The Historical Wisdom and Ignorance of Humanity.

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This is not a domain post, this is a life post so, please indulge me. As a domainer and as a businessman and as a human I spend a lot of time just thinking. Thinking is my #1 job. It's something hard to control, and few see because it is invisible.

So yesterday I was thinking about all the strife in the world today. Things in jeopardy. Mostly our freedoms and safety and how we are repeating the history of what we fought 2 World Wars over. Then something came to mind and, I figured I would share it.

"The wisdom and ignorance of humanity. Each generation passes on two things to their children. They pass on wisdom and, they pass on ignorance. Just look throughout history, and you will see it applies 100%. As children, our job is to figure out which is the wisdom and which is the ignorance. Hopefully, we pass on the wisdom because we sure as hell are going to pass them on plenty of ignorance."

Maybe this thought has been around for 1000 years. I don't know. But that's my 1 over 2. Boiled down to the simplest and lowest "Common Denominator." It's a thought born from within but not sure if it is a unique birth or it has been around for ages.

I spend a lot of time in life just thinking, researching, crunching numbers and ideas and population groups looking for and discovering common denominators. Sometimes the smallest and sometimes the largest. But I do this all day long with each and every issue or decision I face.

On the Internet, the #1 common denominator is the domain name. And when you drill down, you find out that the common denominator is a .com domain. At least in the USA and that is almost always my focus. Why? We are ferocious consumers.

Most things have a common denominator, and when you realize it, it usually comes with a fantastic and sturdy answer. It can boil down the most complex to the simplest, that is the goal of a Common Denominator. It's a crucial and vital tool. Akin to a hammer for a carpenter. I could not live life without it.

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “The Historical Wisdom and Ignorance of Humanity.

  1. Marshall

    there are invisible forces leading humanity somewhere. a cabal if you will. I wish it was only forces of ignorance/wisdom,…we might have a chance. We dont. too many LIES and the people seem to love them.

  2. Jay

    i cant controlwhat other people do espicially those in power but i can control my Domain Portfolio. a lawyer said to me is that your vehicle with the domain on the back window? i said yes, he said ive seen you around. he then asked me do you really need a domain name nowadays? i asked him dont you have one for your law firm? he said no i use facebook. i replied dont you know that in a blink of an eye they can delete your page and all of your content, and you do not own that content it all belongs to facebook and right now as we speak they are sharing it without your permission. he said “ooh” wtf ooh this lawyer was shocked and i couldnt believe he didnt know this. you need to own your own and get off the social media platforms and concentrate on your online presence. but the masses will never do that. they want their—– that isnt worth 5 cents.

  3. R P

    Successful marketers typically try to appeal to the “lowest common denominator”. When spending a fixed amount of money as a marketer your job is to appeal to the largest number of qualified people, and that requires a message that doesn’t turn people off. It doesn’t have to “wow” everyone, thats not the objective of appealing to lowest common denominator. The objective is to make sense to the most people as possible.

    Domain names are one of the simplest ways to appeal to the lowest common denominator in a digital world.

  4. Jose

    When you read your blog and that of many others all see the US market differently.

    The only difference is that you write what you think and the vast majority write the market news every day on your blog and with this, you do not know your way of thinking about your market, the same about you.

    Happy Day. Jose.


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