you get is anger and fallout. Pure uncontrollable anger. Why? They don't like what you think! They don't like what you say! They don't like how you say it! They focus on winning and winning usually starts with some put downs instead of facts. Emotion based arguing. It's not constructive arguing and therefor it is dumb. And those that choose to partake in that you just assume are dumb too.

So, don't argue with the dumb, just ignore them. They are toxic people. Those are the folks to avoid in life. Let them argue with themselves.

I like business arguments. I want to discuss the merits of anything in hopes of making the best decision on everything. People should not agree on everything. But the one thing they should agree on is to get as much info and facts as possible before making a decision on anything. That happens via argument that leads to agreement.

Rick Schwartz

15 thoughts on “Mixing it up with Smart People or Arguing with the Dumb.

  1. Dave Tyrer

    OK – it’s 2019 – time to conclude the “argument” about new gTLDs.

    Might I suggest everyone goes to nTLDstats and pull up the five year chart:


    You probably need to view it on a wide screen. If you see what I see, there is a chart displaying the last 12 days or so. If you’re not familiar, on the base of the chart on the right there are two sliders. Pull the left slider all the way to the left and VOILA – you should see the five year.

    It really looks quite clear. You can put a ruler up to the screen and it’s a straight line of growth going up…

    …Except for the “bubble” in the middle, like a hump on a camel. I’m not an expert in new gTLDs but I think the bubble can be mostly explained by the millions of one penny specials (such as .XYZ) which look like they were by and large dropped over the next year or two. Maybe six million of them.

    The chart simply retraces the penny specials, that’s all. Before resuming very solid growth.

    New gTLDs are now back up to 26 million or so – and dot WEB hasn’t even launched yet!

    My math is pretty bad, but if you calculate the daily growth of new gTLDs, it works out around 14,000. That’s a net gain of 14,000 new gTLDs per day for the last five years with no evidence of it stopping.

    There is similar evidence provided by CENTR, the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries in a November 2018 report. They have a link: “CENTRstats Global TLD Report 2018/3” which you can download (PDF). (Hat tip to NameTalent for the link.)



    “Overall, domains under the new gTLDs total some 22.5 million – up 11% from 1 year prior. While many new gTLDs are growing well, roughly one third of the top 300 have contracted over the year. Larger legacy gTLDs such as .net, .org and .info have also seen declines, while .com has been increasing its growth rates. New entrant .app exploded into the market in the middle of year and has around 320K domains so far.”

    Well, if one third of the top 300 have contracted, that means that two thirds have expanded.

    We need to accept this reality and start talking about new domaining strategies instead of wasting so much time on this issue.

    1. John

      LOL – now that’s guaranteed to have many people not liking what you say, and I’m no supporter of new gTLDs either. Why haven’t you been trolled yet? :) I do personally like a few, however. People still aren’t going to know that Example.Example is even a domain at all regardless. If you ask them to take a look at Example.Example you are almost certainly going to be met with a bunch of questions and confusion like “what, no .com or anything?”

    2. John

      (And that’s *after* you even first explain to them that it’s an “Internet” thing.)

    3. Snoopy

      “We need to accept this reality and start talking about new domaining strategies instead of wasting so much time on this issue.”


      How about this. You keep putting your money into them and the rest of us can ignore?

      The vast majority of new tlds are registrations under $1, .club, .xyz, .top etc. The 1 cent names didn’t work because of the 20 cent Icann fee but the 50 cents registrations are still being pumped out from China. It is smoke and mirrors as is the claims of $500k sales.

      1. Dave Tyrer

        I do not own a single new gTLD. I own over 2,000 dot COM and a small handful of others like dot TV.

        I do intend to go after some dot WEB because it’s the one I like the most, because it will most likely be operated by Verisign (and probably won’t have sudden renewal increases) and because of the modest but proven success of the new gTLD program.

        I’ve never seen any evidence that the three $500,000 sales aren’t legitimate.

        Many of the registration prices for new gTLDs I’ve looked at are higher than for dot COM so I doubt the “vast majority” are under $1 but don’t have the time to check that.

        1. Snoopy

          “Many of the registration prices for new gTLDs I’ve looked at are higher than for dot COM so I doubt the “vast majority” are under $1 but don’t have the time to check that.”


          The cheap registration are done through Chinese registrars, most western registrants wouldn’t know about it because it is very hidden. Largest ntld registrars is Alibaba with 7 million registrations, those names are being sold for cents, not dollars.

          In my view over 65% of new tld are highly doubtful registrations from the registry, from unusual Chinese sources etc. If you want to buy into that market good luck…smoke and mirrors. Real numbers are 6-8million registrations.

  2. Matt

    This is why I never ‘argue’ with a liberal. All they do is parrot their programming. It’s awful awful experience.

    1. John

      If you are a “conservative” or “right wing” instead of a nonpartisan non-ideologue independent-minded thinker then it is a virtual certainty you are exactly same and you don’t even know it, and would doubtless protest otherwise. Even more so if you are actually a member of a party such as and especially a Republican.

  3. Jay

    This is the place for constructive conversations. I type in RicksBlog.com directly into my browser. No need for google or domaining.com that’s the power of a great memorable domain name.

  4. mize

    Great information Rick! Can give people a different perspective (light-bulb moment) in their next argument…hopefully away from negativity and more towards better information/answers.

    Maybe not arguing, but I’ve noticed that if someone attacks you online (maybe name-calling) that you tend to attack them back (retaliating more strongly) instead of just diffusing the matter by saying something like “glad everyone doesn’t think that way”, or “as you wish…everyone is entitled to their own opinion”. Has this retaliating vs. diffusing type of style been useful for you? Maybe you have tried both ways and found retaliating is better? Maybe it is just more fun or personality trait? Would love to know.
    And maybe my perception is not the way it actually is for you. I can see the side where retaliating would get the other party more involved and diffusing might cause the other party to become quiet/less input.

  5. BullS

    I love people thinking and portraying me of being dumb/p …so I can back stab them later….

    Patience patience my friend–just like the stealth alligators in the Everglades.

    “The folks who know the truth aren’t talking. The ones who don’t have a clue, you can’t shut them up.”


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